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Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016

A Lot Of Russians Think There Was A Eurovision Conspiracy Against Them

They think the vote was rigged and Ukraine only won thanks to "politics".

19 witzige Tweets, die den ESC perfekt zusammenfassen

"Peter Urban wird wieder für ein Jahr eingefroren."

Ukraine Are The Winners Of Eurovision 2016

But for a while it looked like it would be Australia.

27 Of The Most Ridiculous Moments Of Eurovision 2016

It was truly a night to remember.

22 Times Graham Norton Was Sassy AF During Eurovision 2016

“From one of the best songs in the competition… to Cyprus.”

Tumblr Reacted Hilariously To Eurovision, As You Might Expect

"Eurovision isn't about winning. It's about embarassing your country and drowning your regrets in glitter."

Australia Nearly Won Eurovision And It Scared The Hell Out Of Us

"Australia is my favourite European country so far."

Graham Norton Led A Heartfelt Tribute To Terry Wogan During Eurovision

Norton asked viewers to "raise a glass" for him said it would be a fitting tribute to his late predecessor, who commentated on Eurovision for 35 years.

A Probably Doomed Attempt To Predict Who Will Win Eurovision, With Maths

There is no way this prediction attempt can go wrong.

17 Things You Need To Know About Russia's Eurovision Entry

He used to be in a band with t.A.T.u.

29 Sassy AF Eurovision Comments From Graham Norton

"She can do extraordinary things with her voice, not pleasant things, but extraordinary."

The Ultimate Eurovision Drinking Game

What's that? Someone's singing in a European language? FINISH YOUR DRINK.

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