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    I'm A "Baby-Sitters Club" Fan And Have So Many Thoughts About The New Series

    Never thought I'd cry so much over the BSC as an adult, but I have no regrets.

    Episode 1: “Kristy’s Great Idea”

    Stacey, Claudia, Kristy, and Mary Anne chat outside.

    1. I’m so excited and also nervous. Please be good.

    2. Oooh nice touch using the handwriting for the opening credits.

    3. This is just like the first book, right down to Kristy having to write an essay on decorum. The nostalgia is real.

    4. Why is Claudia living next door to Kristy’s house instead of across the street?

    5. “Claudia decided she was more into boys and clothes than us.” And this is why my thirsty 9-year-old self thought she was the coolest.

    6. It shouldn’t be so strange, in the context of TV shows, that these tweens and teens look like actual tweens and teens, but it is. Even Sam and Charlie look like actual teenagers and not 30-year-olds. Incredible.

    7. I’m trying not to let Alicia Silverstone playing a mother of teenagers make me feel 86 years old.

    8. Ooooh Kristy has had The Idea.

    9. Look at these girls, taking their shoes off at the door at Claudia’s house!

    10. They’re all so adorable and perfect for their characters. Their costumes are wonderful as well.

    11. The reason Claudia has a landline in her room is a slight stretch, but I’ll go with it.

    12. “I think you’re confusing real life with Gossip Girl”. Were these girls even born when Gossip Girl is on?

    13. Claudia is still so cool.

    14. Wow. Watson got hot???

    15. Poor Kristy. I relate to her intense fear of change so hard.

    16. Aw. Kristy is emailing her mom an apology. But do 12-year-olds really email their parents?

    17. Claudia’s design for the logo of The Baby-Sitters Club has made me tear up.

    18. Lizzo is on the soundtrack?!

    19. Is that Logan at the library? Oh my god.

    20. Watson is so cute and supportive. I get Kristy’s issues, but I feel so bad for him.

    21. LOUIE! They even included Kristy’s dog? Now I’m definitely going to cry.

    22. Karen is already going on about Morbidda Destiny. I love this.

    23. I have so much secondhand embarrassment for Kristy right now.

    24. Ooooh Stacey was lying about being in New York. I’ll be interested to see how they handle her diabetes plot. It really shouldn’t be a big taboo.

    25. This is a really nice scene between Kristy and her mom. And yes, I very much appreciated the Clueless reference.

    26. I want to own everything that Claudia wears, including her red fluffy slippers.

    27. Kristy is putting the visor on! My heart!

    28. Oh my god, I love this show so much.

    Episode 2: “Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls”

    Claudia and Stacey talk in front of the lockers.

    29. Opening with a montage of Claudia talking about the things she’s good at? Yes, we stan.

    30. Trevor Sandbourne! I don’t remember him being a sensitive art dude but it makes Claudia’s interest in him make more sense.

    31. “What’s babyish is this stupid dance, giving boys yet another way to be disappointing, setting up girls for a lifetime of making excuses for them.” Kristy, I love you.

    32. Why do Watson and Elizabeth need a sitter for Karen and Andrew, but not David Michael?

    33. Every time Mimi comes on screen I want to cry. I’m not ready for THAT plot.

    34. Claudia’s dad is so handsome omg.

    35. Marc Evan Jackson as Mary Anne’s dad is incredible casting.

    36. “I wore a special outfit. Ruth Bader Ginsburg chic.” I am obsessed with Claudia.

    37. That argument between Kristy and Mary Anne got nasty real fast.

    38. Oooh anxiety is the ~real phantom caller~. Deep.

    39. Oh no Claudia is pretending Stacey’s test score is hers. This won’t end well.

    40. Karen is having a wake for her doll? She’s so creepy. I love her.

    41. Stacey’s Halloween costume is so extra.

    42. Oh nooo, the Baby-Sitters Agency is stealing the BSC’s business

    Episode 3: “The Truth About Stacey”

    Stacey tries on a dress with her mother.

    43. Time for Stacey's backstory.

    44. These girls are way more enthusiastic about babies than I have ever been.

    45. I don’t remember Stacey’s mom playing such a big part in her shame around her diabetes. This makes sense.

    46. Oooh Lacey Lewis of the Baby-Sitters Agency is the girl in the yellow beret they gave a BSC flyer to in Episode 1! Sneaky.

    47. OF COURSE Kristy is reading The Art of War.

    48. I’m glad someone is finally acknowledging that 12-year-olds are perhaps not the best people to look after a newborn baby.

