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    23 Stress-Relieving Things That Might Help Soothe Your Nerves A Little

    Breathing exercises are cool and all, but have you ever had Nutella cheesecake?

    1. A Bluetooth-controlled mini waterproof speaker, so you can listen to some calming music while you take a relaxing shower. It comes in beautiful pastel colours and has a bouncy silicone finish that'll keep moisture out, so you can enjoy a swim in the pool or a walk in the rain, too!

    2. A hydrating hand mask, because your hardworking paws deserve love, too. This one comes with foil mitts that use warming thermotherapy technology to infuse hydration deep into your skin. When you take them off 20 minutes later, you won't be able to stop touching your own hands — they get super soft!

    3. Some foliage string lights that'll freshen and brighten up your WFH nook, so you aren't muttering "ugh, this again" under your breath every morning. These come with eight settings you can control with your phone, so depending on your mood, you can switch things up easily.

    4. Or a bunch of fresh flowers to fill your space with the spirit of the outdoors in springtime. Nothing beats the look and feel of soft, fragrant petals, especially when you can't go to your fave flower-filled public parks and gardens. 🌹🌷🌺🌸

    5. A lunar phase yoga mat that's the stuff of every moon-obsessed person's dreams! It's made with biodegradable rubber, so it's grippy, but the surface still feels as soft as suede on your feet, so you can meditate in style and comfort.

    6. Some comfy running trousers, so you can go for a sprint or walk to breathe in some air and get that heart rate up. The ones on the left are more fitted and have a cool angular mesh design, and the ones on your right are casual and slightly more loose running joggers.

    7. A lil' potato nightlight that's a total mood as well as a mood-lifter. Put him on your side table and gently tap his head to let your spud bud light the way for your midnight trips to the bathroom. As you can see, he's very concerned about you well-being and only wants to help.

    8. A subscription to Disney+, so you can rewatch your favourite classic old Disney films and relive childhood memories. There are also a ton of new movies to check out, but what's more fun than a throwback to the '90s versions of Aladdin or The Lion King?

    9. A rejuvenating scalp massager that'll stimulate your roots to encourage healthier hair growth while you shampoo. The gentle silicone bristles will also help dislodge sebum and styling product residue, without scratching the scalp. And your manicure will last longer, since you're no longer scrubbing your roots with your fingernails.

    10. A Samsung fitness tracker that'll keep your health in check while you go about your day. It monitors your heart rate and tracks your sleep patterns to determine whether you're getting on your way to your best health.

    11. A lined robe that'll feel as soft as a hug and become your most-worn loungewear piece. It's made using only eco-conscious resources like recycled polyester and wood pulp viscose, so it's just what a sustainability lover needs in their life to stay cozy.

    12. A pair of cork massage balls that'll release built-up muscle tension and deeply knead away strain anywhere on your body. If your feet are sore at the arches, simply roll this ball under them to melt away the pain.

    13. A bottle of Sukin's highly-loved hydrating mist toner, so you can spritz a burst of freshness onto tired, stressed-out skin and make it a little plumper in seconds. It's like treating your skin to some delicious, soothing chamomile tea.

    14. A powerful foot peel that'll make callused feet super soft in one use. A pair of dual-layered booties soaked in salicylic acid and 16 kinds of botanical extracts will help renew your tootsies.

    15. A recipe book that'll help you enjoy your favourite nutty chocolate spread in more ways than you usually do (i.e. eating it with a spoon straight out of the jar). Make cheesecake, sponge cake, candy for kids, or macaroons to taste the full potential of Nutella.

    16. A subscription to HelloFresh, so you can get the best fresh ingredients pre-portioned for every recipe without a stressful trip to the grocery store. With new recipes every week, HelloFresh will help you not only improve your cooking skills, but it’ll also help prevent you from ordering fast food every single day. #guilty

    17. A laundry basket with the cutest bear print on it, so you can pick up that pile of clothes in the corner of your room that's making it look like a chaotic mess. Decluttering and cleaning your surroundings are believed to help with stress management!

    18. A floral Frida comforter and pillow sham set, because a cute bed spread can be such a huge mood lifter. When you wake up in the morning and make your bed, it'll go from being a cozy duvet to a piece of art!

    19. A wooden bath tray, so you can enjoy a nice, warm soak, without getting bored. Light up a candle, get a glass of wine, prop up a book to read, or put your tablet on the stand to watch your fave new show!

    20. A vegan bath and body care set that'll wrap you up in luxury and make you feel truly pampered. The special sleep time bath soak will de-stress you and help you get a deep snooze. Yes, it's a special gift set. You should give yourself gifts.

    21. A Deep Sleep pillow spray that may help you manage your sleeping pattern better. It harnesses the soothing powers of botanicals like lavender to lull you into deep sleep, so you can wake up fresh and well rested.

    22. A strengthening and repairing hair mask that'll bring lusciousness back to your hair, especially if it's been heat-damaged. And it's not just for your strands, but also your scalp, so new hair grows out healthier than ever. Plus, it's vegan!

    23. And lastly, a teeny tiny finger vibrator that you can use to play with yourself however you like. Masturbation is a fun and healthy way to get those happy chemicals flowing, so whether you're by yourself or have a playmate, everyone will love this lil' gem tickling their sweet spots.

    Happy relaxing!

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