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    I Just Really Need To Talk About The Guy Dominating "Jeopardy!" Right Now

    All I want to do is scream about how smart he is.

    I think we can all agree that Jeopardy! is the best trivia game show on television and that Alex Trebek is an international treasure.

    It has given us countless trivia icons, from Ken Jennings and Julia Collins to Brad Rutter and Alex Trebek's mustache.

    But everything you thought you knew about Jeopardy! has been absolutely obliterated over the past month, thanks to the newest trivia icon to join those esteemed ranks — James Holzhauer. And I am LOSING. MY. MIND.

    You think you know how the game is played? Absolutely not. Holzhauer is rewriting the rules, tearing up the board, and mercilessly tossing would-be challengers to the side as he racks up thousands upon thousands of dollars each episode.

    And hot damn, does his strategy work. In 24 games (as of this writing), he's won nearly $1.9 million and holds ALL OF THE TOP TEN slots for biggest single-day winnings.

    Do you know what has to come together for a player to be this absurdly dominant? Perfect timing with the buzzer and courageous betting, sure. But that wouldn't matter if he didn't also have an absurdly broad swath of knowledge to back it up. AND YEAH. HE'S GOT THAT.

    In essence, I feel like a complete idiot watching James Holzhauer, and I couldn't enjoy it more.

    King of answering trivia in the form of a question. Long may he reign, tbh.