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    The "Fuller House" Season Finale Did Not Disappoint With The Cameos

    Everywhere you look...

    Fuller House has officially come to an end, and the show's series finale featured some fun cameos.


    In addition to all of the above characters, the series finale saw a lot of guest stars ranging from classic Full House actors, folks from earlier seasons of Fuller House, and some exciting musical guests. (This photo is from the penultimate episode, but the moment was too adorable not to share.)

    Classic Full House Cameos:

    Danny (Bob Saget), Joey (Dave Coulier), and Uncle Jesse (John Stamos)


    They obviously couldn't finish off the spin-off series with the original dads. The OGs showed up a lot throughout the new series' run and they've always felt more like full-fledged cast members than guest stars.

    Gia (Marla Sokoloff)


    Classic Gia. Sokoloff also made many appearances throughout Fuller House, but she didn't show up in the new episodes until the finale. We love that despite being happy with Matt, she's still a party girl.

    Derek (Blake McIver Ewing)


    This may have been the finale's best surprise. Derek is one of the many characters we were hoping to see, but it felt like a long shot considering he was a friend of Michelle's. Not only did he appear, but he sang a bit of "Yankee Doodle Dandy!"

    Duane (Scott Menville)


    It's hilarious that D.J., Stephanie, and Kimmy's triple wedding featured a lot of the brides and grooms' exes. Duane dated Kimmy on the original series and even popped up in Fuller House's high school reunion episode. It was nice to hear him give one last "whatever."

    Viper (David Lipper)


    Viper was a Monkey Puppet who dated D.J. after she broke up with Steve. He was lurking around in the background of the wedding, but it wasn't his first appearance. He also showed up in the reunion episode.

    Vicky (Gail Edwards)


    This marks Edwards' second cameo on Fuller House, reprising her role as the beloved Vicky, Danny's ex-fiancée. I'm pretty devastated that she and Danny didn't end up together, but it was nice to see her one more time.

    Fuller House Throwback Cameos:

    Lola (Ashley Liao)


    Lola was a big part of the first two seasons of Fuller House. She was Romona's BFF and dated Jackson until they broke up in season three. We're Team Rocki, but it was fun to see her again.

    Popko (Isaak Presley)


    This marks the series' eighth Popko appearance. The character was basically the reverse Lola; he was best friends with Jackson and dated Romona. The only thing that was missing was his signature hat.

    C.J. (Virginia Williams) & Rose (Mckenna Grace)


    Considering Steve left her at the altar for D.J., it was surprising to see C.J. showing up to their wedding. However, she seemed in good spirits and brought along her daughter, Rose. We stan Mckenna Grace forever!

    Larry (Ryun Yu)


    Larry appeared in an episode of season two and another in season three, first serving as a rival competitive parent to D.J. and then later having a crush on her. While being interviewed as a potential officiant in the finale, Larry reveals he wants to break up the wedding.

    Musical Guests:

    Lisa Loeb


    Lisa Loeb camoed in the first half of the season as a patron of D.J. and Matt's vet clinic and eventually invited Stephanie to be her opener on tour. Loeb showed up at the wedding to sing at the end of the ceremony.

    Joey McIntyre


    The New Kids on the Block were basically Fuller House's version of The Beach Boys. The group appeared in an earlier episode and was mentioned often throughout the series. Danny ended up recruiting McIntyre to officiate the triple wedding, munch to the delight of the brides.

    Unsurprisingly, the show ended without ever featuring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Michelle.

    netflix / Via netflix

    This moment in the penultimate episode did provide a big laugh, though.

    Thank you Fuller House for spreading joy for five seasons and giving us plenty of fun Full House throwbacks.


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