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    29 Homemade Pies That Are Calling Your Name

    Treat. Yo. Self.

    1. Deep-Dish Cherry Pie

    Bobbi Lin /

    I like to call this the Sir-Crust-A-Lot pie. Get the recipe.

    2. Plum Raspberry Pie

    Emily Vikre /

    Breakfast pie = the best kind of pie. Get the recipe.

    3. Coconut Cream Pie

    James Ransom /

    Screw coconut water. Make a coconut pie. Get the recipe.

    4. Blueberry and Rye Slab Pie

    Yossy Arefi /

    Slab pies (a.k.a. HUGE PIES) are a good idea for your next summer cookout. Get the recipe.

    5. Straight-Up Rhubarb Pie

    James Ransom /

    Scared of baking with rhubarb? This pie makes it easy, and more importantly, delicious. Get the recipe.

    6. Lemon Meringue Pie

    Yossy Arefi /

    When life gives you lemons, make lemon meringue pie. Get the recipe.

    7. Rhubarb and Apple Hand Pies

    Yossy Arefi /

    These hand pies are the perfect way to get your morning/midday/mid-afternoon/evening pie fix. Get the recipe.

    8. Lattice-Top Peach and Blueberry Pie

    Yossy Arefi /

    Let lattice work do all the talkin' for your ooey, gooey pie. Get the recipe.

    9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Pie

    Alpha Smoot /

    I think you're ready for this jelly. Get the recipe.

    10. Apricot and Peach Crumb Pie

    Yossy Arefi /

    Crumbs are right where they should be on this pie, front and center, waiting to be eaten. Get the recipe.

    11. Martha Stewart's Slab Pie

    James Ransom /

    Don't know how to make a slab pie? Let a pro like Martha show you how. Get the recipe.

    12. Key Lime Pie

    Yossy Arefi /

    If your backyard feels like Florida, it's time to bring out the key lime pie. Get the recipe.

    13. Fresh Blueberry Pie

    James Ransom /

    A #basic pie is sometimes the best route to go. Get the recipe.

    14. Atlantic Beach Pie

    James Ransom /

    This pie rings true to its name -- make it for your next beach trip and don't skimp on the whipped cream. Get the recipe.

    15. Peach Tart

    James Ransom /

    This recipe is "technically" a tart but I love it as much as pies so here you go. Get the recipe.

    16. Blackberry Pie with Hazelnut Crumb Crust

    Mark Weinberg /

    Give blackberries a pie chance. You won't be sorry. Get the recipe.

    17. Coconut Pie

    Alpha Smoot /

    When you're not off on a tropical trip this summer, let this pie cure your no-vacation woes. Get the recipe.

    18. Key Lime Meringue Pie

    Posie Harwood /

    This pie is the offspring of key lime and meringue pies. Now, that's a baby to celebrate. Get the recipe.

    19. Wild Berry Pie

    Mia Wong /

    Exit the grocery store and embrace the outdoors. Fill your pie with the ~wild~. Get the recipe.

    20. Strawberries n' Cream Pie

    Sarah Stone /

    A patriotic pie to kick off the summer season. Get the recipe.

    21. Wide Lattice Peach Pie

    Elizabeth Stark /

    Your summer fling? This all-butter pie crust. Get the recipe.

    22. Mallomar Pie

    Alpha Smoot /

    You could call this a pie, or a giant mallomar cookie. Either way, you'll want a bite. Get the recipe.

    23. Sour-Cream Raisin Pie

    James Ransom /

    Don't think sour cream and raisins sound good? Put them in a flaky crust and you'll think again. Get the recipe.

    24. Lemon Chess Pie

    Gentl & Hyers /

    For all you lemon chess die-hards out there, say hi to your new favorite recipe. Get the recipe.

    25. Chocolate Cherry Pie

    Sarah Stone /

    Cherry pie meets chocolate and lives happily ever after. Get the recipe.

    26. Chocolate, Cajeta, and Salted Pecan Mud Pie

    Carey Nershi /

    It's okay to make a mess, just make mud pie while you're doing it.Get the recipe.

    27. Rum Pie

    Bobbi Lin /

    Piña coladas aren't the only treats to splash some rum in this season. Get the recipe.

    28. Boston Cream Pie

    Michael Harlan Turkel /

    This pastry pretending to be a pie is best for whipped cream fanatics. Get the recipe.

    29. Margherita Pie

    James Ransom /

    That's enough sweet pies. Treat yourself to a pizza pie for dessert. Get the recipe.

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