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21 "Harry Potter" Temporary Tattoos That Every Fan Will Love

For wizards with commitment issues.

1. This lightning bolt:

For costume parties, or just everyday life. Get it here.

2. This subtle homage:

To pay tribute to the Boy Who Lived. Get it here.

3. This one for fans of the Weasley twins:

To wear on the days when you're up to no good. Get it here.

4. Or this more elaborate one:

Bring some colour into your mischief. Get it here.

5. This Dark Mark:

To use when you want to summon your Death Eater pals. Get it here.

6. Or this more subtle one:

If you want to hide your allegiance to the Dark Lord. Get it here.

7. This simple symbol:

For the minimalist fan. Get it here.

8. Or this more elaborate one:

Spread the Deathly Hal-love. Get it here.

9. This protection:

A reminder that happiness can thwart the darkness. Get it here.

10. This realistic one:

If you want to look like you're at Umbridge's mercy. Get it here.

11. This one for Quidditch players:

The wizard equivalent of "just keep swimming". Get it here.

12. This pair:

Complete with Potter font. Get it here.

13. These opposites:

To share with a BFF or to keep for yourself. Get it here.

14. These stars:

For everyone who grew up with the US editions of the books. Get it here.

15. This declaration of love:

For Snape fans. Get it here.

16. This quote:

Because Dumledore always knows best. Get it here.

17. Or this one:

Pity those who live without love. Get it here.

18. This owl:

It looks just like Dumbledore's podium. Get it here.

19. This spell:

To banish the Boggarts in your life. Get it here.

20. These antlers:

If your Patronus is also a deer. Or, if you're just a big James fan. Get it here.

21. This platform number:

So you'll never forget your time at Hogwarts (at least until the tattoo wears off). Get it here.

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