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50 GIFs Everyone Should Save

Trust me, you're gonna need these.

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1. Wrestler overboard:

2. Dancing Rob Ford:

3. Carrot cake? Are you f'ing serious???:

4. Bad at his job octopus:

5. Piñata friends:

6. The best internet commenting GIF ever:

7. Awkward AP microphone:

8. Skydiving cat:

Julie Gerstein

9. Canadian police chase:

10. Solitaire:

Michael Blackmon

11. Dog with arms:

12. Dancing Shaq vs. Dancing Cat

13. The two kinds of squirrels:

14. Magical cat cloud:

15. Not clear:

16. Dog being a huge jerk:

17. The happiest cosplay ever:

18. Amazing dog flip:

19. Fabio cow:

Jessica Probus

20. Dog on skis:

21. Twitterpated duck:

Summer Burton

22. Cat landing in snow:

23. Unfortunate celebratory fist pump:

24. Pie butt:

Erin Chack

25. This:

Tom Phillips

26. Zen Hillary:

Dorsey Shaw

27. Bucket guy:

28. Pitbull and a baby:

Adrian Carrasquillo

29. This:

30. Smile:

31. Puppy eating a lime:

32. Bee cat:

33. Cat rolling down stairs forever:

34. In the library:

35. Ryan Gosling + Macaulay Culkin forever:

36. Bunny stuck in coffee mug:

37. Dance party:

Joel Anderson

38. Thumbs-up:

James Grebey

39. Toilet paper leaf blower:

40. Sassy Obama:

Chris Ritter

41. Bushes:

42. Deflating tail:

43. I'm out:

44. Oh deer:

45. Infomercial car wash:

46. Hamburglar:

47. Worst Oprah episode ever:

48. Angry garbage truck:

49. Your life in a GIF:

50. SOON:

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