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    41 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts Under $50

    Because we know how much you love 'em, but we also know how much you love not having to spend an arm and a leg on their gifts.

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day, shipping times can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 14th!

    1. A lip-smacking white truffle-infused hot sauce that any foodie will drool over. With this spicy condiment, they'll be able to fancy up a boring ol' burger faster than they can post an above-view pic of it on their story.

    2. A One Line A Day five-year memory book for the person who always harps on about wanting to keep a journal but finds writing a full entry too much effort. This handy book makes room for quick sentiments to jot down so they can look back at the same day each year and see their #growth.

    3. A simply gorgeous lace balconette and bikini set in a repeating V-day themed pattern — because wearing your heart on your lingerie is one fun way to show yourself (and/or S.O.) some LoOoVe.

    4. Plush animal slippers that they can traipse around the house in — so even if they're dressed in their ~fancy~ on-camera outfits, it'll be your little secret that their feet are encased in a pair of goofy (but totally cute) panda moccasins.

    5. A mug to exemplify their love for their number two snuggle bug (because, obviously, you're number one, even if their feisty feline thinks they hold first place).

    The mug with "Cat Daddy" graphic

    6. A cute and comfy Rose Apothecary sweatshirt so you can show your lovable Schitt's Creek fan that they're ~simply the best~.

    The black sweatshirt with the Rose Apothecary name and logo and motto "Handcrafted with care"

    7. Coloring Without Borders, a beautifully illustrated and nonconventional coloring book whose proceeds go to support Families Belong Together, an organization fighting to reunite immigrant family members. Over 80 artists from the around the world contributed to send this message: there are no lines kids should have to worry about staying within. ❤️

    8. A fun and clever scratch-off map poster because even if they're not jetting off around the world, they can cross off all the adventures they've already taken with you.

    9. A snuggle-worthy set of satin pajamas for a perfectly festive 'fit. Plus they're so cute and comfy, they'll want to wear these for every one of your sleepovers — no matter the occasion.

    Model wearing pink heart shape patterned pajamas

    10. A green-tea infused memory foam mattress topper that reviewers say suits side- and back-sleepers alike. Because at the end of the day, a restful night's sleep is everyone's ~cup of tea~.

    The light green topper on a mattress

    11. A set of out-of-this-world Glossier masks for the skincare lover who's really good at ~multi-masking~. This stellar duo will refresh their pores and drench them in *so* many nourishing ingredients that they'll be thanking you for the gift of radiant skin.

    12. A puffy-sticker making kit that literally any kid at heart will enjoy. If scrapbooking has become their new favorite pastime, these 3D stickers will definitely ensure their memories are brought to life.

    13. A portable waterproof Bluetooth speaker to take their shower time to *inserts jazz hands* Show Time! Especially since the only concerts they'll be attending are incredibly affordable ones that take place in the comfort of their bathroom — and we hear the acoustics in that venue are great!

    14. A top-rated set of moisturizing bath bombs in 12 different soothing aromas for their most ethereal bathing experience yet. They'll just have to drop these in and poof! Their tub will transform into a delightfully calming spa.

    15. A thoughtful donation to refugees from the Choose Love store, which allows you to buy an item or service for someone in need on behalf of your loved on. Once you order, you'll be sent a link to a downloadable gift card to give your Valentine to let them know the awesome thing you did in their name!

    16. An amazing heat changing mug that'll transform into a beautiful constellation design once they pour in their steamin' morning joe. This is ~destined~ to be the best gift any stargazer receives.

    17. A minty fresh lip balm made from moisturizing ingredients like rosehip oil and vitamin E, so they can kiss goodbye 💋 to chapped wintry lips and say hello to pillowy-soft smooches from now 'til the end of time!

    18. A Rocketbook Everlast smart notebook, a reusable pad that will allow your partner to write an infinite amount of notes (and love letters to you), scan them to their device, and then wipe the page clean to start over. = them after you gift 'em with the most innovative piece of "stationery" to ever exist.

    19. An a-dor-able Baby Yoda LED lamp they can use to guide them on their next journey to the couch so they can binge-watch The Mandalorian... yet again.

    The seven-inch lamp shaped like a cutesy Baby Yoda in his pod

    20. A customizable photo book so you can document all the days, months, years you've been *heart-eyed* over each other.

    21. A wireless Bluetooth karaoke mic that will spice up any and every Saturday night in. Throw on a YouTube lyric vid and watch them transcend into stardom.

    22. A lovable mug with a tiny little critter waiting to be revealed in the bottom of it — guaranteed to put a smile on their face during their afternoon of back-to-back meetings.

    five of the small mint mugs, with a duck, cat, panda, bunny, and tiger figure at the bottom of them

    23. A heart-shaped desk plant because even if you think love ~succs~ sometimes, you can't deny how unbelievably adorable these are.

    two green heart shaped plants

    24. A custom canvas print to signify one of your favorite moments together. This site has all sorts of layouts and shapes to choose from, plus it even allows text to be overlaid so they can be reminded of the date when you were living your best dang outside life.

    25. A gift subscription to Sips By for the tea enthusiast whose taste levels go beyond the sleepy time varieties. This curated box will feature four flavors that are specifically tailored to their preferences — *pinky's up* for a more refined tea time.

    26. A professional-looking pizza stone to replicate restaurant-style brick oven 'za. And, of course, to show them that they have a ~pizza~ your heart. (Sorry, had to.)

    27. An ~unbearably~ cuddly teddy bear coat so you can give them something that looks ultra stylish — and when you're apart, it'll emulate the feeling of one of your warm and cozy hugs. Awww!

    28. A sequin changing pillow that you can personalize with a pic of their sweet, photogenic pup. Now you see them! *Cries tears of joy.* Now you don't. *Cries real tears.* (Let's just keep it on their face shall we?)