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26 Ingenious Products You Need Every Time You Shower

Showering just became your new favorite activity.

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3. This filter that will shower you with your daily dose of vitamin C.


Because you absorb a lot of chlorine while showering, this filter acts as a neutralizer and meets the de-chlorinating requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act. Your hair and skin will thank you.

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6. A thermostat control valve that will help you set the perfect water temperature.


A thermostatic control valve controls input and output pressure and temperature, therefore preventing unwanted and potentially dangerous scalding and thermal shocks. It's also a water saver, because it controls hot and cold water inputs more effectively.

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17. An eco-friendly shower timer that reminds you when you should be getting out.


It will help reduce your time in the shower by sensing the water flow around it. It flashes green for when you should start showering, yellow for when you're halfway through, and red for when you should stop (after four to five minutes). Save water, save the planet — or at least enough hot water for everyone in your family to use.

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