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    32 Engagement Rings That Are Anything But Boring

    Pick a piece that rings true to you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An Art Deco fanned pearl piece — you're sure to be a big ~fan~ of this elegant, eye-catching number if you firmly believe Art Deco is the way to go (and it is).


    Aurate is a woman-owned brand started by friends Sophie Kahn and Bouchra Ezzahraoui. Their contemporary designs are influenced in part by their lives as they were raised in the Netherlands and Morocco. The company's goal is to create 21st-century fine jewelry at an approachable price.  

    Promising review: "I love this ring. I constantly get compliments on it. It's beautiful!" —Lisa P.

    Get it from Aurate for $150 (available sizes 6–8, in rose and white gold with vermeil, 14K, and 18K specs). 

    2. A pinched band from Catbird with a gray teardrop diamond for folks who want some sparkle without the possibility of snagging their ring on every single sweater.


    All jewelry from Catbird is made in their studio in Brooklyn, NY.

    Get it from Catbird for $3,630 (available in sizes 5.5–7.5).

    3. A lab-grown diamond ring that's certainly gonna be worth the splurge if you love the timeless look of diamonds and love the conscious creation of these modern-day pieces even more.

    model wearing the emerald cut ring on their ring finger

    Founder and CEO Chupi Sweetman designs award-winning heirloom jewelry you'll keep in your family for generations. The Dublin, Ireland–based company creates eco-conscious pieces using recycled gold and conflict-free diamonds. 

    Get it from Chupi for $16,957 (available in sizes 5–8 and gold or white gold). 

    4. An opal option detailed with an asymmetrical, diamond-studded outer band that'll have you saying "opalease let this be the one!"


    This ring is made by a husband-and-wife team in Los Angeles. Chris and Mai's jewelry line, Sirciam, makes luxurious, bohemian styles for everyday wear. To see all of their pieces, be sure to check out their shop's site!

    Get it from BHLDN for $2,145 (available in sizes 4–8).

    5. An etched band you can comfortably wear if you prefer rings without baubles and bling, but still want something sophisticated and utterly unique.

    the ring in gold and silver stacked on one finger. both are flat and etched.
    Lingua Nigra / Etsy

    This Black- and woman-owned small business includes bracelets, earrings, pendants, and rings crafted by artist Alicia Goodwin who specializes in organically formed sculptural jewelry and truly has a touch all her own. To see more of Goodwin's work, check out her Instagram @linguanigra. And FYI, the studio is in Chicago. 

    Promising review: "This unique and elegant ring will be a staple for me. I had a delightful experience and will certainly be back for more!" —Jonathan Singer

    Get it from Lingua Nigra on Etsy for $85+ (available in sizes 6–12 and silver or gold). 

    6. A snowflake number – it's gonna be "the one" if you would love a ring that gives a subtle ode to your Disney Adult lifestyle. That, or snag it if your winter wedding is something you wanna remember in an extra-special way!

    Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry

    I was married on December 20, on the coldest day of that year, and TBH if this ring had existed back then it would have been my first choice! I love snow so much I wish I could MARRY IT.

    Get it from Enchanted Disney Fine Jewelry for $150 (available in sizes 5–9).

    7. A dome ring sure to be a dazzling option if you love a simple gold band but wouldn't mind one with a little personality.

    large gold band with a reflective rounded look

    Oradina focuses on ethical procurement and production for all of their precious metals. Check out my BuzzFeed coworker's review of her chunky gold hoops from Oradina — she's a big fan! 

    Promising review: "I love it! It's a gorgeous ring. The customer service was fabulous with a size exchange." —Sophie G.

    Get it from Oradina for $675 (available in sizes 7–10).

    8. A titanium utility ring with files, saws, screws, pliers, and more. Give this to your S.O. and you — much like this piece — are gonna be wrapped around their little (ring) finger.

    Boone Rings / Etsy, Mallory Mower / BuzzFeed

    Owner Bruce Boone originally made bike parts in titanium. This caused him to make a titanium ring for himself, and then everyone else wanted one as well! The shop is located in Kennesaw, Georgia, and is full of one-of-a-kind pieces worth investing in. I know from experience...I bought one for my husband's birthday! I got the first-generation version and can't believe how often he finds ways to use it (the GIF above is him opening a package with his ring). I highly recommend getting this as a gift or for yourself!