    49. The first ever emergency meeting of the Baby-Sitters Club! Historic.

    50. Oh my god I forgot about Stacey’s crush on Sam.

    51. I can’t believe Claudia and Mary Anne agreed to participate in Kristy’s sandwich board advertisement.

    52. Of course the older baby-sitters are terrible. Because only 12-year-olds are responsible sitters I guess?

    53. “That doesn’t rhyme, sir”. Mary Anne politely schooling this terrible white boy on his bad rapping is everything.

    54. Aw Stacey’s collapse at her old school went viral? No wonder she is so scared of telling people about her diabetes. Especially when Laine sent the video around! How dare she.

    55. This meeting with all the parents about Stacey’s diabetes is very Dramatic.

    56. Stacey wearing her bedazzled insulin pump on the outside is a very nice moment.

    Episode 4: “Mary Anne Saves the Day”

    Mary Anne checks Bailey's head for a fever.

    57. I love that Mimi is teaching Mary Anne to knit with FUNKY YARN.

    58. Poor Mary Anne. The other girls are really ganging up on her.

    59. I know Mary Anne thinks her pink overalls make her look like a baby, but they’re actually super cute.

    60. Dawn! Dawn has arrived! And she’s befriending Mary Anne!

    61. “All my friends are dead.” Oh Mary Anne you awkward little weirdo.

    62. I really like the way this series has updated what was originally in the books to be more inclusive and diverse in a really natural way that doesn’t feel tokenistic.

    63. Morbidda Destiny is Dawn’s aunt?! I love this plot twist.

    64. Dawn is so understanding. The kind of friend Mary Anne really needs right now.

    65. This plot with Bailey, a trans little girl, feels really well-handled. Dawn’s chat with Mary Anne about it especially feels like it will help a lot of kids engage with the subject in an accessible way. And bless Mary Anne for standing up to the doctors about misgendering Bailey.

    66. Mary Anne’s dad saying “I’m overwhelmed by you” makes me want to cry all over again. And he’s letting Mary Anne change her hair!

    67. Mary Anne is so precious.

    68. Ahhh Richard and Sharon have met again! I am...way more invested in their relationship than I was as a child.

    Episode 5: “Dawn and the Impossible Three”

    Dawn and Kristy hug.

    69. Kristy is so mean to Dawn. I get it, she feels threatened. And the original Dawn was kind of annoying – but this one is so cool and nice!

    70. Richard is so awkward with Sharon. I ship it!

    71. I could not cope with the situation at the Barrett house as a grown-ass adult, let alone as a 12-year-old.


    73. Liz doing a spit-take about Sharon dating Richard made me laugh out loud.

    74. Oh nooooooo Richard is traumatized by the way Sharon and the girls are gutting Mary Anne’s room. There’s so much emotional baggage here.

    75. The Barretts’ mother seems kind of...terrible.

    76. Poor Kristy. Her dad is a jerk. No wonder she hates change and has a fear of abandonment.

    77. Dawn is being very kind to her. I love these girls!

    78. Richard still grieving Mary Anne’s mom is breaking my heart.

    79. I love Sharon telling that Barrett woman to leave her daughter alone.

    80. “Parents are just older weirdos." Dawn is smart.

    Episode 6: “Claudia and Mean Janine”

    Claudia, Mimi, and Janine play Trivial Pursuit.

    81. I am NOT ready for this episode. I cannot handle anything bad happening to Mimi.

    82. I can’t believe Stacey is trying to give Richard a makeover. Bless.

    83. Can Claudia come makeover my room/whole house please? Also take me shopping.

    84. “This rug is my husband!” Stacey, I love you.

    85. Mimi has a headache. Oh no oh no.

    86. Noooooo. Mimi had a stroke. :(

    87. Janine is trying to be nice but she comes across as really cold about Mimi’s illness. But Claudia is way harsh in response.

    88. Lol @ Richard passive aggressively throwing Liz’s comment about him back at her. You know you’re old when you find the parent characters just as entertaining as the kids.

    89. Mimi woke up and now I am happy crying.

    90. Mimi is talking about peaches and Claudia is confused. Is her aunt Peaches not a character in this series?

    91. Mary Anne is awkwardly talking to Logan! CUTIES! Where is his southern accent though?

    92. Excuse me Ms. Art Critic, let the 12-year-old draw her pretty candy pictures in peace.

    93. Claudia’s alienation from Mimi is tearing me apart.

    94. Oh, the peaches were what Mimi ate at the internment camp. And now I’m a sobbing mess.

    95. “I don’t understand how someone can do that to a family.” “I don’t understand how they still do.” Okay, I stan Janine now.


