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    33 Thoughtful Wedding Gifts Newlyweds Will Actually Love (And Keep!)

    Know someone who is getting hitched soon? Bookmark this list.

    Editor's note: If the couple you're shopping for has a registry, you should probably check that first.

    1. A personalized memory box the newlyweds can use to store ticket stubs, special photos, and other sentimental trinkets.

    box that says "the adventures of emily and alex"

    2. A set of fun margarita diagram glasses for the tequila-lovin' couple in your life.

    glasses with illustration of how much of each ingredient to add on the glass

    3. A newlywed cookbook filled with recipes for different occasions from date nights to large parties and easy weeknight meals.

    4. A heart-shaped pancake mold because love *is* breakfast smothered in syrup, and I won't hear otherwise.

    5. A set of custom, wine milestone labels so they can properly celebrate all of their special firsts — you know, like their wedding night, first house, first anniversary, and so on.

    wine bottles with different labels of "firsts"

    6. A soy candle set for all of their...romantic evenings. *Insert winky emoji here.*

    set of candles with labels that say "date night" and "love letters"

    7. A cheese board with their names on it because they are adults now, and having one of these in their house officially makes them grownups.

    wood board with engraving that reads "josh and hannah"

    8. A portable hammock big enough for two that they'll adore if they love being outside (and snuggling, of course).

    couple sitting in ENO together

    9. A waterproof travel blanket that'll make their picnic dates easy, and that's small enough for them to take on all of their outdoor adventures together.

    person sitting on blanket

    10. And to go with it, a deluxe heart-shaped basket packed with all the essentials they'll need for the perfect picnic: porcelain plates, wine glasses, silverware, napkins, and wine and cheese accessories.

    11. A ticket stub diary to organize the piles and piles of tickets they have stored in a shoebox under their bed. Now they can easily flip through and see all of the things they've done!

    the diary opened to reveal different ticket stubs

    12. A variety pack of sheet masks that'll hydrate, tighten, and brighten their skin while forcing them to enjoy some dang R & R for once. Date night = spa night.

    the different masks laid out

    13. Tequila Mockingbird — an incredibly fun cocktail recipe book for the couple who's obsessed with fine literature and even finer cocktails.

    14. A Brie baking dish to *subtly* let them know their crib is the new place for future dinner parties.

    brie dish styled on table with brie cheese inside

    15. And a hilarious ADULT party game because they will also be hosting all game nights from here on out.

    what do you meme card game

    16. A donut making kit for the evenings when they just want to stay in, relax, and make a delicious probably most nights.

    person holding donut

    17. A pretty watercolor print of the state their wedding was in, the date, and their names to forever commemorate their special day.

    watercolor painting of illinois with "the wakefields" and a place and date listed below

    18. A pair of ~rockin'~ agate bookends that'll look so classy next to their newly joined book collection.

    two bookends holding up books

    19. A bathroom guest book for their first home as a married couple. Each visitor signs in and completes one of the hilarious pages in this book so the pair has an entertaining read when it's all filled up.

    cover of the "bathroom guest book"

    20. Date night dice they simply roll for a fun mashup of activity ideas.

    wooden dice with different activities and a tray with three labeled dice holders that say, food, activity, afterwards

    21. A super soft, luxurious blanket that'll make snuggling up on the couch for movie nights so much better.

    blanket styled and draped over a chair

    22. A simple ring dish with their initials so there is no losing their wedding bands down the sink drain.

    dish that says "k <3 A"

    23. A Poo-Pourri set because they will forever be sharing a house...and bathroom.

    24. A gourmet beef subscription so they can skip the frantic trip to the store in search of high quality meat for dinner. Just a fair warning that their entire neighborhood might be stopping by once they get a whiff of this cookin' up in their kitchen.

    Cooked meat styled and garnished on a wooden cutting board

    25. A monthly gardening subscription box so they can start ~planting some roots~. Every month they'll be sent a live plant or bulb, house-blend soil, and a decorative planter.

    hands planting succulents into a pot

    26. A door mat pawfect for the couple who loves their dogs more than their friends, and really all humans.

    door mat that says "i hope you like dogs"

    27. And a hilarious daily calendar that'll bring some joy (and fear) to their mornings.

    28. A personal fireplace that is 100% the definition of cozy, luxurious, perfect, amazing — you know, all of the the things they are.

    a concrete fireplace with a tiny flame

    29. A single-serve espresso machine with a milk frother ready to make them the at-home barista they've always aspired to be. It's simple to use, easy to clean, and will help them whip up personal lattes, no problem. Oh, the coffee creations they will create...for you.

    30. And a brunch mini bar infusion kit to bring fancy, boozy brunch straight to their kitchen — and need I go on?! OK I will, even though it sells itself! This baby comes with all the ingredients and tools to make three (three!) drinks.

    the brunch kit with bottles, blends, and a completed cocktail

    31. Ok, and since we can take this to another level, a gourmet smoking cloche that'll turn their house into the finest cocktail bar in town. They're ready to impress with this on their bar cart.

    person opening a smoke-filled cloche opened and smoke pouring out of a cocktail

    32. A Miku smart baby monitor to give new parents peace of mind so they can sleep while their baby sleeps. This snazzy device monitors breathing and movements, and even allows them to control music and monitor the room's temp and humidity levels.

    33. A handcrafted spice blend set to ~spice up their life and the people of the world.~ This ready-to-gift box comes with four blends great for barbecuing. I mean, chipotle and honey? They better save you some dinner!

    the spice set packaged nicely in a gift box

    Cheers to the happy couple!