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The 19 Most Important Selfies Of 2016

I take them. You take them. Everyone takes them.

Just a few years ago, selfies were mocked as a navel-gazing art form embraced solely by millennial narcissists. But today, selfies are the de-rigueur social media medium, offering us a personal glimpse into the political arena, the human side of celebrity, and the world at large.

Below are the funniest, most controversial, and most important selfies of 2016.

1. This shot of the crowd trying to get a photo with Hillary Clinton at a youth rally in Orlando in September.

Barbara Kinney / Hillary For America Campaign

2. The "Leo finally got his Oscar" selfie.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, actor Leonardo DiCaprio, and director Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, all winners for The Revenant, take a selfie onstage during the 88th Annual Academy Awards.

3. The viral white guys selfie.

4. British astronaut Tim Peake's selfie from his first ever spacewalk.

I think I found the perfect spot for a #selfie. #spacewalk

5. Ballot selfies, which were banned in several states.

Bill Wechter / AFP / Getty Images

After voting at a polling station at the Big Bear Lake Methodist Church in Big Bear, California, Nov. 8, a man takes a selfie in front of a banner designed for the purpose.

6. And the ones from the night everything changed.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

A woman takes a selfie during Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's election night event at the New York Hilton Midtown on Nov. 8.

7. Kim Kardashian's naked selfie in March, which set off a huge internet hullabaloo.

8. The trans woman who posted a selfie in the women's bathroom to challenge North Carolina's "bathroom law."

9. Vice President-elect Mike Pence's selfie with House Republicans, which was immediately lambasted for being "all white."

Great having @mike_pence visit today! I’m excited to work with him and @realDonaldTrump to shake up the status quo…

10. Similarly, Paul Ryan's July photo with GOP Capitol Hill interns, which was criticized for its lack of diversity.

11. ...and then the corresponding Democratic intern selfie.

My intern Audra Jackson led Democratic Interns in their own selfie 2day showing #DemInternDiversity #DemInternSelfie

12. These women proving selfies know no cultural bounds.

Manan Vatsyayana / AFP / Getty Images

Members of the ruling party United Malays National Organisation (UMNO) pose before the opening ceremony of the party's annual congress in Kuala Lumpur on Dec. 1.

13. This group of women who hilariously posed for a "selfie" for a minute and a half before realizing they were taking a video.

View this video on YouTube

14. Manny the Selfie Cat's epic photos.

He's better at selfies than all of us, tbh.

15. Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose's February selfie.

16. "Fingermouthing" became the hot new selfie pose.

17. A North Korean and a South Korean gymnast taking a selfie together at the Rio Olympics.

Dylan Martinez / Reuters

18. The doomed high-five selfie challenge, which surely left a few busted phone screens in its wake.

Today is the proudest day of my life. I successfully took a picture of me high fiving myself

19. And a selfie that basically sums up 2016.

Yuri Cortez / AFP / Getty Images

A man dressed as Death takes a selfie on the Day of the Dead, Nov. 1, in Mexico City.

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