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    26 Products That’ll Upgrade Your Desk Area For Back-To-School Season

    You’ll be spending a lot of time there — why let it be boring?

    1. A marble print penholder that can be used as a multipurpose organizer for more than just your writing supplies. There are three sections, which you can use as storage for your Post-it notes, candy, phone, and other essentials you always need on your desk.

    A desk organizer with pens, cards, and a phone inside

    2. A pair of blue light-blocking glasses that'll reduce the toll the bright light from the monitor takes on your eyes. Reviewers love how stylish the frames are and say they've a noticed significant improvement in the frequency and intensity of their headaches.

    3. A mini cinema lightbox that'll help you set a the mood every week. It comes with 100 letters, so you can change up the board to say something motivating, witty, or random. Reviewers love that it's versatile enough to use as a decor item in any room and it's a hit for parties.

    4. A bestselling gel seat cushion that'll keep your tush cool and comfy while you take your classes. It helps reduce pressure on the tailbone and promotes a healthy posture for prolonged sitting, and the honeycomb design keeps the cooling gel ventilated.

    A person showing the gel insert inside the cover

    5. A wall-mounted organizer you can use to keep your memos in sight. It has a simple grid design and you can even use it to personalize your study area. Stick some of your favourite Polaroid pictures in or weave some fairy light strings into the borders to create a cozy, comforting ambiance.

    6. An anti-slip mousepad with gold, pink, and lavender marbling. It's durable and the borders are circle-stitched, so they won't fray. Plus, it's so aesthetically pleasing, it may inspire you to actually come to your desk at 8 a.m.

    A mouse on the mousepad

    7. A pack of pre-moistened cleaning wipes specially made to get rid of grease, dirt, dust, and fingerprint marks on your screens. They're individually packed, so you can leave a few in your desk drawer and they won't lose their moisture.

    A person cleaning their devices with the cleaning cloths

    8. A desk lamp that's also a wireless charging station for your most-used devices. It'll illuminate your workspace with its adjustable brightness and fuel your phone, AirPods, and Apple watch 'til they're fully juiced up.

    9. A Bob Ross bobblehead that'll inspire you to stay calm and creative. It plays soothing Bob Ross quotes on demand and comes with a mini easel-style book featuring 30 of his paintings.

    A Bob Ross figurine next to its package

    10. A roll of Bluetooth-controlled colour-changing LED strip lights that'll light up your whole study station. They're self-adhesive, so you can stick them onto the back of your monitor or on the borders of your desk and change the ambiance of the room using your phone.

    11. A set of ergonomic memory foam rests to keep your wrists supported. There's one for your keyboard and one for your mouse, so your wrists will thank you whether you're writing a long paper or completing your graphic design project.

    12. A quad of teddy bear mechanical pencils that are so cute, you'll want to take tons of notes with them. They're mess free compared to ordinary wooden pencils and don't need sharpening — one less time-consuming problem!

    13. A beautiful hard shell MacBook cover that'll protect your laptop from scratches, smudges, and minor bumps and drops. It comes with a shell for the lower half, too, and has a ventilated design to allow your laptop to stay cool.

    14. A double-walled coffee mug, so you can stay awake and caffeinated during a boring class. It'll keep your coffee hot for up to five hours (12 hours, if you're drinking it cold), and it has an auto-seal button, so you'll be able to avoid accidental spills on your desk.

    A long vacuum mug on a desk next to a laptop

    15. Some jelly coasters that look like sliced fruit and will keep your desk free from coffee rings and moisture stains. They're made of flexible and non-slip silicone, so they'll plop right on to glass, wood, or metal desks and stay put.

    16. A pack of highlighter pens that won't smear the ink in your textbooks or handwritten notes. These come in six different colours, so you can use them to not only highlight important lines, but even do a lil' bit of art on your notebooks.

    A person highlighting their notes with a pen

    17. And a pack of 1,000 neon divider stickers, so your notes are organized perfectly. They're perfect for anyone who despises folding page corners, and they peel off without damaging the paper, so your books will still look as good as new by the end of the year, if you want to keep that resale value up.

    A person demonstrating the sticky dividers

    18. Some peel-and-stick wallpaper, so you have an updated background for all your video classes. The tropical leaf pattern is as summery as it gets, and the flying halcyons makes for a calming backdrop. They leave no residue on the wall and can be peeled off and reinstalled, too!

    19. A compact USB-operated desk fan that'll help you stay as cool as a cucumber while you work on your assignments. It's super portable and the frame is lightweight, and reviewers are impressed with how powerful it is for a desk fan.

    20. A chic PU leather desk mat that'll take your study from economy to business class in seconds. Not only does it look premium, but it'll protect your desk and prevent your stuff from sliding around. The leathery finish works well as a mousepad, and because it’s waterproof, the whole mat can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

    A desk with a laptop and mouse on it under a leathery rectangular mat

    21. A padded footrest that'll keep your feet supported under your desk. The bottom is rubberized, so you won't end up kicking it out of reach easily. As someone who’s 5'2", I can say that any short person whose feet usually dangle uncomfortably probably needs this.

    22. A charming tissue box that'll take less space than a regular tissue box on your work surface. It's shaped like a tiny classic house and the tissues look like white chimney smoke — cottagecore, anyone?

    23. An adjustable desktop shelf to help organize books and other items you reach for most often. It's made of two separate shelves, which you can assemble any way you like — no tools involved! It's a great way to keep freshening up the look of your desk, without shelling out money on something new.

    24. A sturdy monitor stand that doubles as an organizer. It has mesh metal pockets on both sides and a sliding drawer under it to store things like your calculator, notepad, and phone. The build quality is so solid, it'll probably last you for years.


    25. A small wooden desk clock, so the time will always be in your immediate view. You can set up to three alarms on at a time, and it also shows you the temperature and humidity, so you can plan your day accordingly.

    A wooden frame clock

    26. And lastly, a tabletop cup warmer, so your beverage basically never gets cold. I have one and it's one of my favourite products ever. It keeps my coffee from going stale, so I don't have to get up to make a fresh pot (or lazily microwave my cup).

    An electronic cup warmer

    Now we're ready to study.

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