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    Just 29 Random Products We Really Love

    A collapsible cat carrier, breathable bed sheets, amazing-smelling body scrubs, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of SkinnyDipped dark chocolate peanut butter almonds that'll satisfy your 4 p.m. munchies no prob with their drool-worthy flavor. Hello, equal parts sweet, salty, and chocolatey.

    Bek O'Connell / BuzzFeed

    "Back when we worked in an office, we occasionally had chocolate-covered almonds available. Missing my fave midday treat, I recently grabbed a bag of Skinnydipped almonds from the impulse section of the grocery store. I kinda wish I hadn't because now I'm completely dependent on them. It takes some serious self-control not to just dump the entire bag directly into my mouth. They're a tad pricey (hence the self-control) but they are WORTH IT. As the name suggests, these sea salt-covered almonds have a very thin layer of chocolate and are then lightly dusted with cocoa, peanut butter, or lemon, depending on the flavor. The result is a salty-sweet delight that'll have you coming back for more (and then some more). My favorite is the peanut butter flavor, which tastes like a more refined Reese's cup. You can get a single bag at Target or a variety pack from Amazon, the latter of which is recommended because you won't wanna share." —Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Target for $4.99.

    2. A tube of Glossier Boy Brow to fill and shape sparse-looking brows. With just a couple swipes, you can achieve fluffy, full, natural-looking eyebrows that won't collapse out of place.

    on the right buzzfeed editor with no product on her brows captioned "before" on the right the editor holding boy brow with brows darkened  captioned "after"
    Anamaria Glavan / BuzzFeed

    "This magic bottle is proof that not all heroes wear capes. The creamy formula, which comes in blond, black, clear, and brown (which is what I used!), goes on smoothly and doesn’t require a lot of product to do the job. I used the wand to brush baby hairs in the beginning/middle of my brow upwards, and then brushed the longer, toddler-like hairs at the end of my eyebrows, sideways. And one coat was more than enough! Boy Brow does what exactly what the Glossier brand claims to do; it gives me a filled-in eyebrow that doesn’t look filled in. The finish looks natural, which is exactly what I wanted — my facial caterpillars have never looked better." —AnaMaria Glavan

    Get it from Glossier for $16 (available in five shades).

    3. A natural all day deodorant from Athena Club sure to keep the summertime sweats at bay. This stuff is plant-based, free of aluminum, and goes on clear so you can wear your fave black top sans white streaks.

    Athena Club

    "I know deodorant doesn't sound particularly exciting or fun, but I'm actually excited about this little life upgrade. I just received a sample of this a couple days ago and I think I've found my new go-to deo?! I've always felt like natural deodorant never works, and I have sacrificed on my usual cruelty-free ethos and my icky feeling about using a deodorant that contains aluminum to keep using a major name brand that I felt worked better. But when I first swiped on this stuff, I loved the pleasant but mild smell and already felt like it was different. I will confess, and I know no one here will judge me, that I have skipped several shower days in quarantine with my family, and this empowered me to skip another. I'm not going anywhere and my parents love me unconditionally, okay??? But I also felt totally fresh with this stuff on — I stayed dry and smelling A-OK pretty much all day. So far, I totally recommend this!" —Katy Herman

    Get it from Athena Club for $12 (available in three scents).

    4. An illustrated ceramic mug featuring famous books spines from the work of Black woman writers. Drinking in some inspiration as you get your caffeine fix? Sounds like the perfect start to the morning, if you ask me.

    buzzfeed writer Taylor kissing a stack of books that mirror the books featured on the spines and vines mug
    BuzzFeed/Taylor Steele

    Ideal Bookshelf is a woman-owned small business based in Maui, Hawaii.

    "When my two loves (books and coffee, of course) meet, it's always a beautifully magical thing. I love that I have so many of the books featured on this mug. Humble brag, I know. And as a Black woman writer myself, it's inspiring to be able to hold so many Black women authors in my hands at the same time! Plus, the colors are super vibrant, making the covers look super realistic. And they are. Because the book covers displayed are exact replicas of the *actual* books themselves! Burnt coffee never tasted better. Yes, I burn my coffee sometimes." —Taylor Steele

    Get it from Ideal Bookshelf for $18.

