Sabrina Carpenter's Old Tweet About Taylor Swift Has Resurfaced

    "I've got some news."

    You're well aware of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour. It's one of the most high demand tours of all time.

    Taylor Swift onstage

    Well, Latin American Swifties won this week because Taylor announced tour dates in Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina.

    Taylor Swift onstage

    And joining Tay is none other than "Nonsense" singer Sabrina Carpenter!

    @taylorswift13 / Via Twitter: @taylorswift13

    We found out these two are friends at the VMAs this year, when Taylor collected a bunch of awards and Sabrina supported our queen.

    Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter hugging

    Well, after it was announced Sabrina was joining Taylor on tour, one tweet of Sabrina's started to resurface.

    Taylor Swift and Sabrina Carpenter

    Yep, it was this tweet from 2010. "The Taylor Swift concert was amazing," Sabrina wrote. "Had so much fun. I can't wait to have a world tour someday like hers! Lol, with two sold out shows!!!!!"

    @SabrinaAnnLynn / Via Twitter: @SabrinaAnnLynn

    Flash forward 13 (ha!) years later, and everyone's like, "We have news for you."

    @shookswiftie / Via Twitter: @shookswiftie

    @ev3rhaze / @taylorswift13 / Via Twitter: @ev3rhaze

    Twitter: @BananaChiqa

    Congrats, Sabrina! My Swiftie heart is so proud of you.