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    21 Questions About Childhood Movies That Will Haunt Me To My Dying Day

    Did Bee Movie really feature a romance between a human and a goddamn bee?

    1. When a toy dies in Toy Story, would Andy unknowingly be left playing with the toy's corpse?

    Walt Disney Studios / Pixar

    2. In the first movie, if Buzz Lightyear thinks he's actually a space ranger, why does he act like a toy in front of Andy?

    Walt Disney Studios / Pixar

    3. In Home Alone, how does the house look so clean after Kevin has littered the entire building with destructive traps?

    20th Century Fox / Hughes Entertainment

    4. Are Harry and Marv actually immortal?

    20th Century Fox / Hughes Entertainment

    5. And with his traps escalating in violence each movie, does Kevin McCallister grow up to be Jigsaw from the Saw franchise?

    20th Century Fox / Hughes Entertainment / Lions Gate Films

    6. Talking of possible prequels, after using her telekinetic powers to get revenge on those who have wronged her, does Matilda grow up to be Carrie?!

    TriStar Pictures / United Artists

    7. Additionally, why did Miss Trunchbull choose to become a teacher if she hates children so much?

    TriStar Pictures

    8. In the Stuart Little universe, is it common for a family to walk into an orphanage and adopt a rodent instead of a human child?

    Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures

    9. Also, is a bird and a mouse hooking up something that happens regularly?

    Columbia Pictures / Sony Pictures

    10. Speaking of interspecies relationships, in Shrek, how does a donkey and a dragon have, umm…intercourse?

    DreamWorks Pictures

    11. And did Bee Movie really feature a romance between a human and a goddamn bee?

    DreamWorks Animation / Paramount Pictures

    12. In Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, how does Grandpa Joe go from being bed-bound for 20 years to suddenly being able to dance?

    Paramount Pictures

    13. Why does Grandpa Joe have long nails on his pinky fingers? 👀

    Paramount Pictures


    Paramount Pictures

    15. Did any of the animators working on Shark Tale ever see an actual fish in real life?

    DreamWorks Animation

    16. In The Little Mermaid, is Ariel completely OK with eating seafood despite having many aquatic friends and being half-fish herself?

    Walt Disney Pictures

    17. In Space Jam, why is Michael Jordan completely unfazed after being sucked into a golf course and discovering that the Looney Tunes exist in real life?

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    18. And why is Michael Jordan, one of the richest athletes of all time, living in such an average house?

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    19. In Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the dwarfs own and operate a diamond mine, so why are they living in a dilapidated shack?


    20. In Pokémon: The First Movie, Ash mentions Minnesota – does this mean that the USA exists in the world of Pokémon?

    The Pokémon Company / Toho

    21. And finally, why did the makers of children's movies decide to fool an entire generation into thinking that quicksand was something that we'd encounter in our day-to-day lives???

    20th Century Fox / Warner Bros. / Walt Disney Pictures

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