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    23 Of The Weirdest Things People Have Purchased While Drunk

    "I bought a year subscription to Plenty of Fish for a fake profile that I made for a dolphin."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us some of the weird things they’ve purchased while drunk. Here are some of the best responses:


    2. "Three copies of The Color Purple, a pair of inflatable saxophones, and a Knight Rider Halloween costume for my cat."

    Submitted by Sruthi Narayanan, Facebook

    3. "I drunkenly bought a Groupon for a huge blow-up water slide rental with built in snow cone machine. It cost me $150 and I never got to use it because every weekend I tried to get the slide it was already booked for a kid’s party."

    Submitted by abigailm4f996815e


    5. "10 pairs of Heelies and three months of karate lessons. Sad to say I never became a ninja on wheels."

    Submitted by Bri Hoy-Skubik, Facebook

    6. "My husband got really drunk and purchased a hand drawn 'portrait' of himself from another drunk random for $40. The artist's signature was a 'Fuck you'. It was all scribbles."

    Submitted by lynng441574477


    8. "I once woke up to an email confirming my order of a baseball T-shirt that said 'I Love Big Balls and Hard Wood'. I completely forgot about it but slowly started to remember my drunk self thinking that it would be the most awesome shirt I'd ever own and telling half the bar about it too."

    Submitted by Emily Grace Lysiak, Facebook

    9. "I paid a street vendor two euros to let me shuck oysters with him in Paris."

    Submitted by breeziec


    11. "The first time I drank in college I bought my dog a bedtime story book and had it shipped home and addressed to my dog."

    Submitted by Alix Brewster

    12. "I bought $200 worth of all kinds of colourful, fancy, glittery, decorative, patterned tape because I was going to become an entrepreneur and start making hula hoops. Well, that was my great idea after watching like three YouTube videos about the topic. I still don't know how to make one."

    Submitted by Sarah Anderson, Facebook


    14. "While drunk after a wedding I bought a cat translator app on my phone and then proceeded to pester my boyfriend’s cat."

    Submitted by erikak4cb83c0da

    15. "I passed out while trying to order a speargun for spearfishing off of Amazon a few months ago. I've never been scuba diving, much less spearfishing, and have no idea what drunk me could have wanted to do with a flippin' spear gun."

    Submitted by Dayle Kornely, Facebook


    17. "I bought a taxidermy baby duckling statue named 'Quack the Ripper'. He is magical."

    Submitted by Amanda Jarvis

    18. "I bought a penny… Literally a penny off of eBay. It was supposed to be for some sort of craft project, but instead I was just confused as hell when I got an envelope in the mail with a penny in it."

    Submitted by brooke1948


    20. "My college friend bought a plane ticket to Louisiana. She wanted to visit her aunts Louise and Anna. They live in New Hampshire."

    Submitted by traceyw419425b98

    21. "I drank a load of bourbon and bought a year subscription to Plenty of Fish for a fake profile that I made for a dolphin. I only released when I was going through my bank statements 2 months later."

    Submitted by Johnny Gash, Facebook


    23. "I woke up the next day after drinking to find I’d bought myself a T-rex costume. Now if I’m feeling sad I break out the T-rex. It’s hard to be sad when you’re a T-rex."

    Submitted by heleno5

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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