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    "Fuller House" Featured Two Major Throwbacks To Young Stephanie Tanner

    These throwbacks were the opposite of rude!

    The final episodes of Fuller House dropped this week and featured some epic Stephanie Tanner throwbacks.

    ABC / Via hulu, ABC / Via Hulu

    Full House nostalgia is all we've ever wanted.

    First, the Thanksgiving episode, "Cold Turkey," recreated one of Stephanie's most iconic Full House moments.

    ABC / Via Hulu, Netflix / Via Netflix

    Who can forget when Steph drove Joey's prized possession through the kitchen?

    The moment got some similar reactions:

    Netflix / Via Netflix

    Tommy is no Michelle (no child is), but he nailed this.

    DJ was as shocked as ever:

    ABC / Via Hulu

    We wish we could've seen the photos she took of the original incident.

    Danny was as upset as ever about the kitchen:

    ABC / Via Hulu, Netflix / Via Netflix

    He just waxed the floors!

    And Joey was obviously distraught over his car (again):

    ABC / Via Hulu, Netflix / Via Netflix

    RIP Rosie(s).

    Also, shoutout to the episode for this small nod to Full House's original Thanksgiving episode.

    ABC / Via Hulu, Netflix / Via Netflix

    At least Steph didn't ruin this one!

    Believe it or not, the car in the kitchen wasn't the only major Stephanie throwback.


    That's right, Steph's fiancé (now husband), Jimmy Gibbler, recreated her iconic "Love Shack" telethon dance.

    If we didn't ship them before, we do now!

    Netflix / Via Netflix

    This episode, "The Nearlyweds," also paid tribute to another classic Full House episode.

    Thanks, Fuller House, for giving us the Full House nostalgia we crave one last time.

    Netflix / Via Netflix

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