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    21 Movie Facts That Will Make '00s Kids Say "Oh, I Didn't Know That"

    Rupert Grint was originally meant to play Hilary Duff's love interest?!

    1. Scooby Doo was originally R-rated, aimed at older kids and adults β€” but was changed to be more family friendly, with even the cleavage of the actors removed with CGI, according to director James Gunn.

    Velma, Shaggy and Daphne look shocked

    2. Rupert Grint was originally cast as Austin Ames in A Cinderella Story, but had to pull out in order to shoot Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, so Chad Michael Murray scored the role.

    Austin sits behind a counter at work with a shirt that says Big Andy's on it

    3. The singing voice of Isabella in The Lizzie McGuire Movie was actually provided by Haylie Duff, Hilary Duff's older sister.

    Isabella raises her eyebrows and touches the mic headset she wears

    4. Chris Farley was originally cast to play Shrek and had recorded a lot of dialogue, but he died before his work on the movie was finished, and he was later replaced by Mike Myers.

    Shrek stands in the woods and gestures while talking

    5. Mike Myers originally didn't use a Scottish accent for Shrek, but after seeing a rough cut of the movie he requested to redo all his lines with the new accent, and producers agreed that it made the movie much stronger.

    Shrek lies on a log talking to Donkey who is standing above him

    6. Corbin Bleu couldn't play basketball at all before getting the role of Chad in High School Musical. After he was cast, he carried a ball around everywhere β€” even to bed β€” so that he looked more natural with one.

    Chad frowns while wearing his basketball uniform

    7. Sharpay and Ryan were originally written as Black characters, but when Ashley Tisdale auditioned for the role of Gabriella, producers decided she was a better fit for Sharpay.

    Sharpay and Ryan sit in an empty theatre covering the ear and pulling uncomfortable faces

    8. Jeremy Sumpter, who played Peter in Peter Pan, grew several inches while filming, and the window in the Darling nursery had to be resized two times to accommodate.

    Peter Pan stands with his hands on his hips in front of the open window in the Darling nursery

    9. An alternate ending that matched the epilogue in the original Peter Pan book, in which Peter visits an adult Wendy and meets her daughter Jane, was filmed but cut from the final movie.

    Adult Wendy stands in front of a lamp looking concerned

    10. The scene where Mia trips in The Princess Diaries was actually unscripted β€” Anne Hathaway really fell, and director Garry Marshall thought it was so funny and charming that he included it in the movie.

    Mia falls on the bleachers

    11. There were four cats that played Fat Louie, Mia's cat in The Princess Diaries β€” one to be carried, one to be still, one to move, and one to sit on cue.

    Fat Louie the cat sits in a cat house

    12. The director of The Incredibles, Brad Bird, had Spencer Fox, who voiced Dash, run laps around the recording studio in order to accurately capture Dash being out of breath.

    Dash sits at the dinner table with eyes and mouth wide open

    13. Bird based the family's powers on archetypes: the strong dad, the mom pulled in all directions, the teen who feels she's invisible, the hyper-active kid, and the mysterious baby.

    The Incredibles family brace for action in a jungle

    14. The "That's How You Know" scene in Enchanted took 17 days to complete because bad weather kept interrupting filming.

    Giselle sings in Central Park surrounded by people in wedding outfits

    15. Amy Adams said any scenes where she had to wear Giselle's wedding dress were "gruelling" because the dress weighed 45 pounds.

    Giselle holds her large white dress and walks up subway stares

    16. Animators of Ratatouille kept pet rats in the studio to study their movements to get Remy right.

    Remy breaks through a window holding a recipe book above his head

    17. Remy's ratatouille was developed by real-life gourmet chef Thomas Keller. Keller also had a voice cameo as a diner.

    A close up of the ratatouille as someone sticks a fork in it

    18. Bridge to Terabithia screenwriter David L. Paterson is actually the son of Katherine Paterson, the author who wrote the book the movie is based on β€” which, in turn, was based on Paterson's own childhood and the death of his best friend.

    Jess stares at Leslie who looks into the distance with wide eyes

    19. AnnaSophia Robb was already a huge fan of the book and wrote a letter to the director begging to play Leslie, which helped secure her the role.

    Leslie smiles while standing by the side of the road

    20. Anne Hathaway initially refused to sing in Ella Enchanted because she thought it would be too "cheesy." But after finding the right song β€” "Somebody to Love" β€” she agreed to do it.

    Close up on Ella as she sings with her hand on her chest

    21. Mary Gibbs, the voice of Boo in Monsters, Inc., was two and a half when she started work on the role. Filmmakers used a Cookie Monster toy to have conversations with her, which were then recorded.

    Boo wears a monster costume and roars