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This Is What Buzz From "Home Alone" Looks Like Now

No report on Buzz's girlfriend. (Woof.)

This is Buzz from 1990's Home Alone, the greatest movie of all time.

He had a pet tarantula and pondered if "French babes shave their pits."

The actor who played Buzz is named Devin Ratray. He was 13 when he appeared in Home Alone (and later Home Alone 2), and now he's 36.

Getty / Ilya S. Savenok

Since Home Alone, he's had a few others roles on shows like Law & Order, Supernatural and The Good Wife.

In 2007, a documentary film crew followed Ratray's attempts to win the heart of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Getty / Jemal Countess

In the film, Ratray uses 'love disks' -- love letters set to music and images—to serenade Rice and traveled from New York to Alabama, Denver, Palo Alto and Washington DC to court her.

He was also a contestant on Cash Cab.

And he appears to be on Twitter.

But Buzz, we'll still never forgive you for spreading false rumors about Old Man Marley.

Getty / Kevin Winter

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