    5. A Best Of Porter Road delivery box curated with specialty meats that'll make grilling season the best and only season you care about this year. Think: a mouth-watering sampler that features everything from pork chops to ground beef to chorizo sausage — all of which are pasture raised and hormone free.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    The box comes with two dry aged steaks, two pork chops, two pounds of dry aged ground beef, a pound of bacon, a pound of country sausage, and a pound of chorizo sausage. All of Porter Road's meat is pasture-raised, hormone-free, and free of antibiotics.

    "I love Porter Road, and I say this as someone who is generally resistant to getting any kind of groceries delivered. It's so nice to have a freezer full of "special occasion" meat that's easy to thaw and prepare for date nights (as much as you can have a date night in quar), celebrations, or just because! I'm no meat expert, but he pork chops and steaks definitely *taste* like they're higher-quality than what I'm getting at my grocer and the dry aged ground beef is just *chef's kiss*. I also love the sausage and bacon to have as part of a big 'ol breakfast since it's somewhat rare that we buy breakfast meat — definitely a fun treat!

    Notably, I also think that this box is a great value. You get eight pounds of meat total, which, for a household of two, stretches across many many meals, usually with leftovers. I definitely recommend this as an easy way to ~elevate~ your carnivorous meals without you really needing to do anything! The meat speaks for itself." —Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from Porter Road for $100.

    6. A pleated maxi skirt (with pockets!) that's easy to style, breezy in warmer temps, and has a spot to carry your keys, ChapStick, or snacks. Honestly, what more could you want from a wardrobe staple?

    buzzfeed editor wearing a long black maxi skirt with smalll white polka dots and a pleated ruffle on the bottom
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    "After putting this skirt in tons of posts, I finally caved and ordered one for myself. Reviewers love this skirt and for a reason — it really does live up to the hype! I paired it with a high-neck tank, a denim jacket, and sneakers and felt super cute when wearing it to my best friend's baby shower. I love that there aren't any buttons or drawstrings, you just pull this baby on and feel like royalty. The pleats are adorable, the ruched waist is fun, AND it has pockets!!! I'm literally going to place an order for another one as soon as I can decide between the green and the pink. Screw it, maybe I'll just get both." —Heather Braga

    Get it from Amazon for $28.89+ (available in sizes S–XXL and nine colors).

    7. A chic pair of gold-dipped hoops if you, like me, look to seasonally switch up your jewelry. These staple earrings will go with every one of your lewks and are the cherry on top to tie summer-ready outfits together.

    Ten Wilde, Chelsea Stuart / BuzzFeed

    Ten Wilde is a Black woman-owned all-gold jewelry line based in LA. This brand's designs are beloved by celebs like Lily Singh, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Delilah Belle.

    "I have a ~thing~ for simple gold jewelry — especially versatile pieces I don't have to fuss with. I throw these babies on whenever I want to look like I put in a little more effort than usual and they totally do the trick! My favorite part is how lightweight they are — they don't tug at my ears or feel heavy after hours of wear." —Chelsea Stuart

    Get it from Ten Wilde for $30.

    8. A 100% flax linen sheet set so you can show nighttime sweats the door. They've been designed with the following two abilities: to 1) perfectly adjust to your body temp and 2) live up to the hype — as one of our writers recently discovered.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed, Bed Threads

    This stylish set includes two standard pillowcases, a fitted sheet, and a flat sheet.

    "Sheets are so difficult to buy — they're an investment, and what we're each looking for feel-wise is super different, especially when it comes to linen. But I'm here to tell you that these are a fantastic buy, and one that you'll be stoked on when it comes to both look and feel. To start off, Bed Threads color selection is hands-down the best in the game. I feel 100% confident that you can find *just* the look you're going for, and each rich color will only look better when it's depth is in front of you irl in chicly rumpled sheet form. But most importantly, the feel of these sheets is fantastic. They definitely have that slightly grippy linen feel, which I like in small doses — that feel is getting more and more tuned in with each wash as they soften a bit.

