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    35 Interactive Dog Toys You'll Be So Glad You Bought For Your Dog BFF

    From flopping fish to doggie bubbles, these toys will make sure your canine companion is never bored again.

    1. A stuffed heartbeat toy that will serve as your dog's best friend, comforting companion, AND plaything, thus granting you perhaps the cutest photos that will ever grace your camera roll. You're welcome!

    2. A puzzle treat ball to nose around for hours and hours, making playtime more stimulating than just throwing them a bone (literally).

    3. A retractable hanging tug rope for your tug-of-war obsessed tank. This toy keeps any sharp parts away from your dog's mouth so they can tug without fear!

    4. A giggle ball that emanates a plethora of sounds that will pique their interest but not drive you up the wall, which is important because your pooch will certainly be rolling it around 24/7.

    5. A Barkbox rip-and-reveal plushie with a rippable outer layer, revealing another toy inside as well as a squeaker — so it's like buying your tear-happy pooch three toys in one, all of which they can't technically destroy. Win-win-win.

    6. A tooth-cleaning toy that does it all: bounce, squeak, last through your crazy dog's chewing, and brush their teeth for you while you breathe a sigh of relief and put your feet up.

    7. A birthday nosework "book" meant for studious pups who'll love to snuffle around in the pockets and compartments for treats. For crying out loud, it will look like your pooch is reading a book — how cute is that?

    a dog sitting behind an "it's my birthday" nosework book in a birthday hat

    8. A 2-in-1 Kong Jumbler ball that produces a limitless combination of ways to play with your active pup: hold by the handles for tug-of-war, press down for the squeaker, or simply let them go to town on the tough exterior with the promise of the tennis ball inside.

    9. A triangle tug toy made from 100% natural rubber and cotton so you know your dog is slobbering over and aggressively biting the best materials you can offer them.

    10. A fleece snuffle ball combining two of your pooch's favorite things: eating snacks and snoofling around like the inquisitive little truffle pig that they are.

    11. An interlocking toy created with a unique falcon-claw design and multiple treat cavities so your creative doggo can play with it in tons of different ways. Plus, it's so aesthetically pleasing, it's basically decor!

    12. A flopping fish toy that yes, is technically for cats, but just scroll through these dog owner review photos and tell me that these pups aren't having the time of their freaking life! Ahhhhh!!!!!

    13. A doggie bubble wand and solution formulated to be completely canine-friendly, so you and your special furry friend can chase bubbles together like you're re-enacting your nightly dreams.

    14. A 2-in-1 tearable plush your pup will be mesmerized by if they already love tearing the stuffing out of your pillows and ripping the toilet paper to shreds — now they can do it with a plush egg instead of your belongings.

    15. A rechargeable self-moving ball engineered to roll and jump on its own and set to three interaction modes for your pup to tire itself out on. It's even waterproof!

    16. A tooth-cleaning ball that's like a toy of all trades: a treat dispenser, a fun brain puzzle, a bouncy toy, and a dental chew your doggie will treasure instead of shy away from.

    17. A light-up ball alluringly made to catch their attention and keep them occupied for hours. Especially fun for senior doggies who have trouble spotting regular balls, so they can feel like a puppy again.

    18. A West Paw treat dispenser you'll secretly think is fun too, because you can customize and change up what you stuff in there to keep your hungry pup busy.

    19. A rubber football treat dispenser that's bouncy, durable, and a total touchdown for even the toughest chewing pups in the game.

    a dog licking an orange rubber football toy

    Promising review: "We’ve had this toy for a couple of months now with no damage which is a win in my book! It’s very easy to push treats of many different sizes into it but fairly difficult for the dogs to get out which is always the goal here. Definitely recommend." –Blix

    Get it from Chewy for $7.59+ (available in two sizes and in two other styles of varying sizes).

    20. A bouncy fetch toy for the pup who gets bored with playing standard fetch. The tassels and aerodynamic nature of this toy will tantalize your doggie who loves to tug and chew a little bit too!

    21. A soccer ball with grab tabs because your dog isn't allowed around regular balls anymore for unnamed erm... deflation reasons.

    22. A classic Kong treat dispenser dog owners swear by for the versatility of play and sweet, sweet peace you'll receive as your pup snuffles and munches their way to satisfaction.

    23. A twisting treat puzzle toy that you can adjust to whatever difficulty your dog needs, whether they're a genius mutt or a little on the ~simple~ (but still lovable!) side.

    24. A giggle ball treat dispenser with a grippable rope so your play-motivated, sound-motivated, or treat-motivated pup can multitask to their busy heart's content.

    25. A puzzle feeder because your dog is a smarty-pants and they should they deserve to be treated as such, especially during mealtimes.

    26. A snuffle mat with little squeaky carrots your pup will take pride in planting all over the house, or snuffling treats out of the pockets, or inventing their new fun game that will, most importantly, keep them busy while you rest!

    27. An interactive treat dispenser that wobbles, so your dog can feel like they're hunting for their food (even though they've never even been outside unsupervised before).