31 GIFs That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

Guaranteed. Most GIFs via this Reddit thread.

1. The most perfect moment that ever happened.

ID: 2011125

2. This balloon enthusiast.

ID: 2011577

3. The surprisingly well-prepared bucket head.

ID: 2011166

4. The lowest moment in this dog’s life.

ID: 2011076

5. The slight overreaction.

ID: 2011164

6. The future is now.

ID: 2011190

7. The dog who knew exactly what was coming.

ID: 2010760

8. This pug that is ashamed of his dancing abilities.

ID: 2012098

9. This disgruntled dump truck.

ID: 2011074

10. The day Elmo finally reached his breaking point.

ID: 2011447

11. The presumably British cat who needed directions

ID: 2010754

12. “FOR CHARLIE!!!!!!”

ID: 2011136

13. This opinionated future music critic.

ID: 2011147

14. There are two kinds of squirrels.

ID: 2011181

15. Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

ID: 2011236

16. Good dog.

ID: 2011241

17. This kid who’s definitely not going to get into heaven now.

ID: 2011282

18. Kids are just tiny drunk adults.

ID: 2011286

19. Carpe diem.

ID: 2011359

20. Dog fail.

ID: 2011363

21. You had one job.

ID: 2011366

22. When a prank goes better than you could have imagined.

ID: 2011441

23. The one with the treadmill.

ID: 2011445

24. The world’s angriest otter.

ID: 2011461

25. Can’t.

ID: 2011485

26. When days of planning finally pay off.

ID: 2011506

27. The most entertaining mascot ever.

ID: 2011710

28. Nailed it.

ID: 2011810

29. The thing that triggered this woman’s lifelong fear of clowns.

ID: 2011865

30. The smartest dog in the world.

ID: 2011867

31. The double-pronged attack.

ID: 2011813

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