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    John Krasinski And Steve Carell Virtually Reunited To Celebrate "The Office," And I Can't Stop Smiling

    "Just to see your face is so great."

    With everyone staying inside because of the coronavirus pandemic, more and more celebrities have been coming up with ways to keep people entertained.

    And last night, John Krasinski joined in and debuted his new YouTube series, Some Good News.

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    Complete with a sign created by his daughters, John recapped some of the purest moments from the internet in order to spread some joy.

    Then John gave everyone an incredible gift when he was joined by Steve Carell for a mini The Office reunion to celebrate the show's 15th anniversary.

    First, John and Steve talked about how The Office's status as an ongoing phenomenon continues to be the best "happy surprise."

    Then they dove into some memories from filming, and they both agreed that "Dinner Party" was one of their absolute favorite episodes.

    Meanwhile, John said "the most emotional" he's ever been on a set was when they filmed Jim and Michael's goodbye.

    Steve praised John's ability to play Jim playing Dwight, saying that John is a "very good impressionist" and that's something not a lot of people know.

    And John recalled when Kevin sat on Michael's lap and said there was originally going to be an iconic "Jim face" at the end, but John was laughing so hard, he was "either on the floor or had left the room."

    In the end, the topic of an Office reunion came up, and John and Steve agreed that they want to find time to reunite the entire cast as themselves, not even as their characters.

    Basically, I can't stop smiling over this absolutely perfect John and Steve reunion, and I will be watching it on a loop for the foreseeable future.