    Promising review: "Bruce is really an artist engineer. One has to personally handle his creations to understand the high-end engineering effort that goes into these functional pieces of artistic expression. This is my third titanium ring from Bruce and, I can tell you, his rings are unparalleled in their quality and workmanship, despite the difficulty of working with titanium. I have used the first generation Man Ring on my treks and found it to be very useful in cutting open thick MRE packs — I remember the look on my trek buddy's face, when I showed him the Man Ring, and all of a sudden his six-layer SAK was no longer the coolest multitool around! And this is true for all of Bruce's rings — each one of a kind; each top of its class...I'm actually having a hard time deciding my next ring from his atelier!' —Calvin Thomas

    Get it from Boone Rings on Etsy for $395+ (available in sizes 3.5–16 and with or without engraving).

    9. A gold twig engagement set that'll be a perfect option if you and your lover plan on having an outdoor elopement. What a fun ring to show off your plans to ~stick~ together forever!

    two ring set with gold bands in the shape of branches and an imperfect gem stone in the center of one
    Dawn Vertrees Jewelry / Etsy

    Dawn Vertrees is a jewelry designer in Cornelius, North Carolina. The shop's designs are first shaped with wax and then cast in precious metals, and every piece is influenced by Vertrees's passion and personality. 

    Promising review: "My fiancé (so exciting to say that) just proposed to me with this engagement ring yesterday. It is so unique and so beautiful, and I’m so glad to have an engagement ring that’s so different from the norm! It’s so beautifully crafted. Well done, and thank you! I’ll be wearing it forever. :)" —Samuel Elijah

    Get it from Dawn Vertrees Jewelry on Etsy for $1,360+ (originally $1,600+; available in sizes 4–11 and six materials). 

    10. A brass wrap ring — another great option for fans of bands who want something a smidge less subtle.

    closeup of hand wearing the disconnected gold bands on two fingers

    Sesotunawa is a T’boli-owned small business that makes recycled brass jewelry. After finding materials from local junk shops, Sesotunawa creates one-of-a-kind pieces made in collaboration with Maaari. From the company: "Each brass piece pays homage to the T'boli tradition, folklore, and spiritual connection to nature. The transformation involves a complex process of wax rolling, clay molding, and molten metal casting that usually takes days to complete."

    Get it from Sesotunawa on Maaari for $42 (available in 4–9). 

    11. A moss agate pick is gonna be a stunner if your taste in engagement rings involves color, texture, and BIG ol' gems. I. Love. It.

    emerald cut ring with silver band and moss agate gem
    The Bea Line / Etsy

    Owner Megan Bea runs this shop from Los Angeles. You can find rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more on Etsy and see all the mystical gems, including review photos from happy customers, on Instagram @thebealine

    Promising review: "I love it so much! I’ve been wanting a moss agate and this ring is exactly what I would have hoped for. I can’t wait to buy more from this adorable shop." —Hannah Veinbergs 

    Get it from The Bea Line on Etsy for $120+ (available in sizes 3–11 and four materials). 

    12. An Art Deco triangle ring so darn darling you can be sure this is an acute angle to take when picking out your engagement ring.

    Local Eclectic

    Local Eclectic is a Latinx woman–owned and woman-run small business founded by Alexis Nido-Russo. According to their site, "The brands we carry are 94% female founded/owned and 72% of them have five or fewer employees."

    Get it from Local Eclectic for $3,400 (available in sizes 4–9).

    13. A 14K gold enamel option for sporting a cigar band that packs a real punch!

    hand with the same ring on three fingers, one in a different color
    Bondeye Jewelry

    Love the look above? That black-and-rose-gold band in the middle is also available! 

    This NYC-based fine jewelry brand is woman-owned and operated. The founder and designer, Jess Klein, has made this a sustainable brand by using 14K recycled gold and ethically mined stones for all of her pieces. 

    Get it from Bondeye Jewelry for $1,575 (available in sizes 3–9 and gold or rose gold). 

    14. A cognac diamond ring made with ethically sourced, rustic diamonds. Each perfectly imperfect stone looks exactly as it did in nature, guaranteeing your ring is gonna be completely one of a kind.

    Chinchar Maloney

    This Oregon-based boutique is a family-run business that sells ethical jewelry worth drooling over. All the rustic, natural diamonds used are completely untreated — what you see in your ring naturally occurred in nature.

    Promising review: "I’m so excited to have found the perfect engagement ring. My (soon-to-be) fiancé and I have been fans and followers of Chinchar Maloney for a long time, and it feels so great to have this ring as a chapter in our story. I had great communication with Jessielee all along the way. This is a work of art. I am blown away!" —Alex R. 

    Get it from Chinchar Maloney $3,400 (available in sizes 3–9). 

    15. A hand-painted ring customized to look like your sweetheart's eye — ~eye~ can't imagine a ring more funky and fun!

    back of person's head with their hands holding their hair. every finger has a different vintage ring with a portrait of an eye.
    My Little Belleville / Etsy

    Michelle Christensen's woman-owned shop, My Little Belleville, is located in Salt Lake City and was a finalist in the 2020 Etsy Design Awards. You can find home goods, art, and jewelry with Christensen's iconic painting style throughout the shop. 

