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    This OG "Full House" Couple Parted As Friends

    I'm displeased.

    In December 2017, Fuller House gave me a gift. They reunited Danny Tanner with Vicky Larson.

    Ever since that fateful Season 3 finale, I've been holding out hope that Danny and Vicky would finally be endgame.

    The second half of Fuller House's final season just dropped, and I thought my dreams were coming true when...

    ...Vicky showed up in the series finale!

    But then...

    To add to the blow, an earlier new episode titled "The Nearlywed Game" was a direct homage TO THE EPISODE where Danny and Vicky broke up.

    It's going to take a long time to get over it, but I'm still grateful to Gail for coming back to the show again.