    The two tropes about linen sheets you hear again and again are: 1) they're cool in the summer and warm in the winter and 2) they get softer with each wash. And sorry, but it's really true! If you've been thinking about investing in a set of linen sheets, these are a great selection, as they're pretty much the Platonic ideal. Soft but not *so* soft they don't feel like linen. Breezy yet snuggle-able in the heat. And they just look so damn good. Totally recommend." —Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from Bed Threads for $220+ (available in sizes Twin–Cali King and 22 colors).

    9. A bottle of Kiehl's cucumber herbal toner that works to soothe angry, irritated skin post-cleanse with its gentle and alcohol-free formula. One editor even plops this into a glass spray bottle to spritz onto her skin for a refreshing spa-like experience.

    Bek O'Connell

    "I have pretty finicky skin so I've been on the hunt for a toner for a while. Originally I was using Mario Badescu's Rose Facial Spray, but eventually my skin decided it didn't like it, leaving me with big blotchy redness. After some trial and error, I found a toner so mild, even my dry and very sensitive skin likes it. Kiehl's calls their Cucumber Herbal Toner the 'mildest of all our toners,' and I can definitely believe that. This calming and gentle solution leaves my face feeling refreshed and soothed. This toner is non-drying, alcohol-free, and has just a hint of a cucumber smell. I like to put this in a glass spray bottle and give my face a spritz after washing my face in the morning and at night. If you have dry, sensitive skin and need a good toner, this is a great option!" —Bek O'Connell

    Get it from Sephora for $20.

    10. A snuggle and behavioral aid toy set equipped with everything you'll need to make the transition of an uneasy pup entering the home as warm and comfy as possible.

    Samantha Wieder / BuzzFeed, Amazon

    "Last year my family made the wonderful decision to get an adorable Havanese puppy named Bailey (pictured left). Bailey experienced some major separation anxiety in those first few days/nights and we knew for the sake of our sanity and sleep schedule that we had to find a solution. Enter: The Snuggle Puppy.

    It comes with a little red heartbeat ticker and heat packs (we actually didn't even use the heat packs), that you simply place into the middle of the dog, velcro it shut, and it's heartbeat helps to make your puppy feel less alone and simulate the feeling of cuddling up to their mom. I swear this thing must be made with pixie dust because within an hour of putting this in his crate, Bailey stopped crying and was fast asleep next to it. If you opt to get the kit (we did), it also comes with two toys and a fleece blanket.

    Bailey is a little over a year old now so he doesn't use the puppy for comfort like he did those first few weeks, but it's STILL his favorite toy. Seriously, he loves it so much that he is constantly attempting to see if he can pick it up and bring it with him outside when we go on walks. We got him another one for his birthday and he loves it just as much as he loves the first one. It's on the pricy side for a plush dog toy, but considering how much it helped save our sanity and how much Bailey still adores it, it's a million percent worth it. This is always at the top of the list of my recommendations for friends bringing home puppies because it's just that good." —Sam Wieder

    Get it from Amazon for $39.95 (available in five toy options).

    11. A handmade butter crock to keep one of your favorite breakfast accoutrements fresh, soft, and ready to be spread upon a warm piece o' toast. An added bonus is that it will look oh so chic sat atop any kitchen counter.

    writer holding the full lid of the white speckled butter crock next to the base
    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    CPClayArt is a small Etsy shop based in Florida that specializes in stunning, handcrafted ceramics.

    "I'd go so far as to say I'm a butter fangirl, so of course I want nothing but the best for my favorite dairy. This butter crock isn't just gorgeous, it keeps butter unbelievably fresh at room-temperature. Now you're guaranteed to always have some softened butter around so you don't have to do the trying-to-spread-cold-butter-on-bread-and-failing tango. Just put some butter in the top portion, a little water in the bottom portion and put them together to make a perfect seal. This baby also just looks fantastic on my countertop. Love a functional piece of art!"—Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from CPClayArt on Etsy for $37 (available in three colors).

