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    Ranking 26 Fortnite Marvel Character Designs

    *Spots someone in Pleasant Park* *Avenger's Theme Intensifies*

    Marvel brought cinematic universes into the mainstream, and Fortnite mainstreamed the battle royale game mode. They are a match made in heaven, so why not appreciate all the available Marvel outfits?

    Fortnite poster featuring Marvel characters like Iron Man, Storm, and Groot
    Epic Games

    My Fortnite is a little rusty, but I remember the days of playing it when it launched. So whether you are new to Fortnite or a hardcore gamer, this list is for you!

    Steve Buscemi  saying, "How do you do, fellow kids

    NOTE: This isn't a hardcore ranking of which character has the better powers; it is simply a ranking of the design of the outfits. 

    Here's my ranking of every Marvel character skin to appear in the game:

    26. Silver Surfer

    The Silver Surfer Fortnite character poses by leaning forward
    Epic Games

    The Silver Surfer outfit was first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 4 last August. If you are looking to fly all over the map, this is your guy, but be ready for that 30-second cooldown.

    Overall design is very basic, although the reflective shine is indeed a unique look. I know gamers love flying around on the map, but this list will be more focused on the overall quality of the skin, since Mythic items are a thing.

    25. Thor

    Thor Fortnite outfit wields his hammer that is emitting lightning
    Epic Games

    Thor summoned the Bifrost and joined Fortnite last August. Use Stormbreaker as a pickaxe, or demolish your opponents. You can also call your hammer, Mjolnir (which I can never pronounce), and destroy everyone around you.

    Thor is one of the more popular characters, but maybe my least favorite design of the O.G. Avengers. Seriously, why have people totally abandoned Thor's helmet? Other than his hammer, it was his most iconic thing about him. Just a nitpick.

    24. Captain America

    Fortnite's Captain America character skin poses with fists clenched at his sides
    Epic Games

    Chapter 2, Season 3 was headlined by Captain America in July 2020. Who doesn't want to throw that shield like a frisbee at Fortnite opponents? Like all things Captain America, this outfit is a little too "business is usual," the opposite of the Thor outfit.

    23. Cable

    Fortnite character Cable chokes a man off the ground
    Epic Games

    Cable debuted in the X-Force set in Chapter 2, Season 2. He no doubt looks the part, and the classic X-Force look is a solid design. Really no knocks against him — I just believe there are better Marvel outfits to pick. Seeing the cybernetic arm, no doubt the Winter Soldier will one day storm into Fortnite, and you can all have your precious Bucky.

    22. Task Master

    Taskmaster Fortnite skin poses with a sword
    Epic Games

    Chapter 2, Season 5 featured Skeletor...I mean...Taskmaster. Jokes aside, I've never been a huge fan of the comic design in the first place, and although the Fortnite design is intriguing, it feels like it should be more connected to that "Fortnite feel" as far as looks go. 

    21. Psylocke

    Psylocke's Fortnite skin poses with her hand glowing purple
    Epic Games

    I feel like I'm really hating on X-Force, but like I said, none of the skin designs are bad. Psylocke also debuted with Cable. I'll always give credit to Epic Games for the designs. She definitely looks like she belongs in Fortnite, and the comic-accurate costume looks solid in gameplay.

    20. Daredevil

    Fortnite's Daredevil poses in promotional poster
    Epic Games

    The Daredevil Fortnite skin left Hell's Kitchen and appeared in Chapter 2, Season 4. I no doubt prefer the darker iteration of the suit, but I'm not a fan of the font for his chest emblem. It looks like they picked the default text when they first designed it. That being said, I think they nailed the horns.

    19. Loki

    Loki wields scepter while wearing horned helmet
    Epic Games

    So I'm counting Loki, even though he is newly added and only unlockable for existing "Fortnite Crew" subscribers. The design is slick. The god of mischief and all tricky things looks like he belongs in the game. Is he fun? I wouldn't know...I'm not part of the "Fortnite Crew."

    18. Ant-Man

    Ant-Man Fortnite outfit promotional poster
    Epic Games

    First appearing March this year in Chapter 2, Season 5, Ant-Man looks a lot more menacing than in the movies. I can't decide if I prefer it or not, since the character in general is pretty silly in the first place.

    Overall, I like all the gear he is packing on the outfit because it adds some depth compared to just a bodysuit. Plus, who wouldn't want to carry a giant flying ant as back bling?

    17. Domino

    Domino's Fortnite character balancing a knife on her finger
    Epic Games

    Feeling luckier already. Domino is probably the best overall design in the X-Force pack. Her face, like pretty much all of these Marvel characters, just blends so well into the Fortnite Universe. If X-Force characters came with powers, it would be hilarious to just make her O.P. and have every shot miss her...wouldn't be too fun for the players.

    16. Deadpool

    Fortnite character Deadpool stands next to a man in a suit and a banana in a tux
    Epic Games

    Chapter 2, Season 2 featured the Merc with a Mouth. No offense to Deadpool, but he, as a character, feels like he has broken every fourth wall imaginable, so his appearance in Fortnite feels watered down compared to other Marvel characters.

    15. Mystique

    Fortnite skin of Mystique poses with duel swords
    Epic Games

    The Mystique outfit debuted last August in Chapter 2, Season 4. The Master of Disguise has a very close design to her comic book appearance, but Fortnite gave it their own flavor. Love the skulls. If that belt could fit in the loops of my pants, yes, I would wear it.

