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People Shared 16 Trends They Absolutely Cannot Stand — Do You Agree?

C'mon, I know you have Thoughts™️ on all of these 👀.

Let's be honest — we all have that trend that everyone seems obsessed with, but we just find really, truly annoying. Maybe it's a meme that just won't die or a fashion statement you wish had never caught on in the first place. Whatever it is, you wish people would fiiiiinally move on to something new, right?

Well, redditor u/GreivousPanda posed the question, "What 'trends' do you fucking hate?" to the people of Reddit, and they did not hold back with their replies, either. Here are some of the most popular ones — do you agree or disagree?

1. Internet prank culture:

"Unless everyone is laughing in the end, it's not funny. There's a special place in hell for people that intentionally slap a slice of cheddar in their baby's/pet's face to harvest internet points."


2. People documenting everything on social media:

"Maybe it’s because I’m particularly shy, but I’m not always the most comfortable when I’m having a conversation and somebody at the table is recording a Snapchat video or if we spend a crazy amount of time taking pictures for a story. Sometimes social media practically overwhelms a hangout."


3. Making your partner jealous for internet clout:

"Those TikTok trends where people make their spouses jealous. It just seems weird to me that one would find humor in their spouse's insecurities."


4. The "no one will share" memes:

"I'm beyond annoyed with the 'no one will share' memes on Facebook. Really? Why do people feel if their stupid shit isn't liked or shared their existence means nothing?"


5. Causing chaos in public for likes:


"Especially if it is at the expense of people just trying to do their job. Don’t go to a Burger King and try to order a bunch of McDonald’s food. You aren’t clever, you’re just a douchebag."


"Those kids who would 'trip' and destroy jugs of milk. It's such a waste and some poor minimum wage employee is going to have to mop that shit up."


6. The “you’ve been using [blank] wrong” trend:


7. Charcoal products:

"It's really horrible for your teeth and I don't know about the other products that are supposed to 'improve' anything."


"Also, let's stop putting activated charcoal in food. There's been more than a few cases where people didn't realize that activated charcoal will cancel out whatever medication they're on."


8. Turning everything into a hustle:

"Turning your hobbies into a side hustle. Some people just like having a hobby! I hate this weird pressure to be a savvy business person when you're comfortable right where you are."


9. Cropped everything:

"Why the hell is everything cropped? I just want to buy a full length sweater and not pay $80 for half a shirt."


10. People writing long stories before their online recipes:

"How recipes need to share a life story that's over five pages of text before getting to the actual recipe."


11. Using astrology to "explain" everything:

"Using astrology to normalize toxicity or/and mental illness symptoms. Seeing people explain my mental illness symptoms as 'just Libra things' is the most frustrating thing."


12. Gender reveal parties:

"It's the idea that you need to go above and beyond to reveal your child's gender. People should keep it nice and simple — you don't need to start a wildfire to reveal if your child is male or female."


13. People proudly calling themselves "toxic" or "manipulative":

"I'm not sure if it's just on TikTok, but people are always like, 'Haha I'm a toxic girlfriend' or 'Female manipulator, lol.' Those are not qualities you should be bragging about? It's so strange."


14. Mobile game ads:

"Those stupid fucking ads with those puzzles that are nowhere in the game."


15. Censoring older content that doesn't meet 2021's standards:

"Just slap a warning at the beginning and stop acting like it never happened. I watched The Craft on TV the other night and every horrible thing Christine Taylor's character said to Rochelle was cut. She goes from being a racist bully to just being a bitch and it knocked the wind right out of the sails for that whole part of the story."


16. And finally, influencers:

"Everyone on Instagram with at least 1,000 followers trying to be 'influencers.'"


Are there any current trends you 100% cannot stand? Sound off about them in the comments below!