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    This Superhero-Status Car Cleaner Is All You Need To Rid Your Ride Of Every Stain

    One spray to clean leather, vinyl, upholstery, carpet, and plastic — yup, just ONE.

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    I think I speak for a lot of us when I say nobody *wants* to have a dirty car. We spend a lot of time in them (they're like our second home!) so sitting on the tragic coffee spill from last summer isn't ideal — aaaand neither is cleaning it.


    Now, I sold my car a while ago (#NYClife), but when I did have Stevie the Ford Escape, I wasn't thrilled about dropping a ton of cash to have it detailed. But having to lug out 10+ different products just to clean the different surfaces is not great either.

    This is where the superhero of car cleaners comes in. Friends with rides, let me introduce you to CarGuys Super Cleaner ($17).


    It's a multi-surface cleaner that'll tackle stains and grease on leather, vinyl, upholstery, plastic, rubber, and canvas — though it's not recommended to clean glass and screens.

    That basically means you can ditch MULTIPLE cleaners and replace them all with T-H-I-S.

    And before we really jump into the unbelievable before-and-after photos, let me just casually toss in that this cleaner has some stellar reviews. Just peep that 4.6-star rating!


    "Tried a multitude of products trying to clean our leather minivan seats after years with no luck. But this product cleaned away years of built-up grime. I used a brush for soiled in dirt. Very highly recommended!" —Dennis

    Look at these upholstery results!!! Look at them!

    "This product is great! All their products are great! But this new product they have developed knocks it out of the ball park! The pictures are of a 2007 Nissan Titan truck I was detailing for a customer. The seats were disgusting and stained. I CAN ASSURE YOU ALL I USED WAS CAR GUYS SUPER CLEANER to clean the seats. I simply sprayed all over the seat until it was damp, I scrubbed with a detail brush, then vacuumed all of it up and dried it with a microfiber. The results speak for themselves. This really is a SUPER CLEANER that is capable of cleaning mostly every interior surface and does an amazing job at it!" —Joseph L.

    And leather? Yup, it does wonders for that, too.

    "This stuff took years of dirt off of my leather seats! It only took about 10 minutes of working in the cleaner with the cloth to make it look like that, and I could not be more pleased! I will be ordering the leather protector by this brand as well to help some of the small cracks in the seat." —Dana Waterhouse

    Oh hello, you super clean carpet.

    "This stuff is awesome. I bought this to freshen up an old and very dingy truck I had and this stuff worked wonders. I figured I would give this stuff a go before spending the money on a full on detail and I'm so glad I did. This stuff worked on all my leather and on my carpets. After working the carpets over with this cleaner, they look brand new. This stuff cleaned years of grime off my interior and breathed much needed new life to my old truck. This stuff is a must have for me for the future." —A. Etchechury

    Ahh, this is magic, I swear! My eyes cant believe this.

    "Between kids and a red pop explosion my van was filthy. The ceiling was ridiculous. It looks brand new after using this product. The dashboard, cup holders, and seats took half the time to clean. I'll never use another product. Seriously, order it NOW. You won't regret it." —Amazon Customer

    So what have we learned today? If you have car, you need this spray. Easy as that.

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    Get it (plus a bonus cleaning cloth) from Amazon for $16.99.

    And! For some extra scrubbing power, grab a car upholstery cleaning brush.

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