    14. Venom

    Venom Fortnite character sticking his tongue out
    Epic Games

    Venom debuted November 2020 and came with the ability to "Smash and Grab." It's hard to mess up this design (looks over at Spider-Man 3), and Fortnite proves, once again, that Venom has one of the more unique character designs of any comic book character.

    13. Blade

    Fortnite's Blade outfit poses in promotional poster
    Epic Games

    Debuting last September, Blade looked to hunt 99 others in the Battle Royale like they were vampires. So I wasn't going to have this one as high as it is, but the more I look at it, the more I like it. Blade really looks the part for Fortnite, and the sunglasses are the perfect touch.

    12. Groot

    Groot's Fortnite design staring with head tilted
    Epic Games

    I am Groot Chapter 2, Season 4. I am Groot with Rocket on his shoulder, but I am Groot. Overall, I am Groot.

    11. Captain Marvel

    Fortnite design of Captain Marvel poses
    Epic Games

    Released in Chapter 2, Season 5 of December 2020, your Fortnite character could fly higher, farther, and faster with this outfit. Well, not literally, but from the hair to even her sash at her waist, this is one of the cleanest looks of any Marvel character.  It's hard to beat that suit. It's one of the best in Marvel.

    10. Thanos

    Fortnite's Thanos character skin holding Infinity Gauntlet
    Epic Games

    Thanos appeared in a limited-time mode, one I recall Fortnite fans loving at launch, and he has returned in 2021 as an outfit. No Infinity Gauntlet powers, just that purple bod. I feel bad for having him up this high since he was an LTM character, but the design is so detailed that it had to be top 10.

    9. Star-Lord

    Promotional Star Lord pack and Star Lord giving you the double guns
    Epic Games

    Who? Oh, Star-Lord. Peter Quill's design is one of the most true to the spirit of Fortnite. If this were a gear ranking, he'd most likely be at the very top. A favorite of the Guardians of the Galaxy set when it debuted in 2019.

    8. Iron Man

    Iron Man outfit in Fortnite poses with hand raised
    Epic Games

    Tony Stark debuted in August 2020. The suit offers killer looks plus a 90-damage unibeam. Maybe the most MCU-accurate design, which I think hurts it a bit. Tony with the suit on feels a little out of place, but I guess that's why they give you the Tony design.

    7. Black Panther

    Fortnite's Black Panther character poses with popped collar cape
    Epic Games

    Black Panther clawed his way into Fortnite alongside Captain Marvel and Taskmaster. As a Batman fan, the King of Wakanda was always my favorite Marvel design growing up. The popped collar is never not awesome on Black Panther. He'd look ridiculous with just a cape.

    6. Ghost Rider

    Fortnite's Ghost Rider skin with flaming skull
    Epic Games

    Ghost Rider rode on in for Chapter 2, Season 4, November 2020. The skeleton is very cartoonish and fitting for Fortnite, and I like it better than the Taskmaster design as far as skeleton designs. It's a skeleton with a flaming head and a motorcycle jacket. If you don't like it, you need to lighten up. *Elbows you while looking like a flaming skeleton boi*

    5. Black Widow

    Black Widow Skin in Fortnite
    Epic Games

    The original playable Marvel character outfit in Fortnite, Black Widow appeared all the way back in 2019 for Season 8 as a promotion for Avengers: Endgame.

    I love the chest logo that truly screams comic book hero, but her face design is that of a Fortnite character, and that is not a negative. Her design opened up the possibilities, and this list wouldn't exist without it.

    4. Doctor Doom

    Fortnite skin of Doctor Doom poses with his arms crossed
    Epic Games

    Doctor Victor Von Doom debuted in August 2020. Mystical bombs and abilities aside, it is important to note that he climbed the ranking on pure looks alone. The cape. The armor. It's all so simple for his character design, but always looks so good. That's a supervillain right there, and plenty of people want to be the bad guy the moment they drop in.

    3. She-Hulk

    She-Hulk flexing
    Epic Games

    Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk smashed her way onto the Fortnite scene in August 2020. She may be the coolest concept of all the Marvel characters in Fortnite. You start off as Jennifer Walters, get angry, and turn into She-Hulk to deal up to 100 damage. Love the design, the gloves, and the turtle neck. When Marvel gives us She-Hulk, I'd like this same exact design.

    2. Wolverine

    Fortnite outfit of Wolverine poses with his claws
    Epic Games

    October 2020: Fortnite fans said hello to the Wolverine outfit. Glorious. His special abilities are not hard to describe, but how about two words: slash and dash (I guess that's three with "and"). You can also forget a pickaxe; just use his claws. How didn't they have Hugh Jackman ever wear this masterpiece of a superhero costume?

    1. Storm

    Fortnite Storm skin in white gear
    Epic Games

    Debuting August 2020, Storm brought the lightning and even the ability to knock down structures. That's why she's the Goddess of the Elements.

    I'm not going to lie...the gap between #1 and #2 is an ocean. No contest. I thought this design was fit for a final boss. It is majestic, powerful, intimidating...the whole package. Has all the feel of a Fortnite character with the intensity of a Marvel superhero.

    Which is your favorite Marvel character to play as? How about strictly design? Comment below!