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    19 YouTube Videos That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Cried

    I have to rewatch through teary eyes.

    Everyone has that one video that makes them laugh so hard, they cry. Well, I have had dozens of those moments in my lifetime. In no particular order, here are 21 videos that have made me cry from laughing:

    1. This hyped Philadelphia Eagles fan gets leveled by a pillar after his team won the Super Bowl, and I think he is too happy about the win to care.

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    Jukin Media / Via

    The reaction from everyone on the subway really makes this an all-timer for me.

    2. This man is "sharp dressed" and knows how to take drumming to the extreme.

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    Vladimir Kiryushin / Via

    Just keep your eyes on the drummer. I believe the cameraperson starts to notice too and really starts to focus on him. For some reason, it keeps getting funnier the longer it goes on.

    My favorite move is the one he does during the chorus and is hitting everything in sight with his drumsticks as if he's lost all control of his limbs. (It should go without saying that he is also incredibly talented.)

    3. The future of public speaking in American politics.

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    I was shown this video my first day in a college public speaking class, and I was in tears.

    For some reason, the way he keeps leaving the podium makes me laugh every time. The way he forgets his lines, his little hand motions, the voice crack, and his slow transformation into a mix of Chris Farley's Matt Foley and angry Bill Murray.

    4. The greatest off-script performance I have ever seen.

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    Buzz431 / Via

    The off-script stuff is really funny, but it is the fear in his voice that really sells this. Even if he went by the script, his frightened voice is too funny.

    5. The best radio show prank ever involves the name of one wrestler...and his name is John Cena!

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    Pranks Calls / Via

    From the PPV getting more expensive to the ridiculousness of the matches (spit-swapping makeout match), to the use of the John Cena theme...this is one legendary prank call.

    6. This man, while trying to execute a dance move, basically drives his own face into the ground.

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    markaragonos14 / Via

    During the performance, he actually dances to "Touch the Sky" by Kanye West to make things even funnier.

    Hats off to him — he executes the dance move he was trying to do right when he face-planted.

    7. Not the best thing to happen when you're trying to sell a ladder.

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    "See, now it's locked in place" are the ultimate famous last words when I think of fail videos.

    8. This bat really does not like the sound of a guitar.

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    Rabid Media Networks / Via

    It's how the guy tries to keep playing again even after it lands on him. And like Spider-Man, this man will now turn into Bat-Bro. (Man-Bat is already a thing, so why not a guitar-playing superhero?)

    9. Laughter can be infectious, and that is true for this host.

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    ABC / Via

    You can see the man start to break slowly, and it is too fantastic.

    His cohost tries to cover up for him, but I love that you can tell he is trying to hold it together too.

    10. This man fails to break the ice between his frozen pool and his own butt.

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    TheDude / Via

    The fall looks so painful, but it is his little slide on his knees afterward that gets me.

    Why in the world they thought it was thin enough to break is beyond me.

    11. This man isn't a master of the bench press, but his trash-talk game is strong.

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    Jukin Media / Via

    All that trash talk, and then he has that moment of silence before he goes for it, almost as if he doubted himself.

    He got no push on that bar, and his arms literally caved in under the weight.

    12. This double Dutch fail is the ultimate example of your feet not obeying your brain's command.

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    FailArmy / Via

    This video also made an appearance on my relatable sports fails list. One of my favorites for sure, so does that mean I will reuse it if necessary? You betcha.

    13. Oh, Sarah, this is a stressful classic.

    Max screaming in the water

    14. Jon Barry has a spectacular fall after the Harlem Globetrotters' old confetti-in-a-bucket gag.

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    ESPN / Via

    I love that you can hear the fear in his voice off camera. He manages to take out the whole backdrop behind him while no one else reacts to the confetti gag.

    15. Bow Wow does a great job running out the clock but keeps trying to start the show.

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    CBS / Via

    The clock being there on the screen sends me every time. This was the longest minute and 30 seconds of my life.

    16. This wrestler's debut is the most legendary folly in WWE history.

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    WWE / Via

    Any wrestling fan has seen this a million times, but if you don't watch wrasslin', understand that this is this man's big debut as a menacing character.

    No one told him after the practice run that they had boarded up the bottom of the wall, thus leading to everyone on set breaking character.

    17. Tony tries to stand on an egg and pile-drives his own head into the floor.

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    Kathleen Docherty / Via

    To make things even better, he breaks the egg with his noggin.

    His bewildered look while on his side while the camerawoman laughs is too funny.

    18. I don't even play World of Warcraft, but this video is gaming royalty.

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    J Jonah Jameson / Via

    Even if it is staged, the concept of the scenario is hilarious. The slow buildup gets me every time, along with the response of "Oh my god, he just ran in."

    All the players just standing in a circle after it happens...this is the gaming video.

    19. The perfect way to start the morning.

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    Fox 5 / Via

    The way it cuts right into the opening title card had me dying.

    The audio of him splashing into the water while the camera zooms out for the most disappointing shot ever...this one still makes me laugh, even as I type this.

    He's just so happy when he says, "And it starts right now!"

    Which video is your favorite? What videos have made you cry laughing? Share in the comments below.