    12. A glistening tinsel string curtain destined to make the perfect backdrop for DIY photobooths and grid-worthy Instas. And with so many color options, you'll find one to fit every themed celebration.

    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed

    "This is one of my favorite ways to transform a wall for photos because it's so cheap and easy. I've used these fringe backdrops for birthday photos and DIY photo booths at parties. There are also different colors to choose from so it can fit the theme of your shoot or party decor." —Kayla Boyd

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in multiple quantities and 17 colors).

    13. Pixel blue-light-blocking computer glasses invented to lessen eye strain and look freakin' adorable while you stare at your screen(s) all day... and night.

    Anna Kopsky / BuzzFeed

    For more on blue light, check out Pixel's info page about it.

    "I have horrible eyesight and it’s definitely my fault because I pretended my eyes were bad in the second grade so that I could get these really cool Looney Tunes glasses. Anyway, now I have a job where I am on my computer all day and I’ve been terrified of my eyesight getting worse. Blue light blockers make me feel a little better, and these ones are *actually* cute. I have a few pairs from another companies too, but the style options from Pixel actually just look like cute, everyday glasses, so I love wearing them. I was also super psyched when I found out that they have stronger lens options for people like me who stare at screens all day and, let’s be real, into the night as well. I put those extra strength babies on when I know it’s going to be an extra long day of replying to emails and sending messages on my computer for hours on end. All in all I think these glasses are the best blue light blockers I’ve ever had, and I can’t stop emphasizing how damn cute they are!!!" —Anna Kopsky

    Get them from Pixel for $75+ (originally $95; available in many different frame styles and colors).

    14. Ouai St. Barts scalp and body scrub made with notes of dragon fruit and orange blossom that will transport your shower time experience to a luxurious, all-expenses-paid vacay — it's just up to you which part of your bod' gets to jet off first.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    The scrub is vegan, as well as phthalate-, sulfate-, paraben-, and silicone-free.

    "I'm a longtime fan of Jen Atkin and her brand Ouai (their wave spray is one of my holy grail hair products), so it's no surprise upon receiving this I wanted to test it out right away. I'm a little hesitant to put a scrub in my hair so I'll get back to you on that, but as a body scrub this St Bart's-inspired product is a 10/10. The description says it has notes of dragon fruit, tuberose and orange blossom in it, but IMO it just spells like an expensive tropical vacation — which sounds amazing right about now. Unfortunately the closest I'm going to get to that is this delicious-smelling product. The texture is nice (not too rough) and lathered up really well while still doing a great job at exfoliating the dry skin off of my legs. It's also made with coconut oil that left my skin feeling extra smooth and nourished. Essentially, it's turned my post-workout shower into a spa-like retreat and I couldn't be happier." —Heather Braga

    Get it from Sephora for $38.

    15. A huggably soft towel reminiscent of the ones you might find at a fancy spa. It's a *must* if you're looking to engulf yourself in something that'll extend the feeling of your warm and toasty shower. (And it's perfect for replacing those shredded, mismatched ones you've been holding onto since college.)

    Kayla Boyd / BuzzFeed, Towels By Gus

    Towels by Gus is a family-owned business based in California. Their products are made in the US, 100% organic cotton, and they off custom monogramming.

    "As a plus-size woman, it's actually a struggle to find a towel that can completely cover me. I was so excited when I used one of these bath sheets and I could easily wrap it. The cotton towel is super soft and dries my skin really well — without getting little annoying fuzzies all over me. I need to purchase more because it's the only towel I ever want to use anymore." —Kayla Boyd

    Get it from for Towels by Gus for $39.99.

    16. A pack of Natrapel insect repellent wipes if the only thing that gets you down around this time of year are nasty 'quitos. These deet-free saviors are incredibly effective, as one of our writers found, and they can be thrown in your bag and applied to your skin anytime you think you might be in a blood-sucking zone.

    parent using the wipe on a kid's face

    "When I was a kid, someone told me that mosquitoes love me because I'm so sweet. And I FULLY believe that as an adult because I still get eaten alive if I'm out for long periods of time without wearing some kind of repellent. I've used these wipes on several park days here in NYC (sitting on a picnic blanket drinking wine with friends is more or less screaming COME GET ME to skeeters). But I've really found success with them on a recent hot weekend trip to Savannah, Georgia. I don't notice any smell when using them and have found one wipe to have enough repellant for my arms and legs. So basically, a one and done. I don't think that I've gotten *any* bug bites on days I've used these wipes. Plus, I have extremely sensitive skin but haven't had any irritation from these seemingly powerful wipes!" —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get a pack of three from Amazon for $20.97.

