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    36 Baking Tools Essential For Basically Any Baker

    Never bake another batch of cookies without a silicone mat again.

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    1. This bakeware set so you can own all the basics of what you need to make your favorite yummy treats — endless cookies, cupcakes, and loaf cakes are just less than $30 away.

    The bakeware set with pans for cookies, pie, cupcakes, and loaf cake

    2. A glass mixing bowl set because what else are you gonna use to whisk eggs and mix ingredients? Plus, this set looks so simple yet ~professional~ that you might feel like you're on camera on your very own Food Network show every time you mix ingredients in these.

    The set with three glass mixing bowls in varying sizes

    3. This handcrafted small canister perfect for storing chocolate chips or sprinkles in to top off your favorite homemade goodies.

    A cylindrical shaped canister with a ribbed siding and a wood lid

    4. A reusable silicone baking cup set that'll easily coerce your cupcakes and muffins out of the liner (and allow you to reuse 'em over and over and never pay for paper liners again).

    A person pouring batter into the colorful silicone baking cups

    5. This decorating tip kit for seriously upping your cake decorating skills. Your family will be totally stunned when you tell them that no, you did not just buy this cake from a fancy, schmancy bakery — you made it yourself.

    6. A KitchenAid stand mixer that'll do all the hard work of mixing batter and dough. Plus, it'll just last you years and years and years.

    The KitchenAid stand mixer in white with an attached bowl

    7. This pastry blender so you can stop combining your croissant dough with a fork and start using something way more effective.

    The pastry blender with a handle and five blades immersed in a bowl of flour

    8. A silicone baking mat to help you avoid wrestling cookies off an un-greased baking sheet. Trust me, a silicone mat is way more convenient than measuring and cutting parchment paper you'll have to throw out once you're done baking.

    Cookies on a silicone baking mat

    9. This nonstick cooling rack to provide your freshly baked treats an appropriate spot to cool off — especially when you need to get 'em out of the way quickly so you can populate your baking sheet with a new batch for the oven.

    The cooling rack, which is big enough to fit 15 one-inch cookies

    10. A silicone pastry mat with measurements because you're tired of simply "eyeballing it" when you roll out your pie crust only to be left with dough that doesn't quite fit the pan properly.

    11. This graduated-sized springform pan set to help you easily slide your cakes right out of the pan after they're done baking — seriously, your perfectly baked cheesecake will thank you.

    12. A cookie cutter set filled with 101 shapes and letters so you can have no limit to the types of fun cookies you can create.

    The cookie cutter set in various shapes and colors

    13. This pack of ceramic pie weights that'll help your bottom crust bake evenly and avoid shrinking or bubbling.

    The ball-shaped ceramic pie weights inside of a pie

    14. A lovely rotating cake stand to help you effortlessly frost every inch of your cake without practically climbing over the counter to do so.

    A model frosting a cake being held up by the circular cake stand

    15. This pie dish that's actually the perfect size and depth for baking classic pies so your treats don't end up being too deep or too shallow. Plus, it has a simple but beautiful look that'll make for a pretty presentation when you're done.

    16. And this pie crust mold because it'll make it sooo easy to bake a pie with a beautiful, intricate crust that looks like you spent a really long time braiding them. In reality, all you'd do is press a strip of dough into the mold and voila!

    The mold with cavities for five different braided pie crusts

    17. A pack of three silicone spatulas to make mixing batter, folding dough, scraping the bowls, and decorating your baked treats quick and easy.

    The silicone spatulas with frosting on some of them

    18. This pack of 12 gel food coloring jars to help you breathe some life into your baked goods with a little ~color~. The gel formula gives you more control to add as much or as little as you need for your desired shade.

    19. A set of measuring spoons and measuring cups so you can always be sure you're pouring in the correct amount of vanilla extract, salt, or cream of tartar, and adding just the right amount of flour or sugar.

    A set of five measuring spoons for 1/4 teaspoon to one tablespoon, and a set of four measuring cups for 1/4 cup to one cup

    20. And this Pyrex measuring cup so you can always ensure that you're pouring exactly 3/4 of cup of oil or other liquid, and don't end up with a batter that's too runny or not thin enough.

    A reviewer showing the pyrex glass measuring cup, which measures up to one cup of liquid

    21. Or a kitchen scale designed to give you suuuper precise measurements for the weight of your ingredients because baking is a science and you'd be surprised how much just a few extra grams of flour or butter can impact your final product.

    22. This offset spatula that makes frosting a cake wayyyy easier than it would be with just a normal knife.

    A person using the spatula to frost the side of a cake

    23. A decorating tool that'll help even beginner bakers create pro-level frosting designs on pies, cakes, brownies, and more.

    The decorating tool creating small, rose-like puffs of cream on a pie

    24. This bread proofing bowl designed to keep moisture away from your dough so you end up with a nice, crispy crust. Plus, it includes a scraper and a washable linen cloth.

    25. An egg separator because you're tired of trying to separate your egg whites by hand only to end up getting a good amount of yolk in there, too.

    The separator placed over a bowl with the egg yolk in the center and the egg whites dripping into the bowl

    26. This set of two donut pans to make whipping up a dozen of your favorite ring-shaped treats wayyyy easier than it would be to shape the dough by hand.

    Donuts that were made in the pan

    27. A set of Star Wars-inspired cookie cutters perfect for bringing your love for the franchise to sweet, sweet life.

    The cookie cutters and cookies shaped like Darth Vader and other "Star Wars" characters

    28. These edible gold stars so you can make your treats look absolutely gorgeous by doing nothing more than sprinkling a pinch of these pretty little things over the tops of cupcakes, cookies, and other desserts.

    The edible gold stars on top of a cupcake

    29. A brownie pan with a removable sectioning piece that'll practically eliminate the need for you to hand-cut the batch once it's done baking.

    The pan of perfectly divided brownies and the removable sectioning piece

    30. This ramekin perfect for baking and broiling individual servings of crème brûlée, lava cakes, and more. Hint: the more you have, the more you'll be able to bake!

    The white, round ramekin with a ribbed side

    31. A sleek hand mixer that actually has a stand for storing your device and your blades when you aren't using them. In addition to the storage base and standard beaters, it also comes with two dough hooks.

    The mixer with a stand so you can store the blades and the device

    32. This little oven thermometer because it'll give you a more accurate reading on your oven temperature so when you follow your recipes to a T, you won't somehow be left with burnt cookie bottoms or a cheesecake with too many deep cracks on the top.

    The thermometer on an oven rack

    33. A pizza stone that'll help tonight's dinner cook more evenly so you don't end up with charred sections and all your hard work going to waste.

    A model putting mini pizzas on top of the round stone in the oven

    34. This dough scraper to help you get every last bit of pastry and bread dough off the cutting board when you knead it. It can also easily cut your dough into desired sections, and it also works for fruit and veggies!

    A person using the edge of the scraper to cut dough

    35. A set of nonstick mini silicone loaf pans for all your banana bread baking needs. The silicone material makes it easy for your finished loaves to just pop right out of the pan.

    36. And this mini muffin tin to help you expedite baking up to 48 teeny, tiny treats all at once.

    The mini muffin tin with baked muffins in it

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