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    37 Practical Accessories To Make Owning And Driving A Car An All Around Better Experience

    Quit ~stalling~ and add these to your car(t)!

    1. A magnetic phone mount that clips into your air vents allowing your phone to (basically) hang freely on the dashboard while you keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel.

    2. A no-rinse carpet spot remover that'll get rid of those stains you thought were just a part of your car forever.

    3. An adorable hanging diffuser to make your car smell like a spa on wheels. Choose from a variety of signature and seasonal scents, and get ready to impress your passengers.

    hand holds small glass container with rope around the rear view mirror

    4. Some lightweight and durable escape tracks in case your car decides to get trapped in the snow. I wish I'd gotten these sooner because once my car gets stuck, it's pretty adamant about...remaining stuck.

    orange plastic tracks under two front wheels

    5. A three-pocket folding car trunk organizer for anyone whose trunk has descended into full blown chaos. Strong Velcro keeps it secure while driving and it even folds down for easy storage when not in use.

    bin with pockets on the outside and handles

    6. A portable car desk/tray combo so eating and working in your car can actually be comfortable! Plus, do restaurants usually have recliners?? I don't think so.

    The desk being used for writing, eating, and using a laptop in a car

    7. A super comfy memory foam chair cushion that your butt and back will thank you for on long drives.

    8. A tiny trashcan – it fits right in your car's cup holder so you can stop just letting your trash fall into the mysterious, unexplored depths of your vehicle.

    tiny trash can in cup holder

    9. A cordless vacuum to clean all of those pesky things that you can never seem to get out of your car (I'm looking at you, rock salt and beach sand).

    10. A console side pocket that not only helps keep your phone and keys from falling into the dreaded space between the seats, but also includes a piggy bank for loose change, a longer pocket to hold items like your phone and wallet, AND an extra cupholder.

    11. A windshield cover so you won't have to partake in everyone's favorite winter task: spending way too long standing in the cold and scraping ice and snow off of your windshield before every drive. "I just love shivering and being covered in snow every time I want to run to the store," said no one ever.

    12. A blind spot mirror designed to help you merge a little more safely and keep an eye on those areas that are usually out of view.

    Review photo of the blind spot mirror attached to a car side mirror

    13. A pack of six cable clips so that you don't have to choose between keeping your eyes on the road and digging for your charger that has managed to position itself just out of reach.

    Reviewer photo of the clips holding two charger cables

    14. A stick-on shade to protect your eyes and keep your car nice and cool despite the scorching rays of sunshine that just won't quit.

    The shade stuck onto a passenger window

    15. An expandable hanger bar for anyone who treats their backseat more like a closet-on-wheels.

    16. A pocket-sized Tile Mate that would've come in handy every time you misplaced your keys, wallet, or anything else you tend to lose. Just attach it to the item of your choice, and the next time you can't find it, you'll be able to use the Tile app on your smartphone to make your missing object ring until you track it down!

    A Tile on a key ring with keys next to a phone displaying the app

    17. A tough, extendable snow brush with a squeegee and ice scraper to quickly break through the iceberg that has somehow appeared on your windshield overnight.

    18. A sleek two USB car charger that fits right into your cigarette lighter, because at this point, at least 50% of a car's appeal is as a giant traveling phone-charging device.

    The charger inside a car cigarette lighter

    19. A leak-proof trash can that easily straps to your center armrest OR around your headrest, has a rubber lid to keep trash covered, AND includes pockets for extra storage. Now the evidence of your late night fast food detour is out of sight and out of mind, instead of tumbling around the backseat for the next six months.

    Model putting an empty water bottle into the trash can installed in a car

    20. A tissue dispenser for your sun visors to help you combat the sniffles on the go. Plus, you'll be able to dispose of them in that handy dandy trash can listed *above*.

    Hand reaching for a tissue from the dispenser on a sun visor

    21. An auxiliary cable in case that one you've been using since high school is at that point in its lifecycle where it has to be positioned just so, or else it crackles, pops, and cuts out constantly while you're just trying to vibe to your music.

    The auxiliary cable plugged into a phone and car

    22. A travel road kit so that if disaster strikes unexpectedly, you'll be prepared with all the emergency essentials.

    The kit in full with all of the items include on display

    23. A Bluetooth car adapter in case your older car doesn't have an auxillary hookup or if you just wanna to go cord-free when listening to music or making calls.

