15 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

    "I'm just here to help."

    1. Rihanna took out the trash:

    I’m just here to help. 🤷🏿‍♀️ #wediditJoe

    Twitter: @rihanna

    2. Chrissy Teigen made a request to President Biden, and he obliged:

    hello @joebiden I have been blocked by the president for four years can I get a follow plz

    Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    3. Oprah and Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman shared this beautiful exchange:

    Thank you! I would be nowhere without the women whose footsteps I dance in. While reciting my poem, I wore a ring with a caged bird—a gift from @Oprah for the occasion , to symbolize Maya Angelou, a previous inaugural poet. Here’s to the women who have climbed my hills before. https://t.co/5Tegd20sko

    Twitter: @TheAmandaGorman

    4. Of course, celebs also shared their versions of the Bernie meme from inauguration day. Paul Bettany shared this topical WandaVision one:

    Twitter: @Paul_Bettany

    5. Zendaya shared Bernie as the third star of the upcoming Malcolm & Marie:

    Twitter: @Zendaya

    6. And Reese Witherspoon shared Bernie inserted in an iconic Legally Blonde scene, just to share a few:

    🤣🤣🤣 https://t.co/VwVMEvi9dk

    Twitter: @ReeseW

    7. Cardi B joked about why she couldn't perform "WAP" at the inauguration:

    Ugh I was supposed to perform wap at the inauguration today but I had a dentist appointment 😓😓....maybe next time .

    Twitter: @iamcardib

    8. Cardi B also had a delightful exchange with Olivia Rodrigo about "Drivers License":

    @iamcardib girl i will pick u up and take u wherever u wanna go

    Twitter: @Olivia_Rodrigo

    9. Zayn Malik had a ~question~ for a fan:

    Ya wha? 😆 https://t.co/3LBCzJwl7q

    Twitter: @zaynmalik

    10. Issa Rae shared a video from the set of Insecurethe fifth and final season just started filming this week:

    First day of Season Bye-ve. #InsecureHBO

    Twitter: @IssaRae

    11. SZA posted a wholesome message to Forever 21:

    RANDOM buttt @Forever21 my niece is a manager at your store 2153 🥺 she said it’s the best job she ever had and is in LOVE W her position . Can y’all help me transfer her to LA so she can keep her job but explore life w me 🥺 she jus turned 20 - a concerned auntie ❤️

    Twitter: @sza

    12. Camila Mendes made headlines:

    i really do be https://t.co/wfjFwCNrNr

    13. Ricky Martin showed off his bleached beard:

    Twitter: @ricky_martin

    14. Mindy Kaling tweeted about Bridgerton, and the one and only Nicola Coughlan (aka Penelope Featherington) weighed in:

    Twitter: @nicolacoughlan

    15. And Gigi Hadid shared some details about her pregnancy:

    Yes, I found out the day before the Tom Ford show 🤯 I was so nauseous backstage 😅 but I learned I could kinda control it if I continuously ate, so my mom would pack me snacks before each show 🥖 🧀 bless https://t.co/JIRLGnBgvJ

    Twitter: @GiGiHadid