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    Just 29 Random Products We Really Love

    A collapsible cat carrier, breathable bed sheets, amazing-smelling body scrubs, and other products we (the BuzzFeed Shopping & Products team) truly adore.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pack of SkinnyDipped dark chocolate peanut butter almonds that'll satisfy your 4 p.m. munchies no prob with their drool-worthy flavor. Hello, equal parts sweet, salty, and chocolatey.

    2. A tube of Glossier Boy Brow to fill and shape sparse-looking brows. With just a couple swipes, you can achieve fluffy, full, natural-looking eyebrows that won't collapse out of place.

    on the right buzzfeed editor with no product on her brows captioned "before" on the right the editor holding boy brow with brows darkened  captioned "after"

    3. A natural all day deodorant from Athena Club sure to keep the summertime sweats at bay. This stuff is plant-based, free of aluminum, and goes on clear so you can wear your fave black top sans white streaks.

    4. An illustrated ceramic mug featuring famous books spines from the work of Black woman writers. Drinking in some inspiration as you get your caffeine fix? Sounds like the perfect start to the morning, if you ask me.

    buzzfeed writer Taylor kissing a stack of books that mirror the books featured on the spines and vines mug

    5. A Best Of Porter Road delivery box curated with specialty meats that'll make grilling season the best and only season you care about this year. Think: a mouth-watering sampler that features everything from pork chops to ground beef to chorizo sausage — all of which are pasture raised and hormone free.

    6. A pleated maxi skirt (with pockets!) that's easy to style, breezy in warmer temps, and has a spot to carry your keys, ChapStick, or snacks. Honestly, what more could you want from a wardrobe staple?

    buzzfeed editor wearing a long black maxi skirt with smalll white polka dots and a pleated ruffle on the bottom

    7. A chic pair of gold-dipped hoops if you, like me, look to seasonally switch up your jewelry. These staple earrings will go with every one of your lewks and are the cherry on top to tie summer-ready outfits together.

    8. A 100% flax linen sheet set so you can show nighttime sweats the door. They've been designed with the following two abilities: to 1) perfectly adjust to your body temp and 2) live up to the hype — as one of our writers recently discovered.

    9. A bottle of Kiehl's cucumber herbal toner that works to soothe angry, irritated skin post-cleanse with its gentle and alcohol-free formula. One editor even plops this into a glass spray bottle to spritz onto her skin for a refreshing spa-like experience.

    10. A snuggle and behavioral aid toy set equipped with everything you'll need to make the transition of an uneasy pup entering the home as warm and comfy as possible.

    11. A handmade butter crock to keep one of your favorite breakfast accoutrements fresh, soft, and ready to be spread upon a warm piece o' toast. An added bonus is that it will look oh so chic sat atop any kitchen counter.

    writer holding the full lid of the white speckled butter crock next to the base

    12. A glistening tinsel string curtain destined to make the perfect backdrop for DIY photobooths and grid-worthy Instas. And with so many color options, you'll find one to fit every themed celebration.

    13. Pixel blue-light-blocking computer glasses invented to lessen eye strain and look freakin' adorable while you stare at your screen(s) all day... and night.

    14. Ouai St. Barts scalp and body scrub made with notes of dragon fruit and orange blossom that will transport your shower time experience to a luxurious, all-expenses-paid vacay — it's just up to you which part of your bod' gets to jet off first.

    15. A huggably soft towel reminiscent of the ones you might find at a fancy spa. It's a *must* if you're looking to engulf yourself in something that'll extend the feeling of your warm and toasty shower. (And it's perfect for replacing those shredded, mismatched ones you've been holding onto since college.)

    16. A pack of Natrapel insect repellent wipes if the only thing that gets you down around this time of year are nasty 'quitos. These deet-free saviors are incredibly effective, as one of our writers found, and they can be thrown in your bag and applied to your skin anytime you think you might be in a blood-sucking zone.

    parent using the wipe on a kid's face

    17. A happy lil' pill charm necklace made of gold vermeil (a thick layer of 18-karat gold over sterling silver) and affectionately shaped as a little mood-boosting pill to celebrate your well being.

    gold necklace with a gold charm of a smiley face on an antidepressant pill

    18. A set of rollable under-the-bed storage drawers so sleek and sophisticated, you won't want to keep them tucked away. But if you do, they're the perfect solution to organize (and disguise) your chaotic collection of possessions.

    A reviewer's under bed storage bins holding textiles and hair supplies

    19. A gorgeously soft silk scrunchie you'll want to keep on-hand if you're looking for a snag-free way to keep strands up and off of sweaty necks.

    various silk scrunchies

    20. A rose rosé aperitif from Haus deliciously paired with fruity floral notes that'll easily make their way into every bev you concoct this summer. Plus, we won't blame you if you decide to hang onto the bottle once you've sipped every last drop since it'll look just fab sat on any bar cart.

    A bottle of wine beside a filled cup with ice

    21. An Our Place Always Pan because the BuzzFeed shopping team's favorite kitchen mate is ::chef's kiss:: for cooking pros and newbs alike. This beauty replaces the need for eight (yes, eight!) cookware items, so you'll be reaching for this anytime you want to fry, steam, boil, and even serve up your signature dish at your next dinner party.

    22. A can of Mane Club's 3-in-1 dry shampoo spray to freshen up two-day tresses while also creating texture and some oomph in the form of buildable volume. Now your salon-worthy blow out can live to see another day!

    the bottle of dry shampoo

    23. Mighty Patch hydrocolloid pimple patches that work to absorb pus and shrink zits ~head on~. For those who are not out of the maskne woods (me) these are great to prevent picking and, according to our editor, are an effective treatment to avoid scarring and hyperpigmentation.

    amazon reviewer's clear pimple patch full of sebum

    24. Alleyoop's pen pal, a 4-in-1 tool that will spark so much joy (and nostalgia) into your otherwise mundane routine since it has the ability to create full looks and easy end-of-the-day touch-ups. Plus, it's *exceptionally* great if you're trying to cut down on the products you're carrying around.

    25. Jot coffee concentrate for anyone who doesn't own a fancy coffeemaker but wants a quick and easy way to enjoy their morning brew. Just one tablespoon added to your liquid of choice (water, creamer, steamed milk) is all you need to create a smooth-tasting caffeinated bev.

    buzzfeed editor holding a glass of iced coffee

    26. A meal subscription kit from Home Chef to take care of weekday dinners in under 30 minutes. You can receive fresh, pre-portioned meals that are easily customizable to suit your preferences — all straight to your door.

    27. A collapsible carrier with a cozy fleece pad to ensure your pet gets all the comfort they deserve. Because if your cat is anything like the ones I've met, they do not like to be transported around in the first place...

    28. The big apron, a wide-fitting kitchen cover prepared to shield you from splashes and spills. With durable canvas material and built-in pockets, this apron definitely means business for any aspiring chef.

    Char colored apron with pocket

    29. Hyper Skin Hyper Clear Vitamin C serum, a sheer formula packed with vitamin E, fruit enzymes, and turmeric to brighten up dull-looking complexions. Dark spots and hyperpigmentation are quivering thanks to natural botanicals that work to combat future blemishes.

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