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    18 "Full House" Characters We Still Need To See On "Fuller House"

    Have mercy!

    The first three seasons of Fuller House were ripe with cameos from Full House.

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    We've been blessed with appearances from The Rippers, Nicky (Blake Tuomy-Wilhoit), Alex (Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit), Viper (David Lipper), Grandpa Nick (John Aprea), Duane (Scott Menville), Kathy Santoni (Anne Marie McEvoy), and Vicky Larson (Gail Edwards). The show also gave us Fake Nelson (Hal Sparks, not Jason Marsden) and Fake Harry (Michael Sun Lee, not Nathan Nishiguchi).

    However, the fourth season gave us ZERO new cameos from the original show! / Via

    Thankfully, they brought back Gia (Marla Sokoloff), but she's become such a staple during the new series' run that she hardly counts as a cameo anymore.

    Some of us watch Fuller House purely for the Full House nostalgia, so I'm here to lend a helping hand and suggest some future cameos...

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    Because we need this. I need this.

    1. The Beach Boys

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    Earlier this year, Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, and Bruce Johnston reunited for a Q&A session at the Capitol Records Tower. If they can do that, why not Fuller House?

    2. Teddy

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    Tahj Mowry still acts! Also, wouldn't you love to see what this stinker is up to? He came back once, he could do it again. While we're throwing out suggestions...

    3. Denise

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    ...Can you imagine if Denise showed up with Teddy and they were married? ADORABLE. We need this to happen before Birds of Prey comes out and Jurnee Smollett-Bell gets too busy!

    4. Vicky (again)

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    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Vicky and Danny's break-up hurt me more than my own parent's divorce. Last season teased us with her lovely cameo, but this season didn't even mention her. It was devastating. BRING BACK VICKY!

    5. Grandma Irene

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    We got a glimpse of Grandpa Nick, so it's only natural that we'd want to see his wife, too. Yvonne Wilder hasn't acted onscreen since the early '90s, but Gail Edwards hadn't either and she still showed up!

    6. Little Richard

    ABC / Via

    AKA Denise's uncle. In the aforementioned hypothetical episode where Teddy and Denise pop in with their family, it'd be ~nuts~ if that didn't include Uncle Richard.

    7. Derek

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    Oh, Derek. What an icon. Not only does Blake McIver Ewing still act, but he is hella dashing now and would fit right in with the rest of the attractive cast.

    8. Lisa

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    You can't have Derek without Lisa! Maybe they're starring in a national tour of Wicked together and the Tanners go to see them. Kathryn Zaremba hasn't acted since 1997 and she's busy running her own business, BUT THEY COULD STILL ASK HER.

    9. Rigby the Rhino

    ABC / Via

    You could literally put any human being in this ridiculous orange suit and OG fans would flip. This one is a freebie.

    10. Walter

    ABC / Via

    Whit Hertford is still acting! Maybe Walter is Instagram famous now for inventing the duck face. Maybe he embraced his tortured childhood and owns a duck farm. The possibilities are endless!

    11. The Smash Club

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    Okay, so the Smash Club is not a person, but we were really excited when Uncle Jesse announced he'd be reopening the club at the end of the last season. He mentioned it in season four, but we never got to see it post-laundromat. WHY?

    12. Mickey

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    It's been two years since Molly Morgan made her last TV appearance, but that's nothing in comparison to some of the other dream cameos. Now, this is the most important suggestion I will ever make: Mickey should come back as the girl Stephanie dated.

    13. Aaron

    ABC / Via

    Miko Hughes was basically the child face of the '90s and he's still acting, so it's crazy he hasn't shown up on Fuller House yet. Maybe Aaron grew up to be some kind of corrupt politician. Or maybe he's a sleazy club promoter that does Uncle Jesse dirty at the Smash Club?

    14. Jennifer S. & Jennifer P.

    ABC / Via

    Okay, fine, we just want to see Danielle Fishel on TV again.

    15. Rusty

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    While Fuller House was kind enough to grace us with a Rusty flashback, we would love to see Jordan Christopher Michael (he stil acts!) return as our favorite prankster. Maybe he's a struggling comic who Joey takes under his wing. Maybe he's a rival comic that makes Joey feel old and outdated. So many choices!

    16. Cindy

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    You can't have Rusty without his mom, and Debra Sandlund still acts, too! Maybe she's Rusty's manager. Maybe she rekindles a romance with Danny only for them to run into Vicky on their date, and that's how Danny realizes he should be with Vicky. BRING BACK VICKY!

    17. Steve Urkel

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    Jaleel White made a cameo on Full House, so why not Fuller House? People would FREAK OUT if they got to see Urkel now. Since this is a post of wishes, let's bring everyone from Family Matters in for a cameo!

    18. And, of course, Michelle Elizabeth Tanner...

    ABC / Via

    We know this will never happen, but it wouldn't be right to leave Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen off the list. We respect their decision, but it doesn't hurt to hope, right? (Also, if they come back, I vow to get a Michelle Tanner tattoo.)

    Thank you, Fuller House! We wouldn't be able to dream this big if you didn't exist.

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    Watch the latest season of Fuller House on Netflix or treat yourself to some OG Full House on Hulu!!

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