    Promising review: "What a piece of art...I'm is a privilege to own and to wear this so everyone can see! It's such realistic and beautiful painting and ring! More than worth it. As i said, it's a privilege!! Thank you so so much! Michelle was more than awesome to put up with all of my questions!! I am just over the moon with my ring!!" —Mounik

    Get it from My Little Belleville on Etsy for $135+ (available in seven styles). 

    16. A chunky sterling silver band with an abstract design to represent the blessedly bumpy road that lead you and your boo to each other.

    Gran San's

    This Black-, woman-, and queer-owned business is now based in Providence, Rhode Island after beginning in Bed-Stuy, New York. The studio specializes in handmade jewelry. Owner Zoë Pulley named the line after her grandmother, Sandra Moon.

    Get it from Gran San's for $95.

    17. An ombré emerald ring – it's gonna have your friends ~green~ with envy when you show it off at your engagement party.

    Band ring in gold with several small rough stones gilded in gold all in a line
    Dani Barbe Shop / Etsy

    This small business is run by raw stone jeweler Dani Barbe. Their Etsy shop includes rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

    Promising review: "I am so in love with this ring! It fits nice and snug so I don’t have to worry about it going flying off my hand. I can’t stop staring at my hand!" —jmichaels827

    Get it from Dani Barbe Shop on Etsy for $126 (available in sizes 5–10).

    18. A banded pearl pick — an elegant choice that can add some extravagance to every outfit you own.

    Adore Adorn

    This woman-owned business is based in NYC and was founded by designer Sasha Flynn, who pulls inspiration from her childhood: memories of her well-accessorized aunts, her own family heirlooms, and her family's jewelry store in Kansas City. With her unique take on design, Flynn provides customers with "original jewelry that tells a story."

    Get it from Adore Adorn for $300 (available in sizes 6–9). 

    19. A charming choice for anyone with contemporary taste. This fancy fidget ring, complete with black gemstone, is a real winner.

    abstract curved band with a small black gem and plate charm
    The Morning After Jewel / Etsy

    This small business is owned by Shiran Shashua and based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Every piece in the shop is designed by Shashua, who has a bachelor of design from Shenkar Collage of Engineering and Design.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love the rings I’ve gotten from Shiran! They are such beautiful, unique, and timeless pieces. They are definitely worth the purchase." —Kristina Goodman

    Get it from The Morning After Jewel on Etsy for $114+ (available in sizes 5–13). 

    20. A hammered band made of 24-karat gold that'll make you feel like you have the Midas' touch every time you see it on your finger.


    This couple-owned company is famous thanks to the stunning eye of designer and co-founder Gina Feldman Love. Originally an attorney, Love nourished her passion for design by collecting 22- and 24-karat gold jewelry while traveling. After meeting her then cofounder and now husband in NYC, she took that inspiration and added her own taste, creating an unforgettable line of classic jewelry with a modern touch.

    Get it from Auvere for $3,500 (available in sizes 5–12).

    21. A stained glass accessory that's gonna be the rainbow ring of your DREAMS.

    thin ring that extends up and out. it has several pieces of multicolored stained glass in pieces arched together.
    Rodonit Jewelry / Etsy

    Owner Elena Khutsidze's small business is in Odessa, Ukraine. If you're looking for truly eye-catching jewelry, don't miss out on seeing this shop! 

    Promising review: "I adore this ring! It really is a work of art — it's beautiful and eye catching! If the light catches it right, it's like a burst of sun rays catching the colors for a second before going back to the opaque colors you would see on's really magical!! Such a genius design! Elena has been amazing and so helpful! If you love wearing something different come to this shop, you won't be disappointed! :-D" —Spiritual Gemstone Art

    Get it from Rodonit Jewelry on Etsy for $54.17 (available in sizes 6–10.5 and three colors). 

    22. A "till death do us part" ring with a rutilated quartz stone and gunmetal plating – this'll be the most romantic gift you could give your truly morbid mate.


    This woman-owned small business was started by artist Vera, whose pieces attracted enough attention on her online shop (back in 2010) that she now has two brick-and-mortar storefronts in NYC. I own several pieces from Verameat, including my wedding band.

    Get it from Verameat for $280 (available in four stone designs).

    23. A pearl ring set for anyone who knows that MORE! IS! MORE!


    Promising review: "This is a cute set. It makes my fingers look nice. They're perfect." —Janesky

    Get it from Anthropologie for $34.95 (originally $58).

