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    16 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now For Better Skin

    Great skin doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg.

    Let's be honest here: EVERYONE wants better skin, but with tons of products that all promise to do something different, picking the right ones can be overwhelming. Fortunately, in between trying new cleansers and toners, there are things we can start doing to improve our skin and they cost absolutely nothing!


    1. Chileee, drink your water!

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    Water cleans out your system and removes toxins in your body. According to Harvard Health, how much water people should drink varies based on factors like health conditions and exercise. But, everyone needs it and should check with their doctor to make sure they're getting the right amount. Adding in a lemon always helps me with the taste!

    2. Drink green tea, which has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe redness and some discoloration.

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    According to 100PercentPure, green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce irritation, redness, and swelling of the skin. It also can be used as a hydrating face mask — when cold, of course.

    3. Check your stress levels. Yep, I said what I said.

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    Stress breakouts are real, so take a moment to practice some self-care, whether that's applying a hydrating mask, lighting some candles, or unplugging from social media for a while. If you want to learn more of how I managed my anxiety, check out my post here.

    4. If possible, cut out dairy and switch to substitutes like almond or cashew milk.

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    If you didn't know, giving up dairy (especially skim milk) can seriously help your skin out. According to MSN, cutting out foods like milk, cheese, and ice cream can improve skin texture, skin tone, and acne.

    5. Pay attention to the times you touch your face and use something like Tangle Therapy or, dare I say it, a fidget spinner, to keep your hands busy.


    Y'all, stop touching your face! I know it's hard, but putting your bacteria-laden hands on your face puts your skin at risk. All those germs on your hands are now on your face. Nope, no. Stop touching.

    You can get a Tangle Therapy product here for $5.99.

    6. Clean. Your. Makeup. Brushes.

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    "From a dermatologist's perspective, I would like to see daily brush washing, so bugs and old make-up doesn't accumulate," Greg Goodman, associate professor and dermatologist at the Dermatology Institute of Victoria told BuzzFeed. So get to cleaning!

    7. Clean off your cell phone with an alcohol wipe *at least* once a week to get off millions of germs.

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    Considering your cell phone is ten times dirtier than a toilet seat (EWWWW) I would HIGHLY recommend you wipe your phone with an antibacterial wipe at least once a day. When you answer your phone, you're putting all of those germs up to your cheek, eye area, and ear.

    8. Always remove your makeup at night.

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    Makeup shouldn't be on your skin while you sleep. It can clog up pores and irritate skin. Remove your makeup, cleanse your skin and follow with a moisturizer each night to treat your skin right. If you're feeling extra lazy, keep makeup remover cloths on your bedside table. No excuses!

    9. Swear by SPF (yes, even my melanated sisters need that UV defense).

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    Again, something we've heard time after time. SPF not only offers protection from harmful UV rays that can add to the risk of skin cancer, but it's also is a barrier for free-radicals that exist in our air and congests our pores. No matter your skin tone or color, we all need SPF all year round.

    10. If you're super prone to clogged pores, a cleanser specifically for detoxing your pores may be your answer (yep, even when you're not wearing makeup).

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    Your face is exposed to all types of germs throughout the day, and washing the day away will help remove bacteria and clear up your skin. Find a good cleanser and get into those pores, honey! Of course, follow up with a moisturizer when you're finished.

    11. Add a face oil to your skincare regimen for intense hydration.

    12. And an exfoliant that will smooth away dead skin and clear up acne breakouts.

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    Honey if you haven't been exfoliating before, let me be the first to introduce you! Exfoliating has a ton of benefits, like minimizing pores, removing dead skin cells for healthy, glowing skin, and reducing breakouts because it unclogs your pores from excess oil.

    13. Get more sleep.

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    Although the world says you can sleep later, sleep NOW. Your body needs the rest to recuperate from the day, especially since not getting enough sleep can worsen pre-existing skin conditions and accelerate your skin's aging process.

    14. Get active so you can sweat out those toxins.

    15. Wash your pillows every six months, and your pillow cases and bed linens every two weeks.

    16. And lastly, if you have a few dollars to spend, invest in a showerhead that filters out high levels of chlorine.

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    Do you ever feel like your hair is brittle feeling after a shower? Or that your skin is super dry? A shower head can filter out excess chlorine in your water, a chemical which has a variety of side effects from health risks to asthma and allergy attacks, oh, and dry, irritated skin.

    Are there any inexpensive ways you've improved your skin? Share all the deets down below!