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25 Quizzes To Take Instead Of Cleaning Your Room

In this house we condone procrastination by way of quizzes.

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of fun trivia and personality quizzes — in one place for your convenience. Take these quizzes to stave off your boredom.

1. This Is Going To Be Really Hard, But You Need To Pick Which Of These Disney Babies Are The Cutest

Baby Tarzan and Baby Hercules

There's Team Rapunzel and Team Simba. It's time for you to pick a side. Take the quiz here.

2. Your Dream Wedding Playlist Will Reveal If You're More Gen X, Millennial, Or Gen Z

"Party in the USA" over Miley, an arrow, and "Millennial" over a wedding
Hollywood / Pop TV

"Hey baby, I think I wanna marry you." Take the quiz here.

4. I Bet You Can't Solve These Taylor Swift Song Title Riddles — Can You Prove Me Wrong?

Apple / BuzzFeed / Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty

Swifties are practically detectives, so let's put your skills to the test! 🔍 Take the quiz here.

5. I'm Genuinely Curious If You Also Do These Embarrassing Things In Private

Sony Pictures Releasing / Getty

Be honest! Take the quiz here.

6. Here Are 14 Of The Worst Roommates Horror Stories Ever — Which Of These Roommates Would You Rather Live With?

"She dumped the kitty litter box on my bed" and "he used the toilet sponge to do dishes"

This quiz is guaranteed to make you want to live alone for the rest of your life. Take the quiz here.

7. The Extreme Milkshake You Create Is A Dead Giveaway To Your Hair Color

Extreme milkshakes
Lithiumcloud / Getty Images

It seems random, but it's actually very scientific. Take the quiz here.

8. People Shared 16 Trends They Absolutely Cannot Stand — Do You Agree?

Michael Scott saying stop it

C'mon, I know you have Thoughts™️ on all of these 👀. Take the quiz here.

9. Buy Some Gourmet Groceries To Reveal What Vibe You Give Off

Grocery bags and Jade West with the words "cool, but calculated"
Getty / Nickelodeon

Let's get fancy! Take the quiz here.

10. I Hate To Break It To You, But If You Check 16/23 On This List, You're Probably A Sim

"You're prone to setting things on fire" alongside "You cry very easily"

Apparently texting my landlord "motherlode" isn't an acceptable way to pay rent. Take the quiz here.

11. If You Did A Ton Of Binge-Watching In 2020, You Need To Take This TV Show Quiz

Regé-Jean Page and Elle Fanning
Netflix / Hulu

Because TV was a dear friend of everyone that year. Take the quiz here.

13. It's Pretty Obvious How Old You Are From The 12-Track Mixtape You Build

Billie Eilish's album labeled "14," Whitney Houston's album labeled "33," and Britney Spears' album labeled "27"
Interscope / Arista / Jive

My mix CD is going from "Sweet Caroline" straight into "Get Low." Take the quiz here.

14. I'm Curious Whether You Associate These Iconic Songs More With The Original Or Cover Version

Stills of the Jonas Brothers and Amy Winehouse performing
Hollywood Records, Inc. / BMI

When I say "Valerie," you say... Take the quiz here.

15. "Friends" PhDs, It's Time To Vote Between These Standout Episodes From Each Season

"Friends" episode "The One Hundreth" versus "Friends" episode "The One Where Everybody Finds Out"
Warner Bros.

I'm second guessing my opinions as I type this. Take the quiz here.

17. It Shouldn't Be That Hard To Spend Under $20 At Starbucks, But I Don't Think You Can


Time to put the 🤑 bucks 🤑 back in Starbucks, y'all. Take the quiz here.

18. Can We Actually Guess Your Favorite Color Based On What You Eat In A Day?

On the left, two strawberry sprinkle Pop-Tarts on a plate labeled "pink," and on the right, a Caesar salad in a bowl labeled "green"

If you like bananas, you probably love yellow. Take the quiz here.

19. Everyone Has A Cristina Yang Quote That Matches Their Personality — Here Is Yours

Cristina Yang from "Grey's Anatomy" and one of the results from the quiz

It's a fact that Cristina Yang had the best quotes on Grey's Anatomy! Take the quiz here.

20. Be A Home Designer For A Day And We'll Reveal How And When You'll Meet Your Soulmate


Become the interior designer of your life! Take the quiz here.

21. Here Are Kate Winslet's Most Iconic Red Carpet Looks — How Would You Rate Them?

Kate Winslet in pink dress in 1996 and in black dress in 2016

Let's be honest: Kate Winslet has been ~serving~ on the red carpet since Titanic. Take the quiz here.

22. It's Time To See If You've Been Victimized By The Same Mandela Effects As Everyone Else

First Time Books

We've all been there — or have we? Take the quiz here.

24. Oh, Hello, I Didn't See You There — Want To Try A General Knowledge Quiz?

Shrek and Matterhorn
DreamWorks Pictures / Getty

This quiz isn't proctored, so you can technically cheat on it. Take the quiz here.

25. Ever Wondered Which Disney Princess You're Most Like? Just Design A Cute Bedroom To Find Out

Ariel and bedroom with striped bedspread
Disney / Getty

You don't have to live in a castle to have a ~royal~ bedroom! Take the quiz here.

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