    24. A daisy band — a flowery pick that's sure to bring a tear to your sweetheart's eye. You never would have guessed you'd fall in love with a flower child, yet here you are, buying a daisy engagement ring. And it's CUTE!

    cut out band with daisies and leaves around the front of the ring
    Tippy Taste

    Tippy Taste was founded by Tippy Hung, a Taiwan-born artist who now lives in NYC.

    Get it from Tippy Taste for $340 (available in sizes 3–9 and three materials). 

    25. An engraved tungsten Super Mario band so you can ~level up~ and give your gamer boo the ring you know they really want.

    A silver band ring engraved to look like a side-scrolling level of Super MArio Bros
    Vanseden Jewelers

    Vanseden Jewelers is a family-run small biz creating unique wedding bands for the gloriously geeky. They specialize in traditional, contemporary, and alternative metal rings and hard-to-find inlays that give their rings a unique touch. 

    Get it from Vanseden Jewelers $229 (originally $399; available in sizes 3.5–15, five widths, and with or without an engraving).

    26. Or a bold ring inspired by The Mandalorian that I personally find sneaky and subtle, for the Star Wars fan you are ready to join forces with forever.

    Star Wars Fine Jewelry

    This is made with a high-polish silver and black rhodium. Is this heirloom collector's item worth buying specifically for that GLOWING ring box? MAYBE.

    Get it from Star Wars Fine Jewelry for $249 (available in sizes 8–14).

    27. An Art Deco engagement ring I am positively ogling at as I write. Snag this sensational accessory and you'll quickly find out what it's like to love a ring as much as you love your fiancé.

    Anna Sheffield

    Anna Sheffield is a woman-owned fine jewelry business that works alongside expert setters in NYC and Los Angeles using "only recycled gold and conflict-free stones." BTW, you can have private sessions with the designer (Anna) for education on diamonds, stone sourcing, and design inspiration. 

    Get it from Anna Sheffield for $20,000 (available in sizes 3–12 and three materials). 

    28. A marquise moissanite halo sure to make you look positively angelic on your special day (and every day after that).

    halo ring in rose gold setting with smaller diamonds around center piece
    Valerie Madison

    Valerie Madison is a Black-owned business based in Seattle that uses high-quality precious metals from recycled sources.

    Get it from Valerie Madison for $2,900+ (available in sizes 4–9, three materials, and 14K or 18K). 

    29. A contemporary square ring with such a unique setting it feels like it's defying something (the laws of physics? gravity? jewelry? IDK!). This is a stand-out option for anyone who laughs in the face of conformity.

    leebonkboutique / Etsy

    This small biz is based in Giv‘atayim, Israel. Owner Lee has spent the last 14 years in the field, after getting her degree at Shenkar College and majoring in jewelry design and goldsmith craft. Each piece is made in her design studio, using high-quality 14K gold plating, sterling silver, and fine solid gold.

    Promising review: "I had great communication with Lee. Super customer service! The ring is beautiful and very high quality, as well as unique and fairly priced! I would be happy to purchase from her again." —Linda Griffs

    Get it from leebonkboutique on Etsy for $117.60 (originally $140; available in sizes 5–8, two stone colors, and three metals).

    30. A fluted diamond ring you can be sure will look stunning every time the light shines on it. Which will be often, considering how much you plan on waving your hand around in awe of its beauty.

    shot of a hand with two different fluted rings on two fingers. there are small diamonds on the top and bottom of each.
    Walters Faith

    Walters Faith was founded by Mollie Faith Good and Stephanie Walters Abramow. The line is based out of NYC. Fun fact from the founders: "Each collection is named for a member of the Bloomsbury Set, an eclectic group of English writers, philosophers, and artists who met frequently in the Bloomsbury area of London in the early 20th century to discuss aesthetic and philosophical questions."

    Get it from Walters Faith for $4,650 (available in sizes 5–8.5). 

    31. An industrial band with a light hammered exterior and an engraved interior — give your boo a ring this personal and you'll be ~golden~. No doubt!

    Automic Gold

    Automic Gold is a queer- and trans-owned business that sells comfortable and versatile jewelry for all.

    Get it from Automic Gold for $189+ (available in sizes 2–16 and three metals).

    32. And, finally, a sparkling bar ring that's gonna surprise your sweetheart and raise the ~bar~ far beyond their expectations. It's just that lovely.

    diamond bar ring on a model's ring finger
    Walters Faith

    Walters Faith was founded by Mollie Faith Good and Stephanie Walters Abramow. The line is based out of NYC. 

    Get it from Walters Faith for $4,500 (available in sizes 5–8). 

    Now get ready for the next, exciting stage of your relationship: wedding planning.


    Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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