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    19 Sports Moments Guaranteed To Give You Secondhand Embarrassment

    Get ready for flashbacks to your most uncoordinated moments in PE class.

    Even if you don't play or watch sports, you can't deny that the fails on this list are too relatable.

    1. My double Dutch hatred is personified by this uncoordinated gentleman.

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    In this video, a man fails to find his footing when he attempts to leap into the dreaded double Dutch jump ropes.

    I played every sport and activity in PE, but I could not for the life of me solve the dual jump ropes. I thought there was some kind of witchcraft afoot and never successfully jumped in without kicking the ropes.

    2. Jose Canseco's legendary fail is every baseball newbie's fear.

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    For those who only know Canseco from the references in Liar, Liar, understand that this man was one of the biggest names in baseball.

    Not only is getting "booped" on the head with a flyball and running into a wall embarrassing, but the ball going over the wall for a home run is even worse.

    3. Mark Sanchez is every kid not looking where they're going in PE.


    Keeping your eyes downfield is important in football, but it would probably be best not to run into your teammate's butt headfirst.

    The "butt fumble" is one of the greatest bloopers of all time and will be hard to top.

    4. One small step for a man, one giant leap for a bunch of kids playing hockey.

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    What sicko built this ice rink?

    The poor kids in this video clearly struggle to find their footing while entering the ice. If you've ever fallen on ice, I'll tell you this: It doesn't tickle. Luckily, the kids have padding.

    5. The goalkeeper holds on to the ball for a little too long, and the results are catastrophic.

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    This happens to everyone at least once.

    You're indecisive about where you want to throw a ball, so you try to pull it back, but you fumble it. In this goalkeeper's case, he flings it into his own goal.

    6. Chris Boswell tries to look like Lionel Messi but ends up looking like Charlie Brown.


    On this onside kick, Boswell decides to get fancy and is rewarded with the ball traveling a whole 3 inches off the tee.

    Hey, at least he made contact (sorry, Charlie Brown).

    7. Golf takes focus, so any distraction is frustrating...and then there's this rowdy squirrel.

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    I love animals, but any distraction in golf is the worst.

    Rory McIlroy seems to have a good sense of humor, but he also isn't shanking it into the forest 90% of the time, Judge Smails–style.

    8. Wrestling may be scripted, but gravity is not. One of my favorite wrasslin' fails.

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    This is so relatable when it comes to trying to step over anything. The way he hesitates and tries to stops himself before he falls is too hilarious.

    9. Brian Meeker turns a pommel vault into a car wreck.

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    Excuse the terrible quality, but this classic had to appear on the list.

    Young gymnasts...look away.

    10. If coordination isn't your strong suit, never try to dive off a tall platform into a pool.

    SG Sports TV

    I spin in a circle and feel like I'm gonna puke.

    Diving is an impressive skill, but these two competitors seem to struggle and make a big splash (which is bad in diving).

    11. Everyone has gotten a little cocky at times, but this boxer's dancing entrance takes the cake.

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    Usman "Uzzy" Ahmed has the moves. Unfortunately, his fight ended with him on the canvas.

    Hey, if style points counted on a fight card, am I right?

    12. Taking a basketball to the face can be painful, and it happens more often than you'd think.

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    Can you handle a nine-minute video of NBA players getting smacked by a ball without flinching? My face hurts just thinking about 20 kids shooting at the same hoop in PE class.

    13. This coaching dad wants to win, but is he willing to push his son to make the save? You betcha.

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    I feel terrible for laughing, but this is meant to be more relatable for people who played sports as a kid. There was always that parent at that game.

    14. Poor Gregory Polanco is all of us in the big moment.

    Comcast Sportsnet

    I repeat: It is hard to track a flyball.

    But falling over during the game-winning run is a crusher. Poor Polanco, but the wobbly legs are hilarious.

    15. Ernie Els, a professional golfer, putts SEVEN times before getting it in the hole.

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    In golf, you always want to two-putt on the green. Els said, "Bump that."

    16. Marcell Ozuna misreads a flyball, and the results are felt by every Little Leaguer across the country.

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    Again, flyballs are hard to read.

    Ozuna decides that he's going to jump on the wall before falling off after he totally misreads this flyball.

    17. Bradley Beal forgets that you have to dribble in basketball.

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    Everyone has played that one person who likes to take four steps with the basketball, and they act baffled if someone calls travel.

    This is the same person that calls foul every time they drive in the paint.

    18. A baseball fan loses his food...twice.

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    That feeling of dropping your food is one of the worst in the world. Imagine doing it twice?

    The fact that this happened right when he came back with his second plate of food makes it legendary.

    19. This Canadian singer is every time I strap on some ice skates.

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    Oh, the memories of skating.

    This is a double-edged sword if you sing or skate because this is pretty humiliating. Technically not a sport, but the embarrassment in front of a crowd is all too relatable.

    Is there a relatable sports fail you can think of that you found on YouTube that made you cry laughing?