    17. A happy lil' pill charm necklace made of gold vermeil (a thick layer of 18-karat gold over sterling silver) and affectionately shaped as a little mood-boosting pill to celebrate your well being.

    gold necklace with a gold charm of a smiley face on an antidepressant pill
    Heather Braga / Buzzfeed

    V. Coterie is a woman-owned small business based in Tulsa, Oklahoma selling accessories that celebrate medical professionals.

    "I was gifted one of these and am obsessed with it for multiple reasons. I love that it subtly pays tribute to my struggles with my mental health (as well as how far I've come!), as it's shaped, quite literally, like an antidepressant pill. However, that's only apparent if you look closely — otherwise it's just a cute smiley face! It layers really nicely with the other dainty gold necklaces I already own which is an added bonus." —Heather Braga

    Get it from V. Coterie for $78.

    18. A set of rollable under-the-bed storage drawers so sleek and sophisticated, you won't want to keep them tucked away. But if you do, they're the perfect solution to organize (and disguise) your chaotic collection of possessions.

    A reviewer's under bed storage bins holding textiles and hair supplies
    BuzzFeed / Christine Forbes

    "These drawers are a much-needed upgrade from my Ikea bins. Not only do they compliment my Thuma Bed but they also roll smoothly, and virtually disappear under the frame. Which is great because I don't want to see them all the time. I was able to fit four queen duvet covers and a few towels in one bin. Right now, I'm using the other drawer for hair supplies. So far, so great, I get compliments on these all the time. If you have the money, they're worth the splurge." —Christine Forbes

    Get them from Article for $398 (available in sets of 2, 4, and 6; and three stains).

    19. A gorgeously soft silk scrunchie you'll want to keep on-hand if you're looking for a snag-free way to keep strands up and off of sweaty necks.

    various silk scrunchies
    RaieAtelier / Etsy

    RaieAtelier is a Black woman–owned business based in NYC. 

    "I have one in each color and when I tell you these are GORGEOUS, I mean it. They're not too tight, like a ton of other scrunchies I own, and are comfortable on my wrist. I need her to make even more colors so I can dump all my old scrunchies in the trash and replace them with these ~on trend~ alternatives." —Ali Faccenda

    Get it from RaieAtelie for $8.50

    20. A rose rosé aperitif from Haus deliciously paired with fruity floral notes that'll easily make their way into every bev you concoct this summer. Plus, we won't blame you if you decide to hang onto the bottle once you've sipped every last drop since it'll look just fab sat on any bar cart.

    A bottle of wine beside a filled cup with ice

    "I served a bottle of this rosé when my in-laws were in town and it was a hit all around! My family was complimenting everything from the complex taste to the gorgeous packaging. I'm a forever fan! Haus is a winning choice for hosting, treating yourself, or as a gift." —Mal Mower

    Get it from Haus for $35 (available in multiple quantities).

    21. An Our Place Always Pan because the BuzzFeed shopping team's favorite kitchen mate is ::chef's kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you'll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, boil, and even serve up your signature dish at your next dinner party.

    Our Place

    "As someone who neither enjoys cooking nor is particularly good at it, the Always pan has made being in the kitchen feel like less of a chore. Having one pan that can do everything means I don't have to second guess every cooking decision I make. I can boil and prepare pasta in it. And I can roast brussel sprouts. And I can make the perfect fried egg. And I can steam dumplings. The best part is that, everything slides so seamlessly out of the pan and onto the plate, which also makes clean up super fast and easy. Both the amateur (read: reluctant) cook and the more seasoned chef will enjoy creating fan favorites and new recipes in the Always pan!" —Taylor Steele

    Get it from Our Place for $145 (available in seven colors).

