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    Just 24 Fun Things For Anyone Who's Been Watching Nothing But "Harry Potter" For The Last Few Weeks

    Quidditch crewneck = added to cart.

    1. An embossed rolling pin so you can whip up impressive-looking sugar cookies in three waves of a wizard's wand — just in time for a Harry Potter marathon.

    2. Or these Harry Potter-themed 3D-printed cookie cutters that you'd probably see stowed in the cupboards in the Weasley's Burrow.

    3. This handy spoon to help you simultaneously enjoy your two favorite things — Harry Potter and your go-to chocolate hazelnut spread.

    4. A "Happee Birthdae Harry" enamel pin paying homage to the world's best homemade birthday cake — Hagrid's a gamekeeper with some serious baking skills.

    5. This Hogwarts letter-inspired pillowcase you can lay your head on at night and dream about the moment when a snowy owl comes along and delivers the coveted envelope with the red wax seal on your doorstep.

    6. A limited edition Moleskin notebook that looks like something Hermione would've had in her satchel to take all her class notes.

    7. A set of three herbology chart prints so detailed that Neville Longbottom might've written them himself — as he can certainly tell you, if there's one thing you should remember, it's to beware of the Mandrake's cry!

    8. This Hogwarts Alumni crewneck that'll wrap you in warmth as you cozy up to the TV to re-watch Harry, Ron, and Hermione's adventures at your alma mater.

    9. This Deathly Hallows-inspired ornament sure to bring a little magic to your bedside table (and the rest of your room).

    10. A quidditch crewneck in honor of the best sport the world has ever known — the muggles just simply won't understand.

    11. This candle and bath bomb combo that smells just like the best beverage in the entire world — and I'm not talking about a caramel macchiato.

    12. An embossed leather keychain that might've been just a wee bit too small for Hagrid to keep all his keys on, but it should be the perfect size to ensure you never lose your house or car keys.

    13. This jar of Bertie Bott's every flavor beans because it's the secret guilty pleasure of almost every witch and wizard, even though getting a boogie-flavored one is less than ideal.

    14. And this ~a-dumbledore-able~ greeting card you can send to someone you really care about to let them know they're your favorite witch or wizard.

    15. A pair of Dobby-inspired ankle socks because once the weekend hits, you're ~free~ to watch the Harry Potter movies from morning to night.

    16. This golden snitch-inspired clock to give new meaning to "time flies" when you're watching a Harry Potter marathon.

    17. A tumbler with an encouraging message because pumpkin juice >>> cold brew and you won't let any muggle tell you otherwise!

    18. These Harry Potter-inspired stickers that are just a few clicks away from covering your entire planner, which of course you're currently using to schedule out your time for watching each of the movies.

    19. A color-changing Marauder's map-inspired mug — the design will ~magically~ disappear as your coffee cools (just in time so the muggles in your house will never know all the secrets of the wizarding world).

    20. This Snape Funko Pop you can practically hear command, "Turn to page 394."

    21. A dainty eyeglass ring so you'll always carry around a little piece of Mr. Potter wherever you go.

    22. This beverage cup to keep your favorite hot drink by your side all day — you'll certainly need it when you're brushing up on your spells for the O.W.L.'s.

    23. Plus, a crochet cup coozie because even Hermione hasn't yet figured out a spell to keep from burning your fingers on a piping hot coffee cup.

    24. And this "Mischief Managed" enamel pin that Fred and George Weasley would've definitely sported around the castle.

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