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    19 Simple Things That'll Help Keep The Spark Alive In Your Relationship

    Being locked in can make things boring, but fret not! Here are some ideas.

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    1. Make your bed and refresh it with a geo safari-themed duvet cover. Nothing will make you want to nap together (or take a tumble in the hay) like a neat, clean, nice-smelling bed. It’ll also add colour to your room in a subtle, but modern way.

    Simons / Via

    The twin set contains a duvet cover and a pillow sham, and the rest of the sets come with the cover + two pillow shams.

    Get it from Simons for $29.95+. Available in sizes twin-king.

    2. Take out time to meditate together with some calming cedar oil incense sticks that'll help lower your stress and put you at ease, so you can shoo away the bad energy. If you're both working from home, this may help diffuse the WFH crankiness we're all starting to experience.

    @provinceapothecary / Via

    They're made of bamboo, charcoal, and cedar essential oil, so you don't have to worry about toxins.

    Get them from Simons for $16.

    3. If you're stuck having to live away from each other, try this pair of synchronized long-distance lamps. They can tap theirs to let you silently know they're thinking of you. You'll watch the lamp glow when they're missing you, too! 🥰

    Uncommon Goods / Via

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $278.41.

    4. Sync parts of your workout together. Pick up matching Nike Air Zooms specially designed to make running more comfortable, so you can both go for a double sprint. Somehow, having someone else do cardio with you makes your WAY more motivated, right? So lace these babies up and hit the pavement to make some #powercouple move.

    Nike Canada / Via

    Get it from Nike Canada for $98.99 (originally $165). Available in four colours and sizes 5-12.

    5. Cook together with a subscription to HelloFresh! You’ll receive the best fresh ingredients pre-portioned for every recipe, delivered right to your doorstep. The bonus is being able to skip anxiety-riddled trips to the grocery store! You'll both have a delicious dinner ready in no time, so it's date night every night.

    @hellofreshca / Via

    Subscribe to the pronto plan, family plan, or veggie plan, starting at $9.83/meal. Get $80 off your HelloFresh order, including free shipping with the code BUZZFEED80.

    6. Make up for missing your salon appointments by scheduling a hydrating hair mask that you can do together at home. This blend has fig extract and baobab oil to tame frizz and soften your locks. You know at least one of you is always neglecting their strands, and now that we're all at home, there's no excuse to skip deep conditioning. Put the hair mask on and sip some wine together.

    Lookfantastic / Via

    This mask is vegan and free of sulphates, phthalates, and parabens, too!

    Get it from Lookfanastic for $22.80.

    7. And while your hair is conditioning, put on some gel-based honey mask that'll rescue parched skin from the first use. Honey is believed to help sooth inflammation, so not only will your skin be calmer afterwards, it'll be so soft, you won't be able to stop touching each other's face.

    http://@tonymoly.us_official / Via

    Get it from Skinstore for $21.45.

    8. Get your wine glasses out and upgrade your drinking experience with a wine dispenser and aerator. It'll let you enjoy an ever fancier version of your favourite reds. Just insert the bottle and press the button to get rich-tasting vino whenever you miss hitting the bars together.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $119.95. You can also get a draft beer tap system here.

    9. Treat your under-eye skin with some hydrogel eye patches, because you've probably been marathoning your favourite films till the wee hours of the morning, and your eyes are stressed. Not only will these rehydrate and de-puff your tired peepers, they'll also make you want to take the cutest #SpaDate pics for your Insta.

    @soapandglory / Via

    Get it at SkinStore for $8.58. Enter the code "NATURAL" at checkout for %15 off.

    10. Have a bouquet of flowers delivered to them to keep things classically romantic — yes, even if they live with you! They’ll probably find it cute, and it’s the twinkle in their eyes that you’re really after, isn’t it? 🌹🌷🌺🌸

    1-800-Flowers / Via

    Get a bouquet of your choice from 1-800-Flowers here.

    11. Make morning showers together more fun with a large rain-style shower head, so you're not fighting your partner in a race to rinse out shampoo. Yes, there's enough room for two people under there!

    Wayfair Canada / Via

    Get it from Wayfair Canada for $54.99.

    12. Follow with a heart-shaped brekkie using this mini waffle maker to let them know they'll always have your 💖. The cooking surface is nonstick and easy to clean, and the machine comes with a recipe guide to help you go on your at-home morning dates.

    Urban Outfitters / Via

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $22.

    13. Make your partner's eyes pop cartoonishly out of their sockets by putting on a sexy baby doll and G-string set. Or buy one for them! It has underwired cups for some extra lift, and the beautiful eyelash lace detail on the edges amp up its come-hither factor.

    Lovehoney Canada / Via

    Get it from Lovehoney Canada for $47.96.

    14. Do a home improvement project together and install some tropical wallpaper that'll bring lush, mood-lifting greenery to your home, without the responsibility of taking care of plants. It's reminiscent of a summer holiday and will photograph beautifully. On top of all that, it's also eco-friendly!

    Simons / Via

    On top of all that, it's also eco-friendly!

    Get it from Simons for $99/panel.

    15. Use a box of matches to "spark" romance when you run out of romantic ideas. Each match has a tip written out on it that’ll woo your partner and make them melt into mush.

    Good Vibrations / Via

    Get it from Good Vibrations for $12.95 USD.

    16. Try a couples kit to reignite passion in the bedroom. This one comes in a cute washable bag and includes a rechargeable bullet vibrator, two aloe-based lube samples, two lubed condoms, and a couple pairs of cozy socks, which you may end up knocking off each other by the end of the night.

    Good Vibrations / Via

    Get it from Good Vibrations for $75 USD.

    17. Or try something you unexplored, maybe with a luxury bondage kit. It includes a tickler, blindfold, and restraints to help you and your partner switch things up and up and up.

    Lovehoney / Via

    Get it from Lovehoney for $69.95.

    18. Give each other a relaxing back massage using a special massage candle. It will release a blend of soothing essential oils that'll sink deep into your partner's skin under the warmth of your hands. Plus, it has light notes of lavender and smoky wood.

    @ritualscosmetics / Via Instagram: @ritualscosmetics

    Get it from Lookfantastic for $41.20. Use code "LFXCA" at checkout for 10% off.

    19. And lastly, give couples yoga a go — grab two cushioned yoga mats that’ll make sure you don’t give up. (That first sesh was harsh on your knees and elbows!) It'll be a calming team activity that'll leave both of you feeling mentally and physically refreshed.

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed writer Alice Prendergast says, "This is seriously one of the cushiest yoga mats I've ever used. It's got the right amount of padding to keep you from bruising your bod when attempting new poses and jumping in and out of burpees. If you want even more cushioning for a pose that's hard on your limbs, you can just fold it over and give yourself double the padding (an awesome trick for low lunges)."

    Get it on Lululemon for $78.

    Good luck bring back day-one butterflies!


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