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53 Times The "Riverdale" Cast Were Adorable IRL In 2017

The cutest cast on TV rn.

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1. When KJ Apa (Archie) and Lili Reinhart (Betty) took these selfies.


5. And shared some cute pics from their downtime on set.


11. When KJ and Charles Melton (Reggie) took their characters very seriously.

Instagram: @_melton_

17. When Camila looked at KJ like Veronica looks at Archie.

18. When the cast hung out at Coachella looking offensively good.

19. Like how dare they, honestly.


25. When KJ was busted rehearsing while Camila casually ignored him.

Instagram: @kjapa

26. When Lili and Cole Sprouse (Jughead) had some fun between takes.

Instagram: @lilireinhart

27. And Cole and Camila goofed off at WonderCon.

Instagram: @camimendes

36. And took these stunning selfies along with Hayley Law (Valerie).

37. When KJ, Casey, and Cole enjoyed dinner together.

38. When KJ did this perfect imitation of Cole.

Instagram: @kjapa

42. When KJ and Charles had a friendly competition between takes.

Instagram: @kjapa

43. When they got really sweaty working out together.

44. And KJ taught Charles a thing or two.

Instagram: @kjapa

50. When Casey and KJ took these selfies together.

51. When KJ showed some appreciation for his on-screen dad, Luke Perry (Fred).