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15 Movie And TV Retrospectives From 2015 That Will Make You Nostalgic

In 2015, BuzzFeed News talked to disappearing '00s star Susan May Pratt, found out the story behind Love and Basketball, and had Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg talk to each other about their career highlights. Here are our best retrospectives of the year, in the order they were published.

1. The Wachowskis Refuse To Take No For An Answer — Adam B. Vary

2. Why Matthew Perry Can’t Quit — Kate Aurthur

3. After 20 Years, “Friday” Is (Still) The Most Important Film Ever Made About The Hood — Kelley L. Carter

4. Arnold Schwarzenegger Looks Back At The Roles That Redefined His Career — Alison Willmore

5. How “Love & Basketball” Changed The Way Black Audiences Saw Themselves Onscreen — Kelley L. Carter

6. How “Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead” Went From D.O.A. To Beloved Cult Classic — Jarett Wieselman

7. The Curious Case Of Susan May Pratt — Jarett Wieselman

8. 13 Things You Didn’t Know About “Bring It On” — Jarett Wieselman

9. Behind-The-Scenes Casting Secrets From “Gossip Girl,” “Arrow,” And More — Jarett Wieselman

10. How Ethan Embry Staged His Unlikely Comeback — Jarett Wieselman

11. Tom Hanks Reveals The Movies That Have Meant The Most To Him — Jaimie Etkin

12. Steven Spielberg Reveals The Movies That’ve Meant The Most To Him — Jaimie Etkin

13. The Movie That Taught A Generation Of Misfits To Let Their Freak Flags Fly — Louis Peitzman

14. The Director Of “Twilight” Reveals Some Things You Probably Never Knew – Kate Aurthur

15. The Triumphs And Mistakes That Got J.J. Abrams Ready For “Star Wars” — Kate Aurthur