"Jeopardy" Champ James Holzhauer Reacted To Mike Richards' Firing, And He Did Not Hold Back

    "Ding dong the witch is dead."

    After a tumultuous few weeks in Jeopardy land, Mike Richards was officially fired from his role as executive producer on the show yesterday.

    In response to the news, former Jeopardy champ James Holzhauer quickly made his thoughts about the decision known on Twitter.

    Do I think Mike Richards’s podcast comments were appropriate for polite society? No. But did he deserve the benefit of the doubt for the job he did running Jeopardy? Also no

    Twitter: @James_Holzhauer

    ALSO NO.

    In case you forgot, Holzhauer went on a record-breaking 32-game streak back in 2019 and is the second highest earner in regular-season play history, behind only Ken Jennings.

    Holzhauer acknowledging the camera by placing his hand over his heart during his run on Jeopardy!

    After his initial tweet, Holzhauer then followed it up with a simple yet effective pop culture reference to sum up his feelings:

    Twitter: @James_Holzhauer

    For those wondering, Holzhauer tweeted his thoughts on Richards' initial hiring and also retweeted The Ringer's piece when it was published.

    Later last night, Holzhauer further expanded on his feelings about Richards, explaining that his impression is based on far more than just the comments on the podcast, and he linked to a Hollywood Reporter piece outlining Richards' behavior as executive producer on The Price Is Right.

    Some judged Mike Richards solely on his podcast comments and formed a negative opinion, but I judged him by the way he treated people backstage at Jeopardy and formed a much stronger negative opinion https://t.co/mebtz0Tgc3

    Twitter: @James_Holzhauer


    Welp, only time will tell what will happen next in the search for the next Jeopardy host.