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    30 Engagement Gifts That Are So Adorable I Want To Buy Them All For My Engaged Friends

    I now pronounce you blessed with so many great gift ideas for your friends or family tying the knot.

    1. A sweet picture frame that can be filled with adorable photos of your affianced friends and will undoubtedly make them shed a single tear when they open it.

    the frame on a wall that reads the story of us

    2. A gem-cleaning pen, because even though it might look flawless now, there's still plenty of time until the wedding for it to lose its luster. With this pen, it can sparkle all day every day!

    3. A silly "does this ring make me look engaged?" mug that your tea- and/or coffee-drinking friend is going to love a ~latte.~

    4. A bedazzled tote that'll be the perfect companion for the bride-to-be's many wedding-related shopping missions. It also comes in "bride squad" and "bridesmaid" versions so the wedding party can get one too!

    a model holding the black bag with rhinestone writing on it

    5. Festive wine bottle label stickers that'll get any couple drunk with excitement (and love) when they break these out for a bridal shower.

    Wine bottles with personalized labels for the bride and groom.

    6. This doggie bandana any couple with a fur baby will love. Their pooch is about to look so doggone adorable in the engagement photos!

    Doggie bandana with "my humans are getting married" and a ring embellishment printed on the front

    7. A Miss to Mrs. subscription box because I have yet to meet a bride who'd say no to a little pampering while preparing for their big day.

    Subscription box with needs for the bride and groom.

    8. A wedding planner checklist that'll help couples organize all of their big-day needs — and could even help them anticipate necessities they didn't even think about.

    9. This shot glass set to finally set the record straight for the couple who literally always argues over who's right and who's wrong.

    Shot glasses with "Mr. Right" and "Mrs. Always Right" printed on them

    10. This bucket-list book for the couple that wants to spend the rest of their lives traveling the world together — starting with their honeymoon.

    11. And a set of embroidered luggage tags so the last thing they'll have to worry about on their honeymoon is losing track of their luggage.

    Embroidered luggage tags with "Mr." and "Mrs."

    12. Orrrr, a set of embossed genuine leather tags because the shiny gold foil will gleam just like the couple's love of adventures together.

    Leather tags embossed with "Mr." and "Mrs."

    13. This sentimental framed calendar ornament that you can customize to mark the day the couple got engaged, and it literally screams, "here's to many more days together."

    A calendar ornament with the couple's name and their anniversary date.

    14. This wooden photo frame that'll sit perfectly on the coffee table of their new house or apartment, so they can always be reminded of the moment they got engaged.

    Wooden frame with the signature phrase "he asked, she said yes" etched into the bottom.

    15. Personalized champagne flutes because you know what they say — there's nothing more intoxicating than love.

    Champagne glasses customized with the words "Mr." and "Mrs." with the couple's name written in cursive.

    16. This journal the bride-to-be in your life can use to compile all of their wedding planning memories — the good, the bad, and the wild.

    17. A set of kissing mugs, because they can also toast to their engagement over cups of Joe, not just champagne.

    Blue and gray kissing mugs on a breakfast tray

    18. A wedding keepsake library so your favorite couple can save any memorabilia from their wedding and display it in their future home.

    19. This customizable cheese board that'll tell everyone that there's a new pair of hosts with the most.

    Wooden cutting board with engraving

    20. A fun Marital Bliss card game because it'll actually have them competing to see who can do more good deeds for the other.

    a reviewer photo of the card game

    21. An engagement map candle to commemorate the time and place that the question was popped, all wrapped up in a tiny bundle of mood-lit ambience.

    Engagement map candle

    22. A pair of customizable keychains so the happy couple can be reminded of their big moment even when they're apart.

    Gold couple keychains

    23. An apron set that will help the happy couple's clothes stay clean while they bond during the romantic art of cooking.

    The embroidered apron set for optimal cooking romance that features the words "The Mr." and "The Mrs."

    24. A love language card game that will help any couple get to know each other better before their big day, no matter how long they've been together.

    Card game for identifying each other's love languages.

    25. A set of luxurious plush robes because sometimes the best gifts are the comfiest and coziest (and by sometimes, I mean always).

    Models wearing gray and white plush robes

    26. A gorgeous jewelry dish, so they have a designated place to keep their shiny new ring(s) at the end of the day.

    Set of jewelry dishes

    27. A "Let's toast" candle they'll really ~light up~ over once they unwrap this scent-imental gift. The notes of grapefruit, mandarin, apple, pineapple, and of course, champagne grapes will have them thinking about the big day with just one sniff.

    28. Some engagement-themed can coolers to commemorate the happy couple's newfound betrothal status. Having it in writing makes it all the more official, even if it's on a koozie. 

    two can coolers in black and white with the words
    Fringe Favors / Etsy

    Fringe Favors is a New Jersey-based small biz that makes printed, customized goods that are ideal for gifting. 

    Promising review: "Loved these- perfect for one of my favorite couples. Added to a 'bride to be' basket I made, and it was the cherry on top. Thank you" –Meredith McCormack 

    Get a set of two from Fringe Favors on Etsy for $10.99 (available in three styles). 

    29. A customized map serving tray they'll use for entertaining, which means you've just secured your priority spot for dinner parties, BBQs, and free meals to come! 😍

    a wooden serving tray with a map design on it carrying two full champagne flutes
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "My sister has everything she needs, wants or dreams of so gift-giving is challenging. I decided to highlight where she and her husband met and fell in love (their college town). The map was clear with great colors. They both LOVED it and found it super unique and heartfelt. I appreciated the ability to add text. Very happy with the purchase of this Uncommon Good!" –Spoiled sis

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $74+ (available in four styles).