    The adapter on display with the screen working to show the actual display of the device

    24. A set of groovy interior LED car lights for that extra amount of razzle dazzle when driving at night.

    The lighting system on display in a vehicle and a phone showing the operating system

    25. A keychain car escape tool that can cut through seat belts and break car windows because, even though you hopefully never need it, it's always better to be prepared.

    26. A huge, incredibly warm military wool blanket you can keep in the trunk in case of emergency. It also makes a great seat cover if you're riding with a pet, AND you'll always be prepared for a spontaneous picnic.

    27. An easy-to-use digital tire inflator for the moment when your car decides to improve your day with that little dinging sound telling you your tire pressure is low. Fortunately, this thing plugs right into your car outlet and even includes attachments to inflate bike tires, air mattresses, balls, balloons, you name it!

    The inflator with the included parts

    28. A car windshield sunshade to keep your steering wheel from inflicting third-degree burns on your poor, innocent hands after your car's been parked in the sun for hours.

    Photo from the inside of a car of the sunshade over the windshield

    29. A handy Dip Clip that attaches to your car's vent, holds a takeout sauce packet inside, and lets you dip your chicken nuggets 'n fries to your heart's content without having to balance (and ultimately spill) Chick-fil-A sauce on your lap, floor, or console. 

    They'll fit onto horizontal or vertical air vents *and* can hold sauce packs from all popular fast food chains!

    Promising review: "I love this in my car! It stays in place and lets me do all the dipping I want while I drive without making a mess." —krystie

    Get two from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in three colors and in multipacks).

    30. A replacement air filter because, if yours looks anything like this one, it's probably time for a change.

    A reviewer comparing their dirty, gray air filter and their new, white air filter

    31. A scratch remover so the next time your neighbor in the parking lot isn't the most graceful of drivers, you won't have to spend a small fortune on a minor facelift. 

    Promising review: "Super impressed with this product. I’m always skeptical of things like this that say they’ll perfectly fix scratches. I was worried because I randomly found three visible scratches on my front bumper. I could feel the scratch with my hand so I figured it was too deep. Well this product totally fixed it. As I was drying off the product I literally couldn’t even tell where the scratches were. Would totally recommend trying this first before anything else. Wish I took a before and after but wasn’t expecting it to be good enough for one." –Tom V Weekes

    Get it from Amazon for $15.74.

    32. A set of Drop Stop gap fillers to prevent your phone from falling into the abyss that is the space between your seat and the console. Plus, you'll never have to surrender a french fry (or a handful of french fries) to the gap ever again!

    This "As Seen On TV" product even fits around your seat belts and moves with the seats if you adjust them!

    Promising review: "I have to admit, my expectations weren't very high. I thought it was more of a joke when my husband got this for me for Christmas. Little did I realize it would be one of my most favorite gadgets ever! I don't know if I realized just how many things went missing in my seat gap. It has really saved a lot of things from disappearing into that black hole. It was easy enough to fit into my car and it's soft! It's just like an extension of my seat, except it fits every curve of my seat!" —Tessa Forbes

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $24.99.

    33. A storage net barrier for anyone with a large and in-charge fur baby that loves nothing more than being large and in-charge where they're not supposed to be: the driver's seat. This'll stop your pup from blocking your view, plus provide some extra storage for groceries and on-the-go essentials.

    Reviewer image of dog in backseat behind black net barrier
    Reviewer image of product set up in backseat

    Promising review: "My family goes on the road for numerous trips over the course of a year and last year we got a new puppy who LOVES the car. This past summer, we were about to go on a 16-hour drive and needed a solution so that he wouldn't decide to jump and startle whoever was driving. Enter this little gem. The net is a high-quality item for the price. The top-end opens so it's not just a barrier, but a typical cargo net so you get even more storage for your vehicle while adding a layer of safety." —Daigs

    Get it from Amazon for $15.80 (clip the coupon on the product page to save 10%).

    34. cupholder adapter because your ginormous Hydro Flask water bottle and Yeti coffee tumbler deserve a place to call home that *isn't* the floor of your car where they spill, rattle, and roll into the never-ending abyss that is the underside of your passenger seat.

    a gif of someone trying to put a hydroflask water bottle in a regular cup holder and then placing it successfully in the bottle cup holder adaptor
    a hydroflask water bottle in the cupholder adaptor
    Wine & Whiskey Co. / Etsy

    Wine & Whiskey Co. is a Texas-based Etsy shop selling a wide range of adorable phone cases and T-shirts, plus genius car accessories (obvi).

    Promising review: "Love it. Perfectly holds my 40-ounce Hydro Flask. No more rolling around the truck cab. Arrived quickly and works as described." —Jason J. Mease

    Get it from