    For more on why BuzzFeed Shopping loves the Always Pan, check out our full review!

    22. A can of Mane Club's 3-in-1 dry shampoo spray to freshen up two-day tresses while also creating texture and some oomph in the form of buildable volume. Now your salon-worthy blow out can live to see another day!

    the bottle of dry shampoo
    Mane Club

    "This 3-in-1 beaut (absorbs oil, texturizes, volumizes) is sitting on my bathroom window sill where I give it a visit when I'm on my fourth-day hair and need some spritzes before a video call just to feel alive. And I have a LOT of hair with a lot of natural volume but even after a few days of not washing it, it can get a bit limp and matted-looking. Take it from me, I've been on a personal mission to try out basically every dry shampoo I can get my paws on and this is one of the best you can get for under $10." —Elizabeth Lilly

    Get it from Mane Club for $8.

    23. Mighty Patch hydrocolloid pimple patches that work to absorb pus and shrink zits ~head on~. For those who are not out of the maskne woods (me) these are great to prevent picking and, according to our editor, are an effective treatment to avoid scarring and hyperpigmentation.

    amazon reviewer's clear pimple patch full of sebum

    "These are hands down the best pimple patches I’ve ever used. Why? Because they actually work. I’ve tried some more cutesy patches that were great for Instagram photos but did nothing to shrink my breakouts. And the pimple patches that touted themselves as basically invisible were — but so were any results. While the Hero Cosmetics pimple patches are a little more visible (but really only noticeable if someone were standing really close to my face), the results are clear to see. (And JSYK, they also make an invisible version but I have not tried it.)

    IMO they work best on whiteheads, drawing out the pus and preventing me from picking. Once all the fluids are drained (yum!), I plop a patch on what was once home to a very angry whitehead and replace it twice a day (once in the morning and once at night). In my experience, that has been the best treatment for preventing really noticeable hyperpigmentation and acne scarring, which my skin is really prone to after breakouts.

    I also really love the packaging. The patches come on a perforated sheet so you can easily remove the stickers as needed. With other patches, I’ve struggled to peel off the stickers and inadvertently crumpled them up, which is really annoying because then they’re basically unusable. Thankfully that’s never been a problem with these." —Melanie Aman

    Get 72 patches from Amazon for $21.99.

    24. Alleyoop's pen pal, a 4-in-1 tool that will spark so much joy (and nostalgia) into your otherwise mundane routine since it has the ability to create full looks and easy end-of-the-day touch-ups. Plus, it's *exceptionally* great if you're trying to cut down on the products you're carrying around.

    Jasmin Sandal / BuzzFeed

    "Ok, so, I didn't realize I'd ever use a makeup product in my twenties that had the ability to transport me back to a piece of stationery I used in sixth grade, but here we are; and here I am using a multi-tool pen... for my face. I gotta say, I love the concept of the Pen Pal from Alleyoop! After using all of the functions (eyeliner, highlighter, lip liner, eyebrow pencil) and as someone who LOVES makeup but is applying as little as humanly possible these days, I think it’s a great tool for an end of the day touch-up or a subtle, minimalist way to apply makeup in the a.m. The brow pencil is particularly soft and pigmented, and filled in my eyebrows quickly. I just adore the ease of application of each product, and appreciate the universal, does-it-all-for-you concept. Plus, it saves me so much room in my already-overflowing makeup bag!" —Jasmin Sandal

    Get it from Alleyoop for $25 (available in three shades).

