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    Ryan Reynolds Keeps Replying To Tweets, And I'm Learning So Much

    "Congrats! You’ve unlocked the Ryan Reynolds Fan Club Mint Level membership status."

    Ryan Reynolds has many talents, and one of them is being an Extremely Funny Guy™ on social media.

    Cindy Ord / Getty Images

    And during these quarantine days, he's been replying up a storm on Twitter, and it's been genuinely enlightening and hilarious. Observe:

    1. When he was less-than-thrilled with his 2010 hit Buried:

    2. When he was even more obsessed with Gossip Girl than the rest of us:

    @SamSchiessl I didn’t watch it. I drank it through my eyes.

    3. When he helped a fan achieve her goals in record time AND encouraged good pandemic behavior:

    @HaileyRagon Nailed it on minute 1. Congratulations and wash your hands.

    4. When he revealed the perks of being in the Ryan Reynolds Fan Club:

    @brandi3981 @RyanReynolds @Mintmobile Congrats! You’ve unlocked the Ryan Reynolds Fan Club Mint Level membership status. As a reminder of the benefits, members receive this Twitter reply, my undying gratitude and a lock of my hair which I will keep as a memento of your support.

    5. When he pronounced his level of Taylor Swift fandom:

    6. When he, like parents everywhere, revealed he's watched "fucking Paw Patrol" more times than he can count:

    @jemazing1 These aren’t recommendations. This is just what I watched over the past week: - Grosse Pointe Blank - Training day - Being There - Easter Parade - Fucking Paw Patrol X 11

    7. When his appreciation came to new extremes:

    @Bartees_Strange I’m a huge fan. How big you ask? I‘m listening to your new record from inside your home.

    8. When he absolutely loved John Krasinski's new quarantine show, Some Good News:

    @johnkrasinski There’s no reason anybody should be this good. LOVE THIS. 🙌

    9. When he answered a question about Brad Pitt in Deadpool 2

    10. …and confirmed that Brad was paid in coffee to be in the movie:

    @TannerHeron @TaraLanglois Yes. He wanted one cup of piping hot coffee. But we ground him down to half a cup of lukewarm water. #negotiate

    11. And then hilariously clarified what kind of coffee he used to pay Brad Pitt:

    @jamievee12345 @TannerHeron @TaraLanglois @RealHughJackman No. @laughingmanco is far too delicious. Can’t treat movie stars that well, or they’ll start to expect it.

    12. When he shared the secret behind his Aviation gin:

    @BrenBren713 @AviationGin Thankfully, I don’t MAKE the gin. That’s why it’s so good. 🍸🍸

    13. And, finally, when he was hilariously mistagged in an article and had a great exchange with Vancity, the credit union:

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