    Episode 7: “Boy-Crazy Stacey”

    Stacey flirts with her lifeguard crush.

    97. Mallory is here! many Pikes.

    98. Mallory is such a tiny baby, how is she one summer away from being a baby-sitter herself?

    99. “Stacey, that man is way too old for you. He’s at least 17.” Mary Anne is me, clutching my pearls at how much older this boy looks compared to Stacey.

    100. This vacation does not look very fun. It’s so grey and miserable!

    101. Stacey is actually much less cool than I remember her being.

    102. Obsessed with Mary Anne calling that lifeguard “completely average."

    103. Oh nooooooo, Karen and Andrew are about to destroy Watson’s very expensive and very rare car.

    104. I am so embarrassed for Stacey but also I want to hug and protect her.

    105. Byron is such a cutie! The only Pike I like. (Oh no I rhymed just like Vanessa.)

    106. “I don’t think I know that much about love yet.” You know what that is? Growth.

    107. OH MY GOD RICHARD GAVE SHARON A TURTLE?! I am seriously so invested in this couple.

    108. Awww Stacey had her first kiss with Toby.

    Episode 8: “Kristy’s Big Day”

    Stacey, Claudia, Mary Anne, Dawn, and Kristy at Liz and Watson's wedding.

    109. My queen Karen is back. I never expected Karen Brewer to be one of my fave characters. 2020 is full of surprises.

    110. If Charlie has to drive Kristy to and from BSC meetings as a condition for keeping the fancy car Watson bought him, does that mean the club doesn't have to pay him gas money?

    111. Aren’t Dawn and her mom meant to be vegetarians? Why would Sharon be eating sushi?

    112. That yellow dress is very un-Kristy. The blue dress is also not very Kristy, but she does look very sweet in it.

    113. These little style queens.

    114. I love that Morbidda Destiny is an actual witch and is reclaiming the label as a positive.

    115. Sharon and Richard are really reconnecting! Yay!

    116. I find it really hard to believe Liz hasn’t made it a priority to make some time with Kristy during the whole damn wedding?

    117. Why is Mary Anne coaching Kristy through her first period making me emotional?

    118. “You are my whole heart.” Alicia Silverstone is really nailing this affectionate mother part. The whole cast is great.

    Episode 9: “Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 1”

    Claudia and Dawn at Camp Moosehead

    119. I grew up trying to figure out which BSC member I I realise I’m actually this exhausted camp counselor.

    120. Like. Kristy is actually so annoying here. Love her energy. But so annoying.

    121. “There’s going to be a time you’re going to look back on your life, and just regret all the TV you didn’t watch.” Yep, she’s me.

    122. “The world is due for a dose of radical empathy that only the arts can provide.” Dawn is the best.

    123. Did everyone in Stoneybrook go to Camp Moosehead? Even Logan is there!

    124. Jessi! Jessi is here! And she’s dancing and she’s perfect!

    125. I KNEW that New York girl was Laine! Boo! Hiss!

    126. Kristy does not know how to relax.

    127. I am screaming at Dawn and Claudia teaching a guerrilla art class in protest of how expensive the camp’s classes are.

    128. I’m glad Stacey is standing up to Laine and calling her out for the way she treated her.

    Episode 10: “Hello, Camp Moosehead! Part 2”

    The Baby-Sitters club poses for a photo at Camp Moosehead.

    129. Does poison ivy really have that effect?

    130. Dawn has been at camp for one (1) week and is ready to start a revolution. An icon.

    131. Mary Anne not only directing, but performing in a play? In front of LOGAN? She has really come out of her shell.

    132. “You’re not bossy like Kristy. You’re bossy like Mary Anne.” That’s...actually really sweet from Logan.

    133. Mallory personally identifying as a horse girl is *chef’s kiss*.

    134. Karen is sad and I’m outraged. Protect my goth baby queen!

    135. Kristy called her her “real” sister. I’m crying again.

    136. Laine is apologizing but I still don’t trust her.

    137. Claudia and Dawn are being sent home? That’s brutal. They did start a revolution, to be fair.


    139. It is deeply troubling that no one in charge noticed Karen went missing.

    140. They’ve invited Jessi and Mallory to be junior members! The gang is all together!

    141. And they recreated the group pose from the books. Perfect.

    142. THIS SHOW IS EVERYTHING. I love it so much. It's really cute, and true to the books without feeling outdated.

    143. I’m going to need at least five more seasons. Thanks.