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    21 Multipurpose Products Your Future Self Will Thank You For Buying

    Why buy two things when you can just get one?

    1. A bestselling set of pliers that's basically a toolkit for your pocket. It has a collection of 15 different tools, including screwdrivers, knives, a metal file, a can opener, a bottle opener, and even a mini wood saw.

    2. A bottle of pure jojoba oil that'll condition your hair, skin, nails, lashes, and brows. It's cold pressed, meaning none of the nutrients are lost to heat in the process of oil extraction. The dropper takes the mess out of dispensing the product and the tinted glass bottle keeps the oil from deteriorating in quality.

    3. A stainless steel herb stripper that'll help you get your favourite fresh herbs off the stems in a jiffy. It has nine holes of varying diameters, so you can use it to strip just about every kind of herb. Plus, it has a sharp blade with a removable guard on one side, if you want to snip up your garnish greens before you sprinkle them.

    4. A 3-in-1 avocado tool that'll help you pit, cut, and perfectly slice your avocados in a minute, so you can enjoy a breakfast of avo toast whenever you want, with less than half the effort! I love using it for guac, too, because it helps me mash and dice the avocado in its shell.

    5. A clear mascara you can use to make your lashes look polished, or even give your brows a ~naturally groomed~ model-esque look, without adding pigment. It's long lasting and dual-sided, so you can use one mascara for your brows and the other for your lashes, without contamination.

    6. An all-natural cleaning liquid that's truly multipurpose. It'll clean pretty much anything, from your glass windows, wooden furniture, kitchen sink, to your stovetop after a messy round of making spaghetti sauce. The list doesn't stop there! You can even make jewelry shine, disinfect your phone, and get the grime off your grill and oven using it, too.

    7. An ergonomic veggie peeler that doubles as a julienning tool when flipped. It has a durable stainless steel body that'll last you years, and the julienning blade will help you introduce a new texture to your salads, without whipping out the food processor.

    8. An automatic rice cooker that'll give you the fluffiest rice ever, without the guesswork. It'll even cook quinoa and oatmeal, and it comes with a steaming basket, so you have delicious veggies to go with your meal, too. Reviewers have even cooked soups and desserts in it.

    9. A tube of Neutrogena Hydroboost sunscreen that will not only protect your skin against the sun, but also moisturize it deeply. Even though it's SPF50, it doesn't leave a white cast, and I love the watery gel texture, because you can actually feel it absorbing into the skin instead of just sitting on it.

    10. A unique snack bowl that'll prop your phone up, so you can catch up on the new season of Good Girls while munching some seeds, nuts, or fruit. The layered design will allow you to easily separate your food from the waste so that disposal is easy and you're not wasting time rummaging for pistachios in a sea of empty shells.

    11. A wall-mounted rack made of bamboo that has flat shelf space for your planters, photo frames, and other knickknacks, as well as five heavy-duty hooks, so you can hang your scarves, coats, bags, or keys. You can hang it at the entrance to your home or install it in the bathroom to make your counter sparser and give your overloaded towel hanger a break.

    12. A soft kabuki brush from e.l.f. that'll blend makeup seamlessly into your skin. I have two and I use them for powder, bronzer, blush, and even contouring. The stemless designs lets you shape the brush as you hold it, so you can get a more precise application.

    13. A pair of bristled gloves that'll help you groom your pet wayyy more easily than when you're using a brush. They have silicone tips which catch the hair and keep it in place until you're ready to dispose of it. And when you're not stroking your furry friend with them, you can use them to remove pet hair from your couch or bed.

    14. A sleek and compact table lamp that is also a cooling, bladeless fan. It has adjustable colour modes and brightness levels, and the flexible neck lets you position it however you want. If you're looking for desk upgrades for back-to-school season, this may be just the thing you need.

    15. A bunch of colourful magnetic clips that you can use to hang notes or photos on the fridge, hang clothes out to dry, organize your cables, or seal your half-eaten bags of chips with. They're super cute and reviewers are impressed with how durable they are.

    16. A big jar of Old Bay seasoning, which is one of my personal favourite spice blends. Unlike most seasonings, this goes with just about everything — I'm talking poultry, seafood, red meats, veggies, macaroni, salads, and even popcorn. I love cooking chicken with this in particular, and it takes literal minutes to prep your food — no other spices or salt needed!

    17. A pair of microfibre slippers that'll keep your feet cozy and your floors clean. The slippers have follicle-y Chenille soles that catch dust and dander, so you're sweeping the floor every time you walk around the house.

    18. Some nutrient-infused primer water that'll prep your skin for makeup or just give it a refresh with a few spritzes. It deposits a soft sheen onto your skin and hydrates it, leaving it plump and supple for hours.

    Three bottles of face spray

    19. A tub of Eucerin Complete Repair cream, because it'll moisturize the most parched-looking skin pretty much anywhere on your body. It's fragrance free and loaded with skin-loving ceramides. Cracked heels? Covered. Rough legs? History. Flaky patches on your face? Banished.

    A tub of cream

    20. A bottle of Etude House Water Tint, which is a popular dupe for the cult-favourite Benetint stain. It'll leave your lips and cheeks flushed with natural-looking colour that'll last way longer than lipstick or powder blush alone. Reviewers say they loved it so much, they bought multiples.

    21. And lastly, a magnetic herb grinder that'll help you quickly crush herbs and whole spices with its sharp, diamond-shaped blades. It has three chambers to collect collect crushed herbs as well as fine pollen, and the metal build is super solid. Need I explain other uses of this? 👀

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