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27 Of The Funniest Twitter Reactions To Eurovision 2016

"What the heck is a #Eurovision?"

1. The whole country woke up excited for the special day.

β˜†γ€‚β˜…γ€‚β˜†γ€‚β˜… β˜†γ€‚β˜…γ€‚β˜†γ€‚β˜… β˜…γ€‚β˜†γ€‚β˜…γ€‚β˜† β˜…γ€‚οΌΌο½œοΌγ€‚β˜… EUROVISION DAY β˜…γ€‚οΌο½œοΌΌγ€‚β˜… β˜†γ€‚β˜†γ€‚β˜…γ€‚β˜† β˜†γ€‚β˜…γ€‚β˜†γ€‚β˜… β˜†γ€‚β˜†γ€‚β˜…γ€‚β˜†

2. Although some weren't too optimistic about the UK's chances.

Latest #Eurovision odds: Russia - 2/1 Ukraine - 6/1 Leicester City - 5000/1 United Kingdom - 10000000000/1

3. Host Mans Zelmerlow was a fan favourite.

4. The show began with some kind of weird catwalk.

I'm enjoying the sixth form fashion show. When's #Eurovision on?

5. There were the usual bizarre looks.

when you're going camping but you don't know how to set up the tent #cro #SBSEurovision #Eurovision


7. Although some acts seemed a little underdressed.

Tuck your shirt in, pet. #Eurovision

8. While others looked like celebrities who'd fallen on hard times.

Alanis Morisette's let herself go. #eurovision

9. Americans got confused.

10. A pattern emerged.

#Eurovision male performer starter kit

11. Viewers were quick to see the Photoshop potential.


13. And jumped on the chance to update some memes.

14. We witnessed the most intense zoom in history.

A zoom in so intense EVERYONE has now got whiplash. #Eurovision

15. Viewers questioned Australia's place in the competition.

@BuzzFeedOz @BuzzFeedEspana found us! #Eurovision


"Australia is a big part of Europe and should definitely be in the Eurovision Song Contest."

17. Some countries took advantage of their set design budget.

When you take a great selfie and have control of the staging of Malta's Eurovision entry.

18. While others did not.

Is there a budget limit for Eurovision staging? How come Russia gets to outdo BeyoncΓ© at the Super Bowl and this lady has only half her hair

19. Justin Timberlake showed up.

β€œI’ve always been a huge fan of the Eurovisions…” #BBCEurovision


21. The UK still weren't feeling their chances.

That 'Remember you can't vote for the UK entry' warning also comes up on the screen of every other European country too #Eurovision

22. There were some questionable presenters dishing out their country's points.

23. Australia ended up performing better than expected.

24. But in the end were let down by geography.

How the hell does Australia expect to win when they have no neighbouring countries? #Eurovision

25. Insults were made.

Me: wanna hear a joke? You: yeah sure Me:


@BuzzFeedGermany mate go back to watching Dragon Ball z

27. But there was one thing everyone agreed on.

Eurovision: Bringing countries together.


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