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    23 Things That'll Make It Feel Like You've Got Your Life Together

    Show life who's in charge.

    1. A timed stirring tool that'll do all the work for you. It rotates back and forth to make sure your soups and sauces don't get scalded at the bottom of your pot, and your arm can catch a break.

    2. A copy of the bestselling book You Are a Badass, so you can drown out the pesky self-doubt thats rears its ugly head every now and then. It's a self-help book, but it's also hilarious and kind of like taking your mental health to a lovely movie date.

    3. A spinning makeup brush cleaner that'll get those brushes you've been ignoring for weeks clean and fluffed up again. It spins and washes brushes of any diameter and can even dry them afterwards, so all your beauty tools are left soft and free of bacteria.

    4. A Deep Sleep pillow spray that may help you manage your sleeping pattern better. It harnesses the soothing powers of botanicals like lavender to lull you into deep sleep, so you can wake up fresh and well rested.

    5. An electronic label maker, so you can organize all the items in your pantry, fridge, or hobby supply box. TBH, the possibilities are endless when it comes to label makers. Go ahead and jazz up your phone or laptop, or use it to mark your charger so your partner doesn't steal it (again).

    6. A T-shirt nightgown, so you can stop wearing the same pair of PJs you're bored of all the time. It's stylish enough to wear outside, too, so you won't even have to change if you're taking out the recycling or walking your pupper.

    7. A set of food-saving stretch lids that fit the mouth of pretty much any bowl, so your leftovers can stay flavourful and fresh. There are four lids in the set, so you'll have everything ~covered~.

    8. A set of special facial razors for anyone who loves their arches sculpted to perfection, but can't hit the salon right now. The razor is precise enough to shape the brow, but can be used all over the face as a dermaplaning tool to help absorb skincare better, too.

    9. A lunar phase yoga mat that'll help you get in the mood to meditate and stretch. Do a high-intensity workout or lie down and listen to some calming music. It's made with biodegradable rubber, so it's easy to grip, but the surface still feels as soft as suede on your feet, so you can do whatever you want on it.

    10. A subscription to HelloFresh, if grocery store trips are getting too stressful for you. I personally ALWAYS forget one or two items while shopping and it drives me bonkers. With HelloFresh, you'll get the best fresh ingredients pre-portioned for every recipe, delivered straight to your home.

    11. Some pimple patches, because if this past month has taught me anything, it's that not wearing makeup doesn't magically make your skin clear. These will literally suck out the gunk and bacteria from your zits and bring it to the surface, leaving your pimple shrunken and dried out in hours. Put 'em on before you hit the sack and you'll wake up to a miracle.

    12. But if you're looking for a long-term clear skin solution, try the FOREO LUNA Mini 2 cleansing tool. It uses pulsations to dislodge gunk and makeup residue from the skin. There's no rubbing or scrubbing involved at all! It's the upgrade every skincare lover wants in their arsenal.

    13. Some freeze-dried green juice tablets, if you've been finding it harder to pick up fresh greens as often as you used to. Just drop one in a glass of water, stir it up, and enjoy a refreshing, antioxidant- and vitamin-packed green juice that's as good as the fresh stuff. It has spinach, kale, aloe, spirulina, and other classic greens that you love downing after a run!

    14. A floral Frida comforter and pillow sham set, because a cute bed spread can be such a huge mood lifter. When you wake up in the morning and make your bed, it'll go from being a cozy duvet to a piece of art!

    15. A bedside caddy to hold all your essentials, so that your bed isn't littered with your tablet, phone, glasses, books, and charging cables. Don't feel bad about doing nearly everything in your bed these days — we're all doing the same. But we're just gonna try to keep it neat.

    16. A lil' jail cell for your phone, so you can lock it up for a while and give your eyes and mind a much-needed break. My average screen time was was seven hours last week. How did I manage that with a full-time job? You tell me.

    17. A pair of synchronized long-distance lamps, so you can stay in touch with a love one you can't see right now. They can tap theirs to let you silently know they're thinking of you. You'll watch the lamp glow when they're missing you, too! 🥰

    18. A pair of Nike Air Zooms specially designed to make running more comfortable, so you can go for a sprint to get that heart rate up, or just treat yourself to an upgrade for your relaxing evening walks.

    19. A wine dispenser and aerator, because you probably miss hitting the bar. It'll let you enjoy an ever fancier version of your favourite reds. Just insert the bottle and press the button to get rich-tasting vino practically whenever you feel like it.

    20. Some foliage string lights that'll freshen and brighten up your WFH nook, so you aren't muttering "ugh, this again" under your breath every morning. These come with eight settings you can control with your phone, so depending on your mood, you can switch things up easily.

    21. An adorable laundry basket that might just inspire you to finally deal with that pile of clothes in the corner of your room. It's super lightweight and the laminated cutout handles make it a breeze to move around.

    22. A Samsung fitness tracker that'll keep your stats in check while you go about your day. It'll help you stay in tune with your body and track your fitness levels, so you can stay inspired or make changes accordingly.

    23. And finally an expandable drawer organizer for anyone who enjoys organizing as a form of ~self-care~. These are adjustable, so they'll fit your makeup drawer, T-shirt drawer, or underwear drawer, and you don't need special installation. You kinda just have to slip 'em in place and you're done.

    You after folding one T-shirt:

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