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The 17 Most Important British Memes Of 2015

It's been a standout year for high-quality memes.

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1. In the wake of the Paris terror attacks Kay Burley provided some much needed humour when she tweeted about a dog with "sadness in his eyes".

My dog writing a poignant opinion piece. He broke down immediately after this photo. #sadnessinhiseyes @KayBurley

A helpline has been set up #sadnessinhiseyes

2. Patrick Thistle FC unveiled a new and utterly terrifying mascot.

Introducing our new mascot, designed by @davidshrigley, Kingsley.

Before and after a season watching Partick Thistle

Sorry Partick Thistle, someone had to do it.

3. A cape malfunction caused Madonna to take a tumble at the Brit Awards.


4. Everyone learnt the name of Ronnie Pickering.

5. Former Labour leader Ed Miliband developed a following among teens calling themselves the Milifandom.

6. Americans struggled to understand what a cheeky Nando's was, but luckily Britain was able to lend a helping hand.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey provided the perfect setup for a joke.

Focus Features

Note: Twitter's new layout for photos has now ruined this meme. Thanks, Twitter.

8. BBC News interviewed the greatest guest in the history of news guests.

Finally, video footage of Bounce on BBC News

'Who's a good boy? Look, Susan, don't patronize me, but to answer your question yes, me, I have been a good boy'

9. Gordon Ramsey made an idiot sandwich.

The Late Late Show with James Corden

10. A difficult exam question about Hannah's sweets sent GCSE maths students into a panic.

me when the question about hannah's sweets came up #EdexcelMaths

Hannah eats some sweets. Calculate the circumference of Jupiter using your tracing paper and a rusty spoon. (5 marks) #EdexcelMaths

This was literally me when Hannah's stupid sweet question came up #EdexcelMaths

11. MP and former leader of the SNP Alex Salmond strutted into parliament.

Stefan Rousseau / PA Wire / Press Association Images

When yer absolutely hammered but the bouncer still lets you in anyway

12. An unlikely star in the form of "hipster cop" was born out of an anti-fascist protest.

I know that hipsters like looking uncool but this is ridiculous! #riotpolice #walthamstow #hipstercop #fecalbeard

" I make my own pepper spray it's more authentic than the off the shelf variety" #Hipstercop

"You wouldn't know my favourite riot it's too obscure."

13. A weasel rode a woodpecker.

Martin Le-May

Figured I'd contribute to the #peckerweasel with the addition of Gandalf on an eagle...

14. Adele released "Hello".

when you walk into the liquor store

15. While vying for Labour leadership, Liz Kendall released a video of herself at a computer.

Liz Kendall

When you're mildly pleased with a tweet you wrote

16. Britain virtually gatecrashed a Californian student’s flute recital.

17. And finally, a book claimed that David Cameron “put a private part of his anatomy” into a pig.

Monday's Daily Mail front page: Revenge! #tomorrowspaperstoday #bbcpapers

Notice how in this picture David Cameron isn't wearing his wedding ring. Suspicious...

When you're 15 minutes into Peppa Pig and chill and then David Cameron gives you this look