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    14 Pictures Of Shia LaBeouf In Movies Watching Movies

    All in the name of art. H/T @SilentDawnLB

    Inspired by this fine tweet, we decided to insert Shia LaBeouf into movie scenes. Movie scenes where he'd be watching other movie scenes. Shiaception.

    @Criterion, there seems to be an error on my Blu-ray copy.

    1. Catch Me if You Can

    2. The Shawshank Redemption

    3. Inglorious Basterds

    4. Taxi Driver

    5. A Clockwork Orange

    6. Donnie Darko

    7. The Green Mile

    8. Cinema Paradiso

    9. The Purple Rose of Cairo

    10. Cape Fear (1991)

    11. True Romance

    12. Scream 2

    13. Amélie

    14. 500 Days of Summer