    25. Jot coffee concentrate for anyone who doesn't own a fancy coffeemaker but wants a quick and easy way to enjoy their morning brew. Just one tablespoon added to your liquid of choice (water, creamer, steamed milk) is all you need to create a smooth-tasting caffeinated bev.

    buzzfeed editor holding a glass of iced coffee
    Melanie Aman / BuzzFeed

    "As someone who typically prefers her coffee to not taste like coffee (hello flavored creamers 😍), I've always been leery of coffee concentrates. Why would I want super strong, ultra bitter, mouth-puckeringly acidic coffee? But of course you already know how this story ends: I, of course, am now a Jot fangirl. The recommended dose is just 1 tablespoon plus your preferred liquid. My colleague Elizabeth takes hers with just water for a classic iced black coffee. You can also add it to steamed milk for a luxurious at-home latte, cappuccino, or macchiato without needing an expensive espresso machine or the know-how to operate one. I take mine over ice with a tablespoon and a half of water, a tablespoon of vanilla syrup, and a generous pour of oat milk. (Oatly Barista Edition only in this household. Fight me.) It has a nice smooth flavor that even the coffee snobs I know can appreciate." —Melanie Aman

    Get it from Amazon for $24 (available in 1, 2, or 3 packs).

    Read more about why Melanie, and several of our other editors, are wild about the stuff in her full Jot review

    26. A meal subscription kit from Home Chef to take care of weekday dinners in under 30 minutes. You can receive fresh, pre-portioned meals that are easily customizable to suit your preferences — all straight to your door.

    @realhomechef / Via, @realhomechef / Via

    Select different recipes from different menus each week. Every shipment includes portioned and labeled ingredients (if you don't like the protein offering in a recipe, you can swap it out or double it up). And! You can pick from easy-to-follow instruction-based recipes or low/no-prep meal plans.

    "I recently tried Home Chef for the first time and I absolutely loved it! The whole process from signing up, to picking my meals, to cooking them was seamless and fun. I got three meals (two servings per meal) that came out to be six nights worth of dinner. The ingredients were so fresh, the instructions were incredibly simple, and the finish product was DELICIOUS. I also found the portion sizes to be really generous! My favorite thing about Home Chef is the ability to customize your dish when selecting your meals. If a dish contains something like fish, beef, tofu, etc. that you don't like to can't eat, Home Chef gives you the flexibility to sub it out for another protein, usually at no extra cost. If you're looking for an accommodating, easy, and yummy meal kit, Home Chef is truly an excellent option!" —Sam Wieder

    Get it from Home Chef starting at $6.99 per serving.

    27. A collapsible carrier with a cozy fleece pad to ensure your pet gets all the comfort they deserve. Because if your cat is anything like the ones I've met, they do not like to be transported around in the first place...

    "The bags zips from the front and the top and it comes with a super comfy fleece pad. My cats definitely aren't fans of travel, but they are much more comfortable in these bags than those hard shell plastic ones. I usually sit them next to each other so they look at each other during the ride." —Chelsea Stuart

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99 (available in sizes M–L and three colors).

    28. The big apron, a wide-fitting kitchen cover prepared to shield you from splashes and spills. With durable canvas material and built-in pockets, this apron definitely means business for any aspiring chef.

    Char colored apron with pocket
    Hedley & Bennett

    "They say dress for the job you want so believe me when I tell you that when you put on this apron you feel like you can accomplish just about anything you put your mind to. Thanksgiving dinner? You've got this! The first grilling of the summer? If you've got the meat then I've got the heat! Home projects that'll leave a trail of sawdust in your ever-productive wake? Bring. Them. On. I love my Hedley & Bennet apron and I can't imagine that I'll ever need to buy another in my lifetime. It's that sturdy!" —John Mihaly

    Get it from Hedley and Bennett for $95 (available in three colors).

    29. Hyper Skin Hyper Clear Vitamin C serum, a sheer formula packed with vitamin E, fruit enzymes, and turmeric to brighten up dull-looking complexions. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are quivering thanks to natural botanicals that work to combat future blemishes.

    Rachel Dunkel / BuzzFeed

    Hyper Skin is a Black woman–owned brand. This product is paraben-, sulfate-, phthalate-, and scent-free.

    "I love a good vitamin C serum and this is one of the best I've tried. It doesn't have the off-putting smell that some serums have and it doesn't feel tacky when it dries. It layers flawlessly under any moisturizer I've used and I can already tell it's working on getting my complexion nice and smooth after I took a long break from using any skincare at all. Hyper Skin is also a Black woman-owned company! I could not recommend trying this product enough." —Rachel Dunkel

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $36.

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