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    19 Mar 2017

    17 Essential Reads For Anyone Obsessed With “Riverdale"

    We need something to do while waiting for the next episode.

    Recently we asked members of BuzzFeed Community which books would be great for fans of the TV show Riverdale. Here are some of the best answers:

    1. The Perfectionists – Sara Shepard

    msreadstoomuch / Via

    "Five girls, who have seemingly perfect lives in their small town, talk about how much they hate a boy at school and plan a hypothetical murder for him as a joke. Then, that boy is killed the exact way they planned, but they didn’t do it. The girls then have to track down the real killer." –  enchanteddreamer

    2. A Study In Charlotte – Brittany Cavallaro

    Instagram: @diamondxgirl / Via

    "This one is a sort-of modern day retelling of Sherlock Holmes stories, with Holmes' and Watson’s descendants. Like Riverdale, it’s alluring and full of mystery and intrigue… and, of course, murder." – thtrockingfangirl

    3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina – Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa

    Instagram: @goldenbirds / Via

    "This comic is about Sabrina the Teenage Witch (who is a part of the Archie comics universe, obviously) but instead of her normal story, it’s got a dark twist. It’s written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa who also created Riverdale. It’s a really good read!!" – meganc47af6124e

    4. The Last Policeman – Ben H. Winters

    Instagram: @ erin .foreverandever / Via

    An asteroid is headed for Earth, leaving everyone on the planet with six months to live. Everyone basically gives up on everything, because what's the point if we're all going to die? The book follows a policeman in a small town investigating a series of murders in a world with no hope or chance of survival.

    "It has great plot twists making it a real whodunnit." – jessicac4f6977e43

    5. The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern

    Instagram: @wordsinpages / Via

    The book follows characters in a mysterious travelling circus that appears and disappears with no notice. Two young illusionists weave a story of love and competition that leads to some dangerous situations. There isn't really a good way to explain this book, just that it's magical, and a must-read.

    "The plot and imagery are amazing." – Cassie Travers, Facebook

    6. The Fever – Megan Abbott

    Instagram: @kelseyleu / Via

    "It has the small town aesthetic, locals mistrusting each other, messed up parents, and lots of teenage drama. Also, a mysterious illness everyone’s trying to figure out." – nina394

    7. The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater

    Instagram: @taylormaemarie_ / Via

    "This is the first in a series of four books which follow a girl who’s the only non-psychic in her family, and a group of boys from a local prep school on their search for the long-dead Welsh king, Glendower. Over four books, the group discovers benevolent spirits, objects pulled from dreams, psychics, and trees that speak Latin. The books are some of the most well-written I have ever read; Steifvater will keep you on the edge of the seat with a riveting story that is at times funny, scary, sad, and always beautifully phrased. The mystery and the vaguely spooky small-town vibe is really similar to Riverdale and the characters are all really complex and interesting." – cyborgfirelord

    8. More Than This – Patrick Ness

    Instagram: @sophen. k / Via

    A boy drowns in the ocean then wakes up alone on a desolate suburban street in England, which he believes to be hell.

    "It’s a book riddled with plot twists and tension, and an underlying mystery about why any of it is actually happening at all." – alexm4e5912ef9

    9. I Am Princess X – Cherie Priest

    Instagram: @beasreads / Via

    Two teenage friends, May and Libby, write a comic together about a sword-wielding heroine, Princess X. When Libby dies in a car accident, the project is abandoned and the character is lost. That is until May starts seeing Princess X everywhere and discovers that Libby might not actually be gone, after all.

    "It took me on so many twists and turns, and every page made me question everything I had thought before. Also, one of the characters totally reminds me of Jughead." – halia2

    10. Uglies – Scott Westerfeld

    Instagram: @meghanluvsbooks / Via

    "We get a strong female lead, a corrupt government, under-the-table brain surgery, and an underlying theme of staying true to yourself. In other words, suspenseful YA gold." – chloekuri

    11. The Butterfly Garden – Dot Hutchison

    Instagram: rusticwolvesandpaperfoxes / Via

    The Gardener is a brutal and twisted man who kidnaps young women and tattoos them to look just like butterflies. When the garden is discovered, a survivor, Maya, helps the FBI with their investigation, and a gripping story unfurls with so many twists and turns.

    "It keeps you gripping your seat and makes you wonder the things people will do." – morganlynnstok

    12. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn

    Instagram: @mandydenomme / Via

    Twenty-five years ago Libby Day's family was brutally murdered and she was the only one to escape the house. Back then, she testified that her brother was responsible, but now she's been given reasons to suspect otherwise.

    "Anyone who watches Riverdale is guaranteed to love this book. It has the same dark murder mystery vibe to it." – ameliabruno

    13. Every You, Every Me – David Levithan

    Instagram: @heneralkeeshialuna / Via

    "It follows a teenage boy, Evan, as he discovers creepy photos, some of which are of him. His best friend has disappeared and it torments him, and Evan starts to wonder if it all leads back to his friend. The story leaves you wanting more and the photos are both beautiful and haunting." – Brandon Moore

    14. The Thousandth Floor – Katharine McGee

    Instagram: @maconcandy / Via

    "Set a hundred years in the future, in a thousand-story tower, the book follows the lives of a group of teenagers who are from all different parts of the tower. It's full of so much drama and secrets, and the way everything interwinds is great. The futuristic technology she comes up with is pretty interesting too!" – Nicole Blow, Facebook

    15. Things We Have In Common – Tasha Kavanagh

    Instagram: @bookclubbish / Via

    This creepy, suspenseful novel follows Yasmin, a bullied teenager with no friends, who develops an obsession with a fellow classmate, Alice. One day, while watching Alice from afar, she notices another man doing the same. She becomes convinced the man is going to abduct Alice, and the book follows what Yasmin does to protect her. It's a thriller that will leave you feeling slightly uneasy, but in the best way. – Suggested by cmhpink

    16. Thirteen Reasons Why – Jay Asher

    Instagram: @fedeconty / Via

    Clay Jensen gets home from school one day to find a package on his porch, containing cassette tapes, sent to him by his classmate Hannah who killed herself two weeks earlier. The tapes contain a story from Hannah, detailing the reasons why she killed herself and how Clay is involved. It's a real page turner, filled with twists that you don't see coming. – Suggested by disneyl0v3

    17. I’ll Give You the Sun – Jandy Nelson

    Instagram: @the_book_princess / Via

    Twins Noah and Jude were inseperable until the age of 14 when they started drifting apart and being two very different people. When their family starts to implode and their lives are filled with teenage drama, the two begin to realise that they're both two halves of a whole. – Suggested by hann90

    Disclaimer: Some submissions have been edited for length/clarity!

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