21 Resurfaced Celeb Tweets That Have Actually Aged EXTREMELY Well

    The Swiftie–to–Eras Tour opener pipeline is strong.

    We all know that what we post on the internet stays on the internet forever — and that's especially true for celebs. The fun thing about that is sometimes it means you can uncover very wholesome tweets from celebrities before they were mega-famous that have a whole new meaning now. Take this Sabrina Carpenter tweet from when she was 11 years old, for example:

    Twitter: @SabrinaAnnLynn

    Now Sabrina will be opening for Taylor Swift on the Latin American leg of her MASSIVE Eras Tour.

    Taylor and Sabrina hugging, and a tour announcement with Sabrina's name

    This kind of thing actually happens a lot more often than you'd think, so here are 20 more examples:

    1. In 2011, Ariana Grande tweeted about her "dream role" being Glinda in Wicked:

    Ariana's tweet: "Loved seeing Wicked again; amazing production! Made me realize again how badly I want 2 play Glinda at some point in my life! #DreamRole"

    Of course, Ariana was cast as Glinda in the upcoming two-part Wicked movie musical adaptation opposite Cynthia Erivo and Jonathan Bailey. Here she is on set living her dream:

    Ariana in a gown as Glinda, surrounded by flowers

    2. In 2014, Megan Thee Stallion tweeted because she just knew her career was on the rise:

    Twitter: @theestallion

    Of course she was right. Now Megan most definitely has a team...as well as a massive career, including three Grammy Awards!

    Megan holding three awards

    3. In 2020, Rachel Sennott previewed which story she'd tell if she ever got the chance to be a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers:

    Twitter: @Rachel_Sennott

    Here she is not only sharing the story but also sharing the tweet about it:

    Rachel smiling and holding a framed copy of the tweet on Seth Meyers' show

    4. In 2017, Lili Reinhart was asked if she was going to the Met Gala, and she said, "In my dreams":

    Twitter: @lilireinhart

    Of course, just one year later, in 2018, her dream came true — and she's now attended three times to date:

    Lili at the Met Gala in 2018, 2019, and 2021

    5. In 2010, Demi Lovato tweeted their dream of singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl:

    Twitter: @ddlovato

    Of course, they did JUST that at the 2020 Super Bowl:

    Demi singing in front of a microphone

    6. That wasn't Demi's only manifesting success! There's this tweet from 2015:

    Twitter: @ddlovato

    It came true twice: Demi currently has two nominations and has performed at the show.

    Demi in a straight gown on the red carpet

    7. And last Demi one, but I just thought this was cute. In 2009, Demi tweeted this:

    Twitter: @ddlovato

    Of course, Britney and Demi eventually became judges on The X Factor together in 2012:

    Demi and Britney smiling together

    8. In 2014, NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo committed to bringing home a championship title to the Milwaukee Bucks:

    Twitter: @Giannis_An34

    Of course, he ultimately did just that seven years later, in 2021:

    Close-up of Giannis smiling and holding an award

    9. In 2013, WNBA player Michaela Onyenwere was just 13 when she tweeted this:

    Twitter: @monyenwere_

    In 2021, Michaela was picked sixth in the WNBA draft. She's currently a forward for the Phoenix Mercury.

    Michaela playing basketball

    10. In 2018, Simu Liu threw his hat in the *10 rings* and expressed his interest in the role of Shang-Chi:

    Twitter: @SimuLiu

    Of course, he ended up playing the role in Marvel's Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in 2021:

    Simu as Shang-Chi

    11. And Barry Keoghan replied to Simu's tweet, shooting his Marvel shot as well:

    Twitter: @BarryKeoghan

    Of course, Barry was cast as Druig in 2021's Eternals:

    Barry as Druig

    12. In 2013, Halsey tweeted about their crush on Evan Peters:

    Halsey tweeted "Petition for Evan Peters to date me"

    The pair eventually dated briefly in 2019 before breaking up in March 2020:

    Evan with his arm around Halsey's waist

    13. In 2017, Rachel Zegler expressed her desire to be a real Disney princess after playing Ariel in her high school production of The Little Mermaid:

    Twitter: @rachelzegler

    Of course, in 2021 it was announced that Rachel would play Snow White in the upcoming live-action Disney adaptation, out next year:

    Headline about Rachel Zegler being cast as Snow White

    14. In 2013, Patrick Mahomes pondered what it would feel like to say an iconic line after winning the Super Bowl:

    Twitter: @PatrickMahomes

    Of course, in 2020 he was able to say it himself after winning the Super Bowl with the Kansas City Chiefs:

    Patrick being interviewed and saying, "Something I've wanted to say my whole life: I'm going to Disney World!"

    15. In 2010, a then-unknown Niall Horan applied for a little talent competition show and hoped for the best:

    Twitter: @NiallOfficial

    Spoiler alert: It definitely worked out. You know — "band called One Direction followed by a thriving solo career" kinda worked out.

    One Direction band members standing in a row with their arms around each other's shoulder

    16. And in 2011, Ed Sheeran had some plans:

    "Give me a few years, I've got some big plans"

    Another spoiler alert: Those plans definitely succeeded. Ed would go on to receive 16 Grammy nominations and four wins.

    Ed onstage, smiling, and holding an award

    17. Speaking of Ed Sheeran — in 2015, Maisie Peters was dying a little bit inside over him:

    Twitter: @maisiehpeters

    And in 2021, Ed signed Maisie to his record label and later invited her to tour with him.

    Maisie and Ed standing together

    18. In 2020, like Sabrina Carpenter, Gracie Abrams was tweeting about being a massive Taylor Swift fan:

    Twitter: @gracieabrams

    Of course, she's been an opener on Taylor's Eras Tour since April:

    Sabring onstage singing and holding a microphone

    Dreams really do come true:

    19. In 2017, Olivia Rodrigo was enjoying the Grammys from the comfort of her home:

    Twitter: @oliviarodrigo

    Of course, in 2021 she took home three Grammy Awards:

    Olivia smiling and holding three awards

    20. And finally, bringing it back to the Taylor Swift of it all, here's Olivia Rodrigo celebrating Taylor back in 2020:

    Twitter: @oliviarodrigo

    And here they are posing together at the 2021 BRIT Awards after Olivia's song "